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Munaf Ali Bio, Age, Job, RHODubai Nina Ali Husband, Who Is He?

Meet Munaf Ali is the husband of Nina Ali who stood out lately as the star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Dubai (RHODubai).

RHODubai is the first in the Bravo Housewives franchise shot in the international city and Nina is joining the cast members: Caroline Stanbury, Sara Al Madani, Caroline Brooks, Lesa Milan Hall, and Chanel Ayan.

Now, because we already talked about Nina and her squad of friends, here is a tell-all about just her husband and their life together.

Meet Munaf Ali, RHODubai‘s Nina Ali’s Husband

The first thing viewers notice about 40-year-old Nina Ali is that she is a proud mother and a blessed wife. They see how she is one heck of a lifestyle guru, businesswoman, and social media influencer. And then RHODubai goes on to document her also her married life with Munaf Ali. Viewers, therefore, get to know how the two have built a life together in Dubai.

And so you know, born in Lebanon and raised in Texas, Nina had only gone to live her dream in Dubai after getting married.

Some eleven years ago on 17 December 2010, Nina either started dating Munaf or got married to him and their wedding reception was held in March of 2011 in Austin. More than a decade down and she said she considers him as her as well as the kids’ guiding light.

Munaf Ali Children

Munaf Ali indeed is a very loving and doting father. He makes sure that his wife and kids feel blessed to have him in their lives. And even Nina confirmed that she and the kids can literally feel his love and devotion.

So far, Munaf and his wife have welcomed three children into the world. Of them is daughter Sophie Bella Ali, the eldest who turned 10 on 8 May 2022; another daughter Nour who reached the age of 8 on 22 December 2021; and, the youngest son Ayan who other than being into chess turned 6 on 9 September 2021.

Nina also is very fond of her kids. To the point that she actually does not remember what life was like before them. She and Munaf can often be seen making beautiful memories with their young ones instilling in them good behaviors and good cultures, and teaching them to not just celebrate Halloween and Christmas, or Eid, but all of them and more.

Is Munaf Ali On Instagram?

Munaf Ali was not on Instagram or any other social media platforms as of May 2022. But one did get to see him feature frequently on Nina’s Instagram @nina.ali where she already had a humongous crowd of 521K users following her as of 1 June 2022.

Munaf Ali Age

Munaf Ali celebrates his birthday on the 12th of September. And on this day in 2021, he reached the age of 46. Also, on this day his wife makes sure he has the best celebration. She plans surprises for him and says things like “I can never put into words how much you mean to me. Thank you for being you.” just like the way he does it for her when it is her birthday (on the 28th of September).

Munaf Ali Job

Munaf Ali of May 2022, Munaf Ali had founded Phoenix Technology Consultants LLCEgrr Consultants; and Second Citizenship Consultants. And he also held important positions in these companies. He also reportedly continued being the chairman at Logica Ventures Corporation; and being on the board of Link Global Technologies, Inc.

Post the Brexit world, when many commentators complained about the negative repercussions for the British, European and global economies, Munaf saw these issues of citizenship and nationality as a unique business opportunity. So he started “selling” citizenship some years back. He offered, in his words, the chance to holders of less valuable passports to obtain better ones that help travel and domicile issues. And so the business also bloomed especially because it was amid post-Brexit uncertainties.

Now looking back, Munaf spotted a rather more esoteric opportunity. He and his co-founder at Range Developments, Mohammed Asaria, had learned that the St Kitts government had a long-running “citizenship by investment program”.

Related FAQs

  • What Is Munaf Ali’s Nationality?

Unlike Nina who is likely a Lebanon-born American, her husband Munaf Ali is a British native of Indian heritage. And as of 2022, he was based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, in the Middle East, with his family.

  • How Tall Is Munaf Ali?

Munaf Ali stands around 5’11” tall in height and his wife when standing next to him is around 5’6” tall. And they certainly make a very good-looking couple.

  • How Much Is Munaf Ali’s Net Worth?

Munaf Ali reportedly had more than $1.5 million as his net worth as of 2022.

Munaf, before he started to sell citizenship was the CEO of Range Developments Ltd. and vice president of the capital market of Citibank NA and Citibank UK Ltd. And, even before that, he received an undergraduate degree from Cass Business School. He studied Bachelor of Science in International Finance there, from 1993 through 1996.

Also, strategic planning, negotiation, business development, relationship management, marketing strategy, program management, and leadership are the professional skills that Munaf proudly lists on his company’s BIO.

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