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Trey Ganem Bio, Age, Wife, Uvalde Custom Casket Designer

Trey Ganem is the owner of Trey Ganem Custom Caskets, which he founded in 2012. After attending a friend’s funeral, he launched Trey Ganem Designs in Texas. He was the first in the United States to offer custom graphic artwork on coffins. Trey has a background in automobile fabrication, which he applied to the production of coffins rather naturally.

His previous clientele included soul singer Percy Sledge, Tray Walker from Baltimore Ravens, and former The Voice contestant Christina Grimmie who was shot in 2016 while signing autographs. Back in 2014, he donated five custom coffins to the family who lost five children in a house fire in Edna, Texas.

Furthermore, Trey is also a medium, who started seeing dead people from the age of 5. He also did a 12-episode TV show with A&E Television Networks titled Trey the Texas Medium.

It has been almost a week since the Uvalde, Texas deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School. The victims of the mass shooting are finally laid to rest. Of the 21, 18 children, and one teacher will be buried in caskets made by Trey Ganem of SoulShine Industries (@soulshine_industries). They also specialize in custom urns.

Learn about his age and his wife in this article below.

Meet Trey Ganem, A Designer Who Made Custom Caskets For Uvalde School Shooting Victims

Trey Ganem, a custom casket designer, was contacted by Texas Funeral Directors Association to make the custom caskets on the day of the shooting. He revealed to CNN Monday that he and his 25-year-old son worked days on end to ready all the caskets assembled, designed, and delivered to funeral homes.

Trey further shared that those caskets were purchased through Cherokee Casket Company of Griffin, Georgia which worked for 20 hours straight to produce them. They also worked with trucking companies to acquire the child-sized caskets and ship them to Texas. He said that he completed all 19 caskets over the holiday weekend, working nearly three days straight — and running on about six hours of sleep.

Trey told ABC News, “Our emotions when we finished the last casket, we all just looked at each other and we started crying and when you’re hugging, it was like, ‘we did it and they all turned out beautiful.’ We did 19 caskets in three and a half days. But it was just a relief.”

Trey reportedly met with the victim’s family to customize the designs and themes for each casket. The design ranged from TikTok to Spider-Man. Marisol Gonzalez of SOLart Designs and Justin Watts of The Graphix House helped with graphics.

“We don’t just put a vinyl wrap on top We actually custom paint every single one. We take the casket completely apart, and we paint the hardware, we paint the bars,” Trey told CNN. “The class and the passion that we put into these is bar none.”

Trey claimed that his company paid for nearly everything although they received a few donations. “I didn’t even think twice when I was asked to do it,” he adds, “and God always takes care of us.”

Trey Ganem Age

At the time of this article in early June 2022, Trey Ganem is 50 years old. He is turning 51 years old on 8 June 2022.

Trey Ganem Wife

Trey Ganem is married to his wife Michele Ganem. They tied the knots in February 1999. On their 15th wedding anniversary, Michele posted on her Instagram, “15 years with this crazy guy! He keeps life interesting! I love him so much! Happy Anniversary!!”.

In 2022, when they celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary, they are still very much in love with each other. On their anniversary, Trey posted, “Happy Anniversary to my most beautiful wife. You’ll never know how much I really love you it hurts to breathe when I see you. I love you, lover!!! You just keep a bag packed for our next adventure because you never know what I’m going to do next. Michele Ganem”.

On Trey’s birthday in 2021, Michele posted, “Happy Birthday to this 50-year-old thank you for being YOU! You make every day an experience. Thank you for all your hard work, thank you for all you do for others, thank you for being a great dad, thank you for loving me the way you do and always making sure I’m taken care of! You’re an amazing man and I’m one lucky lady. I love you with ALL that I am #50#hottie#lover#luckylady“.

They are parents to three children named Emma, Billy, and Drew Ganem (@drewganem). Her daughter Drew gave birth to a daughter named Reese Sloan Strickland in February 2022 making Trey and Michele grandparents. Drew turned 26 years old in September 2021.

Whereas, their youngest daughter Emma is turning 21 years old on 4 June 2022. She is currently working at Deep Southern Roots Boutique. As for their middle child Billy, he celebrated his 25th birthday on 12 March 2022. He attended Edna High School and later studied at LSU.

Is Trey Ganem On Instagram?

Yes, Trey Ganem is active and available on Instagram (@spottedape). Also, find his on Facebook (@trey.ganem).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Trey Ganem From?

Trey Ganem grew up in Victoria, Texas. He is currently based in Edna, Texas.

  • Where Is Trey Ganem Business Located?

What’s more, Trey Ganem’s business SoulShine Industries is located in Uvalde, Texas.

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