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Quizzer Victoria Groce Spouse: Who Is Phil Groce? His Age, Job

ABC’s quiz show, The Chase, puts good old trivia nerds up against the quiz expert, aka the Chasers. In the show, the contestants attempt to take home some money by challenging the Chasers. After quiz legends Ken Jennings and Mark Labbett left the show after its 2nd edition for various reasons, three new faces are added in Season 3 of The Chase. One of them is Victoria Groce aka The Queen, the only female panelist this season. This article is about Victoria’s husband Phil Groce, however, there will be itsy-bitsy information about her throughout the article.

Join us as we talk about Phil Groce’s age, job, personal life, and more.

Meet Phil Groce, Quizzer Victoria Groce Spouse

Besides being one of the Chasers on The Chase, she is a musician and a medical writer. One of her previous jobs was as a writer at Verywell Fit, where she wrote about food allergies, celiac disease, and food-restricted acting. During her time at Verywell Fit, she also wrote articles on a restricted diet and science features for Mental Floss and Gluten Free and More.

Victoria Grace was also named 2021 World Quizzer of the Year, thus deserving of the title of Chaser. More about her quizzing records, she was also a 2021-22 Quizzing World Cup victorious player.

According to one of The Chase’s promotional pictures, Victoria skipped 2 grades and graduated high school at the age of 16. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. There she did her research work on Freire’s view of progressive and humanistic education: Implications for medical education.

The adorable couple also has at least one daughter from their marriage. Phil has mentioned his daughter quite a few times on Twitter. Once he wrote, “Just walked out of new Star Wars, now walking into Doctor Who xmas special. Because my daughter wants to.” The other time, he shared, “My 10yo daughter’s password policy is more secure than my office’s password policy. #proudparent.”

  • Social Media Banter

Quizzer Victoria Groce and her husband Phil Groce share a very beautiful friendship, which is evident from a couple of their fun, witty social media fights.

Sharing Victoria’s promo shot for The Chase Season 3, Phil wrote, “This is the look I got when I said that personal trainers should be called “exercises”, on his Twitter. Victoria made a comeback joke with her reply that read, “Amazingly, forty minutes on the exercise bike did not dissipate my annoyance at that “joke”, to which Phil again replied, “Should have done twenty more minutes. An hour of bike dispels rue.”

Back in 2019, Victoria had hilariously trolled her spouse saying: “I have just inspired my husband to run a D&D one-off in which you do all the normal RPG stuff, BUT ALSO each member of your party is a specific member of Fleetwood Mac and you have to navigate that interpersonal trainwreck. No attempt is made to reconcile any of this.”

Phil Groce Age

According to, Phil Groce was 48 years of age as of June 2022. He celebrates his birthday on September 14th.

On his 44th birthday, Phil took to Twitter to share that he was wandering around the Corporation Cemetary, also the final resting place of Pitney-Bowes, on his birthday.

Phil Groce Job

Talking about Phil Groce’s job and career, he works as a Network Defense Analyst at Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He joined the SEI in 2005 and his areas of technical expertise are systems and software development in the service of enterprise network activity monitoring and incident response.

In the podcast by SEI in January 2021, Phil discussed the security implications of working from home. He said, “There has been in the last five years a huge transformation and explosion in the number of devices on, and the complexity of, home networks. As a result, over the course of time, vulnerabilities are accumulating and building up into a groundswell in-home networks across the world.”

Prior to working at SEI, Phil developed network-intrusion prevention, managed-security, and mail-security capabilities at CipherTrust (later part of McAfee) and SecureWorks (later Dell Secureworks).

Is Phil Groce On Instagram?

Unfortunately, Phil Groce is not on Instagram. He, however, is mostly active on Twitter, where he has around 171 followers. You can also find him on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Phil Groce From?

Phil Groce currently resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and we assume that is where he is originally from.

  • What Do We Know About Phil Groce Family?

We, unfortunately, don’t know much about Phil Groce’s family at this point. It is important to note that Phil did mention his mom a couple of times in his tweets. One time, he wrote that his mom was always anxious about leaving the stove on when she went out and his version of that was if he sent the email to the right people.

In another tweet, Phil explained that once his mom told him to stop the stupid accent because he was watching so much British TV as a kid.

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