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Nana Yoshioka Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Love Is Blind

New to Netflix this time around is the Japanese take of the Love is Blind franchise.

The new reality dating show dropped on 8 February 2022 and already had fans raving about its much more sophisticated demeanor and the Japanese’s humble and respectful way of dating as opposed to the American and Brazilian versions.

 24 marriage-minded singles meet, date, and get engaged before ever setting eyes on each other. Among them is Nana Yoshioka, whom we are going to tell you about in the rest of this ‘Nana Yoshioka Bio’.

Nana Yoshioka On Love Is Blind: Japan

Nana Yoshioka despite the age gap, formed a strong connection with Yudai Honma, age 21.

Young Yudai is especially popular on the show.

Because of his sheer charm and maturity, formed connections also with 30-year-old Ayano and 32-year-old Eri. But because he is no player and was instead looking to find “the one” the right way, even all these women seemed quite aware of him not being the casanova-type.

Eventually, it was Nana who ultimately won over the hairstylist. And over a short period, viewers saw them cover their drive, professions, pet peeves, opinions on tattoos, and much more within that short period.

Nana admitted that Yudai had been giving her butterflies from the very first time she saw him. Yudai, blessed with the confession, also acknowledged that she was the one always on his mind and not the other women.

Soon, we also saw Yudai get down on one knee asking Nana to be with him. The proposal went something like this: “How do I say it? When we talk, you’re the one I have the most values in common with.” And when he finally popped the question, Nana who was originally freaking out said ‘Yes’, and gladly.

Joining Nana on this dating journey, other than Yudai, Ayano and Eri, were twelve more men: Takumi, Jinya, Mori, Shuntaro, Odacchi, Atsushi, Sho, Misaki, Ryotaro, Ryoga, Mizuki, Wataru, and 8 more women: Toshie, Midori, Motomi, Minami, Maki, Priya, Kaoru, and Nanako.

Are Nana Yoshioka And Yudai Honma Still Together?

Nana Yoshioka turned out to be following Yudai Honma on Instagram and he too did the same (as of the time of this writing). So, it appears as if their relationship has likely continued even outside the Love Is Blind.

However, the two had not confirmed or denied anything on their own as yet.

Follow Yudai on Instagram @yudai_bsk for he might just tell you himself if he and Nana are still together or not.

Nana Yoshioka Age

When the world knew Nana Yoshioka as the Love Is Blind: Japan contestant, she was 31 years old.

Nana Yoshioka Job

As per LinkedIn, Nan Yoshioka has been working as an online marketing manager at Match as of January 2018. (Match here is an online dating app; brought into existence by the Match Group in Dallas, Texas; operates more than 45 brands under its portfolio including Match, OkCupid, Tinder, and Hinge.)

Before that, from December 2015 to December 2017, Nana worked as Raizzin Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

Also, from March 2014 to November 2015, she flew with Singapore’s FlyScoot as one of their cabin crew.

A year before that and she was the Tokyo-based Septeni Co., Ltd‘s account planner.

As for her education, she studied Bachelor of Engineering with Mathematics major from Chuo University from 2008 to 2012.

Is Nana Yoshioka On Instagram?

Yes. Nana Yoshioka was on Instagram as of 9 February 2022 and the account @nanaryjp included 540 posts and some 1,035 followers.

Other than this, one could find her also on Pinterest @nanaryjp as well as on ‘Yoshioka Nana’ Facebook.

(Of course) Nana also ran a yoga page on Instagram and, i.e, @yogi_nanary.

Has Nana Yoshioka Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Judging from the several pictures of herself (in an Instagram post), seemingly from her passport, that she shared from almost over decades, she did not seem to have undergone any kind of plastic surgery procedures. The transformation over almost decades looked almost the same.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nana Yoshioka Birthday?

Nana likely celebrates her birthday in the first week of October. She has admitted to being “indecisive af” because she is a Libra.

  • Where Is Nana Yoshioka From?

Nana Yoshioka hails from her hometown of Toshima, which is a special ward in Tokyo, Japan. Although currently, as of early-2022, she was based in Singapore.

  • What Do We Know About Nana Yoshioka’s Family?

Nana has occasionally mentioned her dad on her social media. “Thanks, dad 😒 I went home to celebrate Mother’s Day, but Father’s Day ended with just one email 😢 I’m sorry, so let’s expect it for next month’s birthday 🙈 💦”, she shared back in 2015, also hinting that she has been living away from her home in Japan even before 2015.

Beyond that, more stories about her family and life now and when back home in Japan, was yet to be explored.

  • How Tall Is Nana Yoshioka?

Nana Yoshioka stands below 5’4” tall.

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