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Yudai Honma Bio, Age, Job, Instagram, Love Is Blind

“Love Is Blind: Japan” premiered on Netflix and the one man you should probably meet is Yudai Honma. His charming demeanor has won the heart of his female contestants of the show and the viewers of the show. Here are a few things you need to learn about him.

This Yudai Honma Bio covers his age, job, his Instagram, and his journey in “Love Is Blind”. So keep scrolling!

Yudai Honma On Love Is Blind: Japan

Netflix’s “Love Is Blind” is back but from a different geographical region. Fans get to see young singletons from Japan who will be appearing on the show to find love without seeing their faces. The show premiered on 8 February 2022. We see thirteen men looking to find love on Netflix’s new show. The show follows the same format as the original show.

The male contestants are,

  • Takumi (23) Ex-Maritime Self-Defense Force officer,
  • Jinya (26) Hair and makeup stylist,
  • Yudai (23) Men’s hairstylist,
  • Mori (37) Cosmetic dermatologist,
  • Shuntaro (56) Consultant,
  • Odacchi (31) Comedian,
  • Atsushi (42) Business owner,
  • Sho (28) Design firm owner,
  • Misaki (31) Baseball coach in Kenya,
  • Ryotaro (32) Hairstylist,
  • Ryoga (30) Real estate,
  • Mizuki (29) Restaurateur,
  • Wataru (38) Executive

Whereas, there are only 11 female contestants to make it much more interesting namely,

  • Toshie (39) Aromatherapy instructor,
  • Midori (30) Business planner,
  • Motomi (27) Advertising salesperson,
  • Minami (26) Architecture firm,
  • Eri (32) Fitness trainer,
  • Ayano (30) Corporate worker,
  • Maki (34) Yoga instructor,
  • Nana (31) Online marketing,
  • Priya (27) Entrepreneur,
  • Kaoru (31) Singer-songwriter,
  • Nanako (35) Ex-ballet instructor

Guiding these singletons are Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya.

The show was filmed in Tokyo and Yomitan. Furthermore, it has been reported in Tokyo the filming was done at Toho Studios where films such as Godzilla. Whereas in Yomitan, they filmed the show at Hoshinoya Okinawa, at a luxury property.

Here, we are talking about Yudai Honma is the youngest to appear in the season. He along with his fellow contestants will take a trip to a romantic destination as well as meet each other’s family before they decide to split or get married in the final episode. The 11 part show will be released over a three-week event.

The first five episodes premiered on 8 February. Then, episodes 6-9 will premiere on 15 February. The remaining two episodes 10 and 11 will premiere on 22 February.

Are Yudai Honma And Nana Yoshioka Still Together?

A charming personality goes a long way and Yudai Honma earned popularity with his. In the show, he formed a strong connection with Nana Yoshioka, who is 8 years older than him. Yudai demonstrated maturity although he is the youngest on the show when he said that he was ready for the next chapter of his life.

He also linked with 30-year-old Ayano and 32-year-old Eri because he was ready to consider all the options available to him to find “the one” for him. But, Nana, the online marketer, won his heart with her honest demeanor, lively passion, and compassion. The pair discussed everything they needed to know about each other such as profession, drive, pet peeves, opinion on tattoos, in that limited period.

Nana admitted she gave her butterflies meanwhile Yudai also shared that she had her in mind all of the time. Hence, he decided to continue dating Nana. “I want you to be with me, Nana,” Yudai proposed surprisingly. “How do I say it? When we talk, you’re the one I have the most values in common with.”

Nana gladly accepted the proposal after Yudai calmed her down because she thought it was too soon for that. The Cinemaholic reported that neither of them cared about looks or their age gap. So, are they still together?

On social media, they still follow one another. Likely, Yudai and Nana from “Love Is Blind: Japan” are still together after the show. Meet Nana on Instagram (@nanaryjp).

Yudai Honma Age

When Yudai Honma joined the show, he was 23 years old.

Yudai Honma Job

Yudai Honma has a job as a men cosmetologist. He has showcased his hairstyling skills on his IG posts via short clips and pictures of his clients. His client lists also included TikToker/YouTuber Sawayan Games to whom he had given a haircut in August 2020. His shop is located in Harajuku / Omotesando area and asked everyone to visit his salon.

In Japan, an average hairstylist makes nearly 240,000 JPY based on the report of Salary Explorer.

Besides his job as a hairstylist, Yudai is a basketball fanatic. He also has basketball players as his clients. When Kobe died in 2020, he paid tribute to him on his Instagram where he captioned, “hank you Kobe. RIP.”.

In December 2019, Yudai revealed that despite his love for basketball he eventually let go of it to pursue a career as a beautician. He had played basketball from fourth grade to high school and played as PG. In 2019, his addiction was to look back on Slam Dunk.

Is Yudai Honma On Instagram?

Yudai Honma is available on various social media platforms. He is available on Instagram (@yudai_bsk), TikTok (@yudai_bsk), Twitter (@yudai_bsk), and YouTube.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Yudai Honma From?

Yudai Honma came from Tokyo, Japan. He communtes between Minami Aoyama and Minato-ku in Tokyo.

  • When Is Yudai Honma Birthday?

Yudai Honma’s birthday is unavailable at the moment.

  • How Tall Is Yudai Honma?

Not only does Yudai have a charming personality but his looks added to his height of 6 feet added to his good looks.

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