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Nathan C Tracy Bio, Age, Instagram, Love After Lockup

Meet Nathan C Tracy or Nathan Casey Tracy From Love After Lockup season 4. Below you’ll discover details surrounding his relationship with his girlfriend Skylar Hope Rackley, his age, job, social media presence, and more.

So join us as we bring you the details you’ve been looking for.

Love After Lockup: Are Nathan C Tracy And Skylar Hope Rackley Still Together?

It appears yes Nathan C Tracy and Skylar Hope Rackley are still together. Nathan and Skylar both have revealed on their respective Facebook that they are actually engaged now. Nathan stated on his Facebook that he popped the big question on 1 October 2021. Furthermore, Skylar updated on her Facebook that they have been in a relationship since May 2022.

Speaking about their relationship, Skylar’s ex-boyfriend is the sole reason Nathan and Skylar came into contact. They started dating when they were both in prison since they both had a fair share of legal issues.

The WETV couple’s story of Nathan and Skylar is introduced in Love After Lockup as Nathan works to get things ready for Skylar’s anticipated release from prison. He is eagerly anticipating her return so they may start their new life together.

However, as viewers will discover, there has been constant drama between the two. For instance, while he was incarcerated, Skylar got involved in some drama while living in a halfway home, which led to her being sent back to jail. Before his prison girlfriend, the Love After Lockup star was freed.

Nathan has been residing with his grandmother since. However, she is currently leaving. He is prepared to undergo major life adjustments. However, a few obstacles are standing in the way.

Nathan engages in an argument with an elderly woman in the Season 7 promo trailer for Love After Lockup. He expresses his anger to the elderly woman and asks for her support in his relationship. She informs him that she should not have supported him in the first place and becomes furious. This makes viewers think that she might be his grandmother.

Based on the trailer, grandma is clearly unhappy about her son’s choice of relationship. She divulges some shocking details about Nathan’s prisoner girlfriend. She disapproves of his choice of partners. There is however more to it.

Grandma claims that her care for their connection is great. But Nathan’s security is her top priority. She claims that Skylar is the biggest issue because her last two boyfriends have suspiciously passed away. Grandma asserted that she does not desire for him to be the third.

Even though their relationship has had its ups and downs, Nathan intends to pop the question to Skylar after he is released from jail. But just because Nathan is prepared to change his ways doesn’t guarantee that their future will be perfect.

What Do We Know About Nathan C Tracy Arrest History?

In Nathan C Tracy’s case, he doesn’t have a serious rap sheet. According to Zanesville Time Recorder, he was sentenced to seven months in prison for vandalism. His arrest likely happened before COVID hit in 2020. The paper covered the news of his arrest in early March 2020.

Nathan C Tracy Age

In 2022, Nathan C Tracy turned 31 years old. Public records on the web reveal that he was born in October 1991.

Nathan C Tracy Family

Nathan Casey Tracy is the grandson of Richard W Tracy who died on 24 April 2015 at the age of 71. Richard was born on  November 18, 1943, in Zanesville. He was the owner/operator of Tracy Shell & Towing for 30 years. He was a member of the Zanesville American Legion Post 29, Zanesville VFW, and the Zanesville Eagles.

Richard had two daughters Tina Tracy and the late Candy Tracy Clapper. So, Nathan’s mother is likely Tina. Some of Nathan’s cousins and siblings are Ryan Tracy and David “Barry” (Chrystal Priest) Williamson.

Nathan’s nephew and nieces are Taylor Williamson, Daunte Wallace, Lyrica Tracy, Kendrick Tracy, and Rowan Englehart all of Zanesville.

Is Nathan C Tracy On Instagram?

Yes, Nathan C Tracy is on Instagram (@ntracy20). He is also on Facebook (@NastyNateDoggakaNaytraypacolips).

Nathan C Tracy Job

Nathan C Tracy is a music producer by profession. He is currently working at Schnazy Inc. and works as a part of Schnazy Beats. His talents include playing guitar, drum, and bass, and working as DJ/beatmaker. In addition, he can also sing and write songs. Some of his favorite genres include rock, hip-hop, R&B, electronic, classical, and metal.

Find some of his music here. The earliest project he released was back in November 2019.

Nathan attended Zane State College.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Nathan C Tracy Birthday?

On 26 October 2022, girlfriend-turned-fiancee Skylar wished Nathan Tracy his birthday. She wrote, “Happy birthday to my handsome guy 💕 love you extra much 😘.”

  • Where Is Nathan C Tracy From?

Nathan Tracy is originally from East Fultonham, Ohio. However, he is currently a resident of Zanesville, Ohio.

  • How Tall Is Nathan C Tracy?

While Nathan Tracy stood tall at the height of 6 feet, the tattoos that he has inked across his torso and chest are his distinct features.

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