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Skylar Hope Rackley Bio, Age, Job, IG, Love After Lockup

Meet Skylar Hope Rackley, one of the castaways of WETV’s Love After Lockup. In this case, Skylar is the jailbird returning home, and waiting for her is her boyfriend Nathan C Tracy. But like most relationships on the show, this too is no exception to “having problems” that they have to deal with.

However, unlike other couples, Skylar has a serious past and has raised eyebrows. It has to do with her ex-boyfriends. Find out more as you keep scrolling down this article about Love After Lockup’s Skylar Rackley.

Love After Lockup: Are Nathan C Tracy And Skylar Hope Rackley Still Together?

To start off, yes, Nathan C Tracy and Skylar Hope Rackley are still together. In fact, Skylar has revealed on her Facebook that she is actually engaged to Nathan now. Per her Facebook, Nathan popped the big question on 1 October 2021. Furthermore, Skylar updated on her Facebook that they have been in a relationship since May 2022.

According to their bio from the show, Nathan and Skylar met each other all thanks to her ex. Their relationship began when they were both in prison as they had a fair share of legal problems.

Love After Lockup starts to tell the story of WETV pair Nathan and Skylar as Nathan strives to get everything set for Skylar’s anticipated release from jail. He can’t wait for her to get back home so they can begin their new life together. They started dating when they were both on the inside.

However, as viewers will discover, there has been constant drama between the two. For instance, while he was incarcerated, Skylar got involved in some drama while living in a halfway home, which led to her being sent back to jail. Before his prison girlfriend, the Love After Lockup star was freed.

Nathan has been residing with his grandmother since. However, she is currently leaving. He is prepared to undergo major life adjustments. However, a few obstacles are standing in the way.

Nathan engages in an argument with an elderly woman in the Season 7 promo trailer for Love After Lockup. He expresses his anger to the elderly woman and asks for her support in his relationship. She informs him that she should not have supported him in the first place and becomes furious. This makes viewers think that she might be his grandmother.

Based on the trailer, grandma is clearly unhappy about her son’s choice of relationship. She divulges some shocking details about Nathan’s prisoner girlfriend. She disapproves of his choice of partners. There is however more to it.

Grandma claims that her care for their connection is great. But Nathan’s security is her top priority. She claims that Skylar is the biggest issue because her last two boyfriends have passed away. She asserts that she does not desire for him to be the third.

Even though their relationship has had its ups and downs, Nathan intends to pop the question to Skylar after he is released from jail. But just because Nathan is prepared to change his ways doesn’t guarantee that their future will be perfect.

What Happened To Skylar Hope Rackley Exes?

Skylar Hope Rackley was previously in a relationship with two men Brannon McGee and Travis Robbins, both of whom are dead. It appears the death of both Brannon and Travis happened mysteriously and viewers who watched her on the show believe that she allegedly had a role to play in their death which is not yet confirmed.

Moreover, Skylar has been accused of never helping authorities to search for her ex-boyfriend Travis although she claimed to have loved him. On 17 December 2020, she posted about her ex Travis on her Facebook after he went missing. She wrote, “Please if anyone has seen or heard from my boyfriend in the past few days @iam_trobb Travis Robbins please message me or his mom!! And please everyone pray that he comes home tonight please.”

She never spoke with news media during or after Travis Robbins about his going missing. While the search was going on for Travis, she moved on to be with her baby daddy Brannon.

Following that, her baby daddy died. Brannon and Skylar welcomed a daughter named Braylin Sky in 2018 who turned 4 years old in June 2022.

Before Brannon’s death, he was working as Foreman/Lineman at Thayer Power and Communication Line Construction Co., LLC. He attended Zanesville High School and the Adult Center of education. Brannon was a resident of Zanesville, Ohio.

Skylar was served with a search warrant of residence by investigators on the missing person case of Travis. Brannon allegedly died of OD and later Travis was found.

One viewer familiar with the case posed a question about discovering Travis’s body decomposed on a shack that Skylar’s friend Jamie Braglin was at.

One viewer posted on Facebook, “She should’ve never got out of prison!! And to be on a tv show??? Her ass been “working” since she got in trouble the 1st time!!! How else would 2 of her exes be gone?? They gave her a chance to do it AGAIN!! RIP Brannon McGee And Travis Robbins.”

While another viewer expressed his dissatisfaction with using Skylar’s two ex-boyfriends as an arc for the show. They wrote, “This whole headline is very distasteful and looks like a 5th grader wrote it without proofreading. “Supposedly Skylar’s previous two boyfriends are both dead” they aren’t supposedly dead, they are dead and this was very disrespectful in my eyes to the families of the men that have passed on.”

Skylar Hope Rackley Age

As of Dec 2022, Skylar Hope Rackley is currently 28 years old. She was born in November 1994.

Skylar Hope Rackley Family

Skylar Hope was born to her parents David Rackley and Heather Swingle. Her parents are no longer married as her mom is married to her husband Patrick Hobin.

Heather is a 51-year-old working as Utilities Permitting Agent at ORC since September 2021. In January 2022, she earned her real estate license for which Skylar congratulated her via a Facebook post writing, “Just wanted to shoutout to my beautiful momma for passing her state and national real estate exam the other day! Have y’all ever seen a real estate/land acquisition agent this freakin’ gorgeous?! You’re the most hard-working woman I know and I and my girls are so blessed to have you we love you so much❤️❤️, Heather Hobin”

Skylar’s dad David attended Beebe Senior High School followed by the University of Central Arkansas.

Talking about siblings, Skylar has at least two brothers named Chase and Chandler Rackley. Chase works as a realtor at Rackley Team. He is married to his wife Casey Rackley since 26 October 2013 and is residing in Little Rock, Arkansas. Chandler graduated from the American University of Rome and studied Economics at the University of Arkansas.

Chandler works at Crain Family Holdings, LLC.

Is Skylar Hope Rackley On Instagram?

Yes, Skylar Hope Rackley has a profile on Instagram (@skylarrackley) and Facebook (@skylar.rackley).

Skylar Hope Rackley Job

According to her Facebook, Skylar Hope Rackley works at Chillicothe Country Club. She began her job there on 23 March 2022. Before that, she was a stay home parent. As for her education, she attended Ohio University Zanesville.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Skylar Hope Rackley Birthday?

Skylar Hope Rackley reportedly celebrates her birthday in November.

  • Where Is Skylar Hope Rackley From?

Skylar Hope Rackley calls Zanesville, Ohio her hometown.

  • How Tall Is Skylar Hope Rackley?

Speaking of physical attributes, Skylar Hope Rackley stands tall at 5’5”.

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