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Love After Lockup: Who Were Skylar Rackley Exes?

Who are the two exes of WETV’s Love After Lockup’s Skylar Hope Rackley that people have been talking about on the web? This article is all about them. Here we cover what happened. How old were they? And if they shared any kids with Skylar.

Find out more as this article proceeds.

Who Is Love After Lockup Skylar Rackley?

Skylar Rackley is one of the new cast members of season 4 of WETV’s Love After Lockup. In the show, viewers get to witness her relationship with her boyfriend Nathan C Tracy, and the challenges that they have to overcome to make their relationship work.

Skylar, who turned 28 years old in November 2022, works at Chillicothe Country Club. She began her job there on 23 March 2022. Before that, she was a stay home parent. As for her education, she attended Ohio University Zanesville.

In the case of Skylar and Nathan, both of them have been arrested in the past. While Nathan was sentenced to seven months for vandalism, Skylar who was anticipated to be released soon has a serious issue from her past that can’t be overlooked and might even affect the couple’s relationship.

It has to do with her two dead ex-boyfriends. To know what happened to them keep scrolling down this article.

Who Were Love After Lockup Skylar Rackley Exes?

Before Skylar Rackley started dating Nathan C Tracy, she was in a relationship with her exes Brannon McGee and Travis Robbins.

Love After Lockup’s Skylar Rackley Boyfriend Travis Robbins. (Pic: DeLong-Baker & Lanning Funeral Home)

What Happened To Love After Lockup Skylar Rackley Exes?

Travis Robbins went missing in December 2020. After the suspicious disappearance, Skylar took to her Facebook and pleaded, “Please if anyone has seen or heard from my boyfriend in the past few days @iam_trobb Travis Robbins please message me or his mom!! And please everyone pray that he comes home tonight please.”

Before that, Skylar was dating her other boyfriend-turned-baby-father Brannon McGee. But when the search for Travis was ongoing, she got back with Brannon again. Sadly, Brannon died from a fatal overdose on 15 April 2021 at the age of 28.

Because Skylar was linked to Brannon’s death, she was charged with 18 months in prison for charges in two separate cases: possession of drugs and obstructing justice charges.

A co-defendant, 29-year-old Presley Ayers of Zanesville sold the drugs to McGee. She has pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and corrupting another with drug charges.

Brannon was born on 16 May 1992 to James McGee and Becky Forsythe. Brannon’s obituary read, “A powerline man by trade, he had worked many jobs in faraway places until his daughter was born, then he worked locally. Being handy in his younger days, he often bought and sold 4-wheelers, motorcycles, and even a few cars.”

Brannon was survived by his parents, his sister Amberly Dawn McGee; step-sister, Natalie Forsythe, and Rachel (Dustin) Dillie.

During that period, Travis was still missing. But, a body was found off Dresden Road and it was identified as the missing person Travis Robbins. Authorities were still investigating his suspicious death after he went missing on 18 December, almost five months before his body was found.

“Now comes the hard part for the case of Travis Robbins and that’s to have full closure with justice being served,” Lena Wilson, leader of Golden Hearts a Voice 4 the Voiceless, who helped in the search for Robbins said at the time. “We ask if you know something that could help detectives in giving Travis’s family total closure you contact detectives at the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Department.”

Travis’s uncle Matt Welch spoke about addiction a connection that he had with his dead nephew. “We struggle with addiction. I’m an addict, I’m a recovering addict. It’s a real epidemic. This ain’t no joke. It’s the real pandemic of the world. There’s never a good end to it unless you can get into recovery,” he said.

The family had greater grounds to suspect foul play the longer Travis had been missing. Numerous searches were conducted in the Dresden and Trinway region in an effort to find Travis, but the body was found by a mushroom hunter.

Travis was born on 3 February 1991 to Kimberly K (Marvin) Shipley, and the late Donald R. Robbins. He was a graduate of Philo High School, where he loved to play sports. He was an iron worker by trade and attended Cornerstone Church.

That’s where viewers of the WETV show were upset. They blamed Skylar had parts to play about her exes’ death and now she was using their death to make some money and earn fame.

One viewer posted on Facebook, “She should’ve never got out of prison!! And to be on a tv show??? Her ass been “working” since she got in trouble the 1st time!!! How else would 2 of her exes be gone?? They gave her a chance to do it AGAIN!! RIP Brannon McGee And Travis Robbins.”

While another viewer expressed his dissatisfaction with using Skylar’s two ex-boyfriends as an arc for the show. They wrote, “This whole headline is very distasteful and looks like a 5th grader wrote it without proofreading. “Supposedly Skylar’s previous two boyfriends are both dead” they aren’t supposedly dead, they are dead and this was very disrespectful in my eyes to the families of the men that have passed on.”

Does Love After Lockup Skylar Rackley Have Kids With Her Exes?

Yes, Skylar Rackley shares one daughter with her ex Brannon McGee. They welcomed a daughter together in 2018 who turned 4 years old in June 2022.

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