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Brianna Giscombe Bio, Height, Family, Age, Too Hot To Handle

Meet Brianna Giscombe, a new arrival at Netflix’s Too “Hot To Handle.” After she linked up with Obi, fans were curious did they end up together after the show. This article addresses it all along with her height, family, age, and her career.

Scroll down this Brianna Giscombe Bio to learn more as this article proceeds.

Brianna Giscombe On Too Hot To Handle

Brianna Giscombe arrived on the Season 3 of Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ to replace the eliminated contestant in episode 6. She joined in the show with Gerrie Labuschagne, Jackson Mawhinney, Obi Nnadi, and Olga Bednarska. The other original contestants were Jazlyn Holloway, Beaux Raymond, Georgia Hassarati, Harry Johnson, Holly Scarfone, Jaz Holloway, Nathan Soan Mingomezulu, Patrick Mullen, Patrick Mullen, Izzy Fairthorne, and Truth.

If you’re unaware of the premise of the show, “Too Hot To Handle” featured original ten contestants.

The casts spent four weeks on a tropical island in Turks and Caicos. Like the previous two seasons, the rules for the show remain the same. If there is any s*xual act involved, the money will be deducted. However, the one thing that has been changed this time, is the prize money which has been doubled. The winner pockets $200 thousand.

Since the stake is high casts this season has to rethink before they act making it much more interesting for fans of the show to watch the casts struggle with their impulses.

Are Brianna Giscombe And Obi Nnadi Still Together?

Brianna Giscombe arrived in the “Too Hot To Handle” as if she came to the show to save Obi Nnadi from the despair he felt after the girl he first linked with shut him down. The reason was his height and his body weight. But, Obi and Nathan caught Brianna’s eyes when she arrived in Episode 6 because of Obi’s personality that set him apart from Nathan and the rest of the men in the show.

So, Brianna was willing to set herself aside for a one-on-one conversation when Obi pulled her on her very first day in the villa.

Obi admitted that he was chasing prospects that came his way, particularly since he wanted to “vibe” with someone and thought Brianna might be that person. Thankfully, she responded by saying she was anxious to get to know him better because they’re both “beautiful people” who had previously established a level of trust that allowed them to chat about anything. As a result, Obi was understandably upset and annoyed when Brianna chose Nathan as her date the next morning. However, everything seemed to calm down for them after a short while, and they got closer.

Obi and Brianna never explicitly mentioned their feelings, but their actions revealed that they sincerely cared about each other. They did everything from sticking together at parties to sharing a bed and laughing about whenever they could, illustrating that all someone needs is a connection to grow into a more empowered human – whether platonic, passionate or somewhere in between on the experimental side.

After all, while Obi recognized that his experiences will make him wiser, Brianna claimed that she would no longer be scared to embrace her affectionate side. While we can’t say for sure whether Obi and Brianna are still together or not as of writing, we do know that they both appear quite satisfied with their current situation.

About Obi, he was born in Nigeria but has been living in Toronto. He described himself as a guy in the club as soon as he arrives you can see him and his boys they are all posted up. Obi likes to think of himself as the leader of the pack and super outgoing and charismatic.

Brianna Giscombe Height

Talking about height, Brianna Giscombe stands tall to the height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Brianna Giscombe Family

Brianna Giscombe was born to her father Vernon Giscombe and her mother Diane Draper. Her father hailed from Bronx, New York. He attended St. Augustine Grammar School and Cardinal Hayes High School. He enrolled at the University of Connecticut School of Business. He graduated in 1984.

Her mother is on Facebook but not much is known about her (@diane.draper2019).

As for her siblings, Brianna has a half-brother named Vernon Giscombe (@vernon.giscombe.3). He started working as a realtor at KW Kingstowne in March 2019. She also has an older sister named Britney Morris (@britney.l.morris). She is married to her husband Sam Holman.

How Old Is Brianna Giscombe?

Briana Giscombe should be at least 26 years old as of 2022. The fact that she started college in 2012, informs that she should be 28 years old; however, it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Brianna Giscombe Job

Brianna Giscombe started her career as an associate sales representative at Hollister Co. in 2008. She worked as a full-time employee for the company for three years and quit her job in January 2011. In September 2012, she had started working as a vault teller for Citi in Castro Valley, California.

Two years later in December 2013, she started working as Associate Sales Representative for Bare Essentials.

Brianna facilitated client makeup consultations and applied makeup to clients via touchups or full makeovers. In December 2014, she left her job in the company to join SEPHORA another cosmetic brand. She worked there for only four months working as a seasonal sales associate and stepped down from her job. She had already joined MAC cosmetics by then in June 2015.

Later in September 2016, she also quit her job in Citi after working for 4 years.

In November 2016, Brianna joined Charlotte Tilbury Beauty in Pleasanton, California. She quit her job after seven months.

She kept on working for MAC Cosmetics till July 2018 as an associate sales representative. After three years working in MAC, she left her job in July 2018. Three months later, she landed the job of cocktail server at Temple Nightclub in October 2018. And In February 2019, she started working for Genetech as a Reimbursement Specialist where she only worked for 3 months.

In November 2019, Brianna started working for Tom Ford Beauty as a manager. Then, she quit her job at Tim Ford as well as Temple Nightclub at the same time in April 2020. After April 2020, her career hasn’t been updated on her LinkedIn profile.

Besides her regular job, Brianna also dabbled into music journalism. She interviewed several Hip-Hop artists such as LIKYBO, Show Banga, Marisa Mendez, Derek King, RBC Bugzy, and many more. She also promotes her interviews via her Instagram (@tappedinwithiamsu).

Talking about her academic qualifications, Brianna attended Chabot College in 2013. Then she enrolled at the City College of San Francisco. For a year, she joined Fremont Beauty College to study Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Brianna Giscombe Birthday?

Brianna Giscombe was reportedly born on 1st October. However, the fact is yet to be verified.

  • Where Is Brianna Giscombe From?

Brianna Giscombe splits her time between her hometown in Connecticut and Bay Area in Los Angeles.

  • Is Brianna Giscombe On Instagram?

Too Hot To Handle’s Brianna is on Instagram, also has a YouTube channel, and has a Facebook page.

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