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Paige Dacanay Bio, Age, Job, Height, Love In The Jungle

Meet Paige Dacanay one among the fourteen singles who are ditching modern dating to get in touch with their animal instincts on Love in the Jungle, a new series that launched on discovery+ on 8 May 2022.

Now let us take you through this read about Paige; to find out why she decided to go on this unique dating experience where the rules asked her and her mates not to talk at all and instead perform animalistic mating rituals to find romantic connections.

Paige Dacanay On Love In The Jungle

Love in the Jungle called on 14 singles to deliver their most accurate animal impressions. And Paige Dacanay was asked to channel her “inner starfish”. Believing that starfish have a ton of nerve endings, she can be seen trying to tap into her emotional side and not hold back.

For Paige, because she is a big talker, she said it was very challenging and awkward not being able to communicate with words. But she somehow learned to fit in like the others using eye contact, trying to touch each other, also with kissing and just making noises. So, when this worked, she only had to focus to win the mating ritual. Because this mating ritual gave them chance to become alpha and the alpha was given a chance to bring on two people on a date where everyone got to talk.

Therefore, just as Lynsey said, it took only about 20 minutes for Paige and everyone to get used to their more animal ways of getting their point across.

So, why Love In The Jungle and why, not other dating shows including Bachelor or Bachelorette? She answered that is because she is not big on drama and she did not want to become super competitive with other girls.

Is Paige Dacanay Dating Anyone?

Paige Dacanay’s biggest takeaway from this dating show was being able to connect to people in a genuine and authentic way; without any phones or the next best thing to distract her. She said she focused on eye contact to communicate her interest in someone, and that she also found herself doing a lot of soul-searching. But, did she bring home anyone from the show?

A trailer of Love in the Jungle shows her mind tension with Stephanie Almeida; Stephanie likes Stephan Davis. Paige could be heard saying she is taking (likely from her) whatever she wants.

Anyway, though she had not yet revealed if she started dating anyone after coming back home from the show, she certainly mentioned being single before going on the show.

Paige Dacanay Age

Because Paige Dacanay was born in 1995, she reached the age of 26 in 2021.

Paige Dacanay Family

Paige’s dad is 59-year-old Lenny Dacanay. He has been working as the Central Region Director of Private Equity Services at BDO USA, LLP since September 2015. From January 2018 through March 2022, he also acquired a Certificate of Management Excellence in Executive Education at Harvard Business School.

Then, there is Penny Morhardt Dacanay, Paige’s mum, who continued to be married to Lenny as of 2022. He studied at Highland Community College and Neuromuscular Therapy at Chicago School of Massage Therapy.

Paige, who started her volleyball career at a young age, said she was actually influenced by her parents’ past with the sport. That, she started playing because they kind of met that way.

Paige also has two sisters, Erika Catherine and Macaria Dacanay. Of them, Macaria is the one who studied Psychology at the University of Illinois Chicago. The other one is likely an accountant.

Is Paige Dacanay On Instagram?

Indeed! Paige Dacanay could be found on Instagram at @paige.elysee. Here, she had 195 posts and 25.4K followers as of 12 May 2022.

Paige also had around 21.1K followers on TikTok @paige.elysee and she was active on Facebook as well.

Paige Dacanay Height

Beautiful Paige Dacanay, half German and half Filipina, used to stand 5-foot-3-inch tall back when she was a senior in Prairie Ridge High School.

Paige Dacanay Job

Paige Dacanay always dreamt of a career in gymnastics; but, wound up playing volleyball instead as a key contributor to Northern Illinois University’s volleyball team. She actually earned an athletic scholarship there. As for the course, she studied Nutrition and Dietetics and a minor in the Spanish Language from 2013 through  2017.

Paige, however, did not likely pursue a career in volleyball even, since taking on her first job as a waitress/bartender at a sports bar.

Years later and in recent time, Paige started working as a commercial account executive at Air; which is a Creative Ops System for Marketers. And a year before that, she helped bridge the gap between celebrities, athletes, and creators to their fan base at Cameo. Nine months before that, she was at Convoso and spent another two years at Hireology.

  • When Is Paige Dacanay’s Birthday?

Paige Dacanay celebrates her birthday in June every year.

  • Where Is Paige Dacanay From?

Paige Dacanay hails from Crystal Lake, a city in McHenry County in the U.S. state of Illinois.

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