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Brianna LaPaglia Sisters: Brooke, Justine, Valerie LaPaglia

Barstool Sports personality Brianna Chickenfry, whose real name is Brianna LaPaglia, was a sophomore studying public health at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio before fame came knocking at her door. She started making TikTok videos that featured her hung­over and making a fool of herself. Then, in 2020, those same videos on TikTok, Barstool came looking for her and offered her an internship, which soon turned into a full-time job. She started doing her own podcast, PlanBri Uncut ever since. Since then, Brianna has also become a co-host of the Because We Got High podcast. And Even with a busy and ever-growing career, she has not stopped partying and making headlines. Just in July 2023, for instance, she came clean about dating Zach Bryan and no longer being in a romance with Nik Pelligrino. In the rest of the writing though, we thought we would instead tell you all about her sisters, who they are, and more. It appears her fans have not been told much about it.

Who Are Brianna LaPaglia Sisters?

Brianna LaPaglia has talked about having a “different” childhood. When talking to KFC Radio in October 2021, she opened up about her childhood and about how her family shaped her to be the successful businesswoman she is today.

So, this is how Brianna detailed her story in this podcast.

Brianna has three sisters named Brooke, Justine, and Valarie. They are her half-sisters from her dad’s first marriage. Two of them, in Brianna’s words, are like “super bad drug addicts” and they were in “super horrible” abusive relationships.

Brianna said she saw a lot of *uck sh*t growing up, thanks to them and her drug addict uncle who when she was 8, was sleeping in her basement.

Also, Brianna’s parents were working two jobs each. They could not afford child care. So, she was “basically” an only child at home all the time. She was all the time by herself, scared and “kind of” raising herself. After school, she would walk home, which was two blocks away, would lock the door, and be at home until 8 o’clock by herself. Nevertheless, she did also mention, that her folks were “loving parents”.

All of this, Brianna thinks, matured her really fast.

Meet Brooke LaPaglia, Brianna LaPaglia’s Oldest Sister

Brooke A Lapaglia was born in October 1981. So, she reached the age of 41 in 2022. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and continued to live here as of 2023.

She could be found on two separate Facebook accounts: ‘Brooke La Paglia’ and ‘Brooke Lapaglia’. On these platforms, she also mentioned being ‘single’.

About Brooke, Brianna has talked about her “Blackfishing”. In a podcast in June 2023, she said Brooke, who was her role model growing up, is just out of prison and is doing well for herself.

Blackfishing to those of you who do not know is the phenomenon where individuals who are not Black pretend to be Black.

Meet Justine LaPaglia, Brianna LaPaglia Second Oldest Sister

Justine J Lapaglia was born in August 1984. So, she reached the age of 38 in 2022. She can be found on ‘Justine LaPaglia’ Facebook where with pride she described herself as “Cameron and Paeyton’s aunty”.

Justine originally hails from South Boston Massachuset.

Professionally, she has been working as a CNA at Excellus.

Speaking of social media, Justine can be found on IG @justinelapaglia.

Meet Valerie LaPaglia, Brianna LaPaglia Older Sister

Valerie F Lapaglia was born in September 1990. So, she reached the age of 32 in 2022. She can be found on IG @vall_boston, where as of July 2023 there were 531 posts and 2,185 followers. “Casually cruel in the name of being honest” she had written here. One could also find her on ‘Valerie LaPaglia’ Facebook.

As of 8 July 2019, Valerie started working as a bartender at Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar Fort Point. She studied Psychology at UMass Boston from 2012 until 2016.

Before that, when she was 17, Valerie was charged with multiple accounts: drunken driving, driving with a suspended license, failure to stop for a red light, and underage possession of alcohol. Much later, in 2017, she was again arrested and charged with shoplifting by asportation and three counts of receiving stolen property worth less than $250.

Related FAQs

  • Where Do Brianna LaPaglia Sisters Reside?

Brianna LaPaglia’s older sister Justine LaPaglia had been residing in Braintree, Massachusetts, as of 2023. The same with the other sisters Brooke and Valerie.

  • Are Brianna LaPaglia Sisters Famous?

Not everyone, but Brianna’s sister Valerie was once featured on a reality series called Breaking Boston. She and two other South Shore women were among the cast on the then-new unscripted series, which premiered on 13 March 2023 on the A&E Network. The show, from executive producer Mark Wahlberg, followed a group of “working-class women coming of age with the odds stacked against them”. Valerie was 22 then.

Other family members of Brianna known are her father Wayne A Lapaglia, a self-proclaimed old-school at heart. He went to South Boston High and was based in Boston, Massachusetts as of 2023. That year in July, he turned 61 years old.

Then, there is Joyce M Donahue, Brianna’s mother who studied English Literature at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from 1970 until 1974. She is from Dixon, Illinois, and had been residing in Joliet, Illinois as of 2023. Also, in June of this year, she turned 61 years old. Professionally, she is a liturgical catechist, singer, speaker, and author.

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