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Paul Jackman Bio, Age, Wife, Height, IG, Making Fun

A completely new, goofy, and fun to watch together show has launched on Netflix on 4 March 2022. It is called Making Fun.

Combine a building series like Tiny House Nation with something more whimsical like Lego Masters, and you will come close to Making Fun.

Now, with that being said, let us introduce you to one of its cast members, Paul Jackman.

Paul Jackman On Netflix’s Making Fun

Making Fun begins as Jimmy Diresta, a grumpy expert maker, fields kids’ ideas for delightfully pointless inventions. Then, as Netflix puts it, if he is in the mood, he and his pals build them. Jimmy (of course) leads the team.

Paul Jackman, aka Jack, is among these team members, who is also bringing in the humor element into the show.

Though he whimsically calls himself an “aspiring Instagram model” he is a hands-on creator focusing his talent on woodwork and engineering. You will him build some awesome things out of wood, like a giant PEZ sweets dispenser.

Joining Paul and Jimmy on this journey of turning children’s weirdest and wildest ideas into reality are another woodworker Pat Lap, Graz Makes, talented at making hand-crafted blades and knives, and home decorator/craftsman Derek Forestier.

How Much Is Paul Jackman Net Worth?

Paul Jackman reportedly held around $500 thousand as net worth as of March 2022.

In his own words, Paul is a full-time maker and content creator working with a mix of materials, typically focusing on high-end reclaimed and upcycled projects through woodworking.

More than often one could see him make his pre-made items available on his online store as well. He also seemed to offer custom-made pieces on a case-by-case basis.

Paul started making stuff like skateboard ramps as a kid. Then the day came when he went to a vocational high school to study carpentry (woodworking and house construction/remodeling) for 4 years. This, he recalls, to be the foundation of everything he does today.

From 2009 through 2013, he studied Civil Engineering at Syracuse University. Though he graduated Magna Cum Laude and made it to the Dean’s List, he confessed, to having never used the degree except to get his first job out of college in the office of a large construction company.

The job of an estimator at Groom Construction Company (Jun 2013 – May 2016) was a great one. Even his boss was the best as they come. One of the reasons why he decided to quit was: he was gaining weight while sitting in a chair all day.

Paul Jackman Age

Back in 2007, Paul Jackman was 16. So, the year 2021 turned him into a 30-year-old.

Paul Jackman Wife

Sure Paul Jackman has a wife and he calls her “Mrs. Jackman Works” even though her real name is Kristin.

Kristin celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of August and this day, among other occasions, Paul often is seen to be talking about her on social media.

Paul’s wife has been in the military for some while now. It was actually after his proud Coast Guard wife joined the military when Paul also found a convenient excuse to quit his office job to start doing Jackman Works as a full-time “Instagram model” and part-time woodworker. This happened circa April 2016. Kristin officially began her military career (as an Active Duty Coast Guard) and Jackman Works turned into full-time.

A photograph from that unforgettable day in April 2016 (PIC: Instagram)

Now, Paul does not seem to get tired of calling himself a “military wife”.

Is Paul Jackman On IG?

Yes. Paul Jackman could be found on Instagram @jackman_works where he entertained 1,278 posts and 94.6K followers, as of 5 March 2022.

Paul was also equally popular on other social media platforms.

He made fast-paced and entertaining build videos on his YouTube channel that are aimed at everyone, but with the ultimate goal to get the younger generations excited about making again. Paul says he is very selective with the projects that he takes on. But he still was open to collaborating with his fans in case they bring in some cool ideas. The ‘Jackman Works’ channel included 373K subscribers.

On TikTok @jackmanworks, he managed to get around 24.6K followers and some 4,230 on his Twitter @JackmanWorks.

Paul Jackman Family

On social media, Paul mentioned how his mother and father met each other, got married, gave birth to his sister, still felt an “emptiness” in their life and so they had him. Jestingly Paul said, even that did not help his parents.

Paul also cared to mention that his mother’s maiden name is ‘Obama’ and that his father used to be a military veteran.

Also, the one thing we can tell you about his older sister is that she got married in 2016.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Paul Jackman’s Birthday?

Paul Jackman had not yet told us when he celebrates his birthday.

  • Where Is Paul Jackman From?

Paul Jackman was born and bred in his hometown of eastern Massachusetts where he continues to be, even today.

  • How Tall Is Paul Jackman?

Paul Jackman, whom you may often see donning a ginger beard and a cap, stands above 5’11” tall in height.

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