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Paulie Connell Ex-Wife: Who Is Joanne Connell? Age, Job

Divorce can be complicated. Sometimes it takes minutes, other times it’s years and years of hassle. However, RHONJ star Dolores Catania’s boyfriend, Paulie Connell chose not to divorce his ex-wife Joanne Connell — even after 3 years from when they initially filed for divorce — because he believed there was “no need” for it!

But things are different now. So, while we wait for the former couple to be officially separate, let’s learn all about Paulie’s ex-wife, Joanne Connell. 

Meet Joanne Connell, Paulie Connell Ex-Wife

Joanne Connell and Paulie Connell coupled up before 2000, and on November 5, 2001, they welcomed their first child named Kameron.

Recalling the day Kameron was born, Paulie said that when he stepped into this world, he made “a big entrance”, and “being a new parent at the time,” he wasn’t sure what to do. But “it’s been an amazing journey thus far watching you grow while you help others mature and grow too,” he added. “You are a kind loving sensible and smart young man you make your mom and dad very proud while your brother has an amazing role model for him to follow.”

Four years after Kameron’s birth, Joanne and Paulie then welcomed their second child, Brooklyn, on June 29, 2005.

Brooklyn’s now 17 (as of 2023). He has grown up such “a beautiful soul and a good kid the best any father could ask for,” Paulie said. The last we saw the father-son duo  Paulie was teaching him two to drive. Also, the two often enjoyed playing golf and visiting Japanese restaurants.

As for Kameron, Paulie’s proud of his accomplishments and kindness. “Watching you grow up over the years and seeing you become the man you are becoming gives me more reason to be happier each day,” Paulie dedicated a post to him. “You’ve become a good role model for your little brother and a good mentor for your juniors around you keep positive stay strong and always know I have your back love dad.

For anyone aspiring to be a perfect dad, Paulie says, “If there’s one thing you can teach/give your children, its the right to be nice appreciate support, and most of all understanding.”

Fun Fact: On Paulie’s 46th birthday (i.e. on June 28, 2020), his kids gave him a “Testicuzzi.”

Are Paulie Connell And His Ex-Wife Joanne Connell Divorced?

No, as of May 2023, Joanne Connell and Paulie Connell aren’t divorced. However, The US Sun reported that they will soon be officially divorced.

It seems the former couple filed for divorce right before Valentine’s Day on February 4, 2020. Reportedly, their last filing was then submitted in October 2020 — which was a request for judicial intervention (RJI). So, this means their filing had yet to be assigned to a judge.

Sadly, divorces in New York are sealed. So, don’t have much information about what was going on.

But as per Paul, he didn’t rush the divorce proceedings because he wasn’t getting married soon. “There’s been really no need for me to be divorced, like, it’s not like I was getting married or I go around marrying people for the fun of it,” he said. “So, it never really happened to that point for her or for me. We’re quite comfortable.”

However, things between Dolores and him were getting serious in 2023. “Okay, now it’s time to close that chapter,” he said. “And that’s it. There’s really nothing else.”

He continued: “I’m very happily separated and very soon to be happily divorced. It’s a very simple understanding. We are not divorced, we are getting divorced. We never had a big misunderstanding to the point where ‘I hate you, you hate me.’ It was never like that, never being like that.”

The former husband/wife definitely parted ways on amicable terms and Joanne was “very happy” for her ex-husband and Dolores. “[Joanne] is very happy for myself and Dolores and she thinks it’s a wonderful thing that I found happiness and whatever comes with it,” Paulie explained. “Her and Dolores have a very good mutual understanding.”

Joanne Connell Age

Joanne Connell was 49 years of age in 2023.

She is two years older than her ex-husband Paulie.

What Is Joanne Connell Maiden Name?

Joanne Connell didn’t reveal her maiden name.

But we do know that her father-in-law was Noel Connell laid to rest in January 2016. He was very close to Paulie and was always there for him whenever he needed advice. “I have learned so much from him and while teaching he gave me strengths that I only found out how strong I am today,” Paulie shared.

On the other hand, Joanne’s mother-in-law was alive and doing well the last we checked.

Trivia: Joanne’s siblings-in-law are Dave and Shaz Connell.

Joanne Connell Job

Joanne Connell didn’t reveal her job.

On the other hand, Paulie is the owner and CEO of Eco Electrical Services LLC. He started the company back in June 2010 with a mission to adapt to a sustainable energy movement toward a greener environment.

Eco Electrical Services, LLC is a Fully Licensed & Insured Electrical Contracting Company operating in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Connecticut, Virginia, Maryland, Nevada, Dublin, and London. Combined with the latest technology and products, Eco has helped its clients cut costs on maintenance, energy, and heating.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Joanne Connell From?

Joanne hails from Orangeburg, NY.

  • Is Joanne Connell On Instagram?

Joanne didn’t seem to be on Instagram.

But you can find Paulie on IG @paul_g_connell and Facebook @paulie.connell.

  • When Is Joanne Connell Birthday?

She receives her birthday wishes in June.

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