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Jason Lyke Parents: Dwayne Lyke And Lalanya Abner

Jason Lyke is a cast member of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard, a spin-off of the popular Bravo show Summer House. As we continue to enjoy Jason’s performance in an all-Black-led show, let’s take some time out to know who his parents are.

Summer House: Who Are Jason Lyke Parents?

Born and bred in Chicago, Jason tries to be the counselor for his friend group in Martha’s Vineyard–and always finds himself in the center of the drama.

A Senior Flight attendant by profession for one of the most prominent airlines, Jason has been freelancing as an actor, singer, and content writer since 2012. As an actor, Jason has worked on projects like ‘Bigger’ and ‘American Soul.’ He has also appeared in multiple short films and music videos.

Furthermore, Jason is also an entrepreneur who is actively involved in projects such as skin care and beard oils.

Enough about Jason, let’s get to know his parents–father Jason Lyke, and mother Lalanya Abner.

Meet Dwayne Lyke, Jason Lyke Father

One thing we know when we visit Jason’s Instagram is how much he adores his father. Jason and Dwayne have a close relationship.

Jason regularly wishes his dad on Father’s Day. In the most recent Father’s Day, Jason shared multiple pictures of him with his dad and wrote, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Love You! You Are One Of A Kind.”

On June 18, 2018, Jason wrote a heartfelt post dedicated to Dwayne on the occasion of Father’s Day. He shared, “Me And My Dad I’m grateful to have him in my life and even though he can test all my patience’s some time I wouldn’t change him for anything… And kudos to all the fathers out there who step up to their responsibilities as leaders in their kids’ life you are important and you are loved and appreciated.
Happy Father’s Day.”

The father-son duo also went on a trip to the Bahamas together circa June 2018. Jason shared some of the pictures from their trip on his Instagram.

On a lighter note, Dwayne and Jason have also appeared on the show Family Court, where Dwayne sued his son for $150/month in rent and a chore agreement. The reasons: Jason not being responsible enough for a 19-year-old. As a response, Jason counter-sued his father to get him into anger management therapy. (FYI: It was all an act though).

  • Dwayne Lyke Age

As per, Dwayne was born in May 1963. His age was 60 at the time of this writing.

  • Dwayne Lyke Job

Coming to Dwayne Lyke’s job details, he formerly worked as an optician at Luxury Optical in Las Vegas, Nevada. At Luxury Optical, he specialized in high-end optical eyewear.

For education, Dwayne attended the College of DuPage and graduated from there in the year 1986. For high school studies, he went to the Fenger Academy High School (Class of 1982).

  • Is Dwayne Lyke On Instagram?

Dwayne Lyke is on Instagram @dwaynelyke and has over 40 followers on the platform. As of May 2023, he had only 2 posts on his IG feed. Additionally, you can find Dwayne on Facebook too.

Meet Lalanya Abner, Jason Lyke Mother

Like Jason never misses to wish his father on Father’s Day, he never forgets to wish his mother, Lalanya Abner, on Mother’s Day. Wishing his mom Mother’s Day 2022, Jason shared, “They always ask me where I get my artistry from, and I always tell them I get it from my Mamma 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day Mom Love You,” on Instagram.

Lalanya is extremely proud of her son. Giving an update on her life on July 1, 2016, Lalanya explained how proud she was of her seeds for doing wonderful things out in the world–“from working with John Singleton to being flown to NY to meet with Steven Spielberg to their short film being selected for the Toronto film festival and being cast in Black and Sexy TV my little birdies are flying high.”

  • Lalanya Abner Age

Reportedly, Lalanya was born in August 1969 and her age was 53 as of May 2023.

  • Lalanya Abner Job

As per Lalanya’s Facebook, she worked as a Connector at Firestarter, a company that indulges in shifting the power structure and returning it to the people.

Lalanya attended Howard University and Duke Ellington School of the Arts for education.

  • Is Lalanya Abner On Instagram?

Lalanya’s Instagram handle is @thelalanyaabner and she has over 1.8 thousand followers on the platform. You can also find Lalanya on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Jason Lyke Parents Still Married?

Jason Lyke’s parents separated, most likely, long ago. While we have no proof of their separation, the two have not posted any pictures of them together in ages. That is the only reason we think Dwayne and Lalanya are not married.

  • How Many Kids Do Jason Lyke Parents Have?

Besides Jason, his parents have one daughter from their marriage. On March 7, 2009, Jason posted a picture of him and his sister when they were 19 months and 2 years old respectively.

That being said, Dwayne shared via Facebook on February 2, 2010, that he raised two children as a single dad. He wrote, “I raised two children as a single dad. They are now grown and I am very proud of them.”

  • Where Do Jason Lyke Parents Reside?

Jason Lyke’s parents do not reside together. Dwayne resides in Las Vegas, Nevada, whereas Lalanya lives in Washington D.C.

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