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Pete Tidwell Bio, Family, Age, Wife, Is It Cake, Too?

Pete Tidwell, aka The Mighty Baker, who won Cake Wars twice on the Food Network, is now on Netflix to win Is It Cake Too? season 2.

So, while he does that, let’s delve into the baker’s life over this Pete Tidwell Bio.

Pete Tidwell On Netflix’s Is It Cake, Too? Season 2

Netflix’s Is It Cake Too? inaugural season had a realistic bucket hat, conch shell, and a sneaker cake. But the following season had it all. Cakes identical to Baseball gloves, weekender bags, toilets, and even the Mona Lisa herself. Ten talented bakers including Pete Tidwell were the masterminds behind those realistic-looking cakes all in the hopes of deceiving a slew of seasoned chefs and celebrity guests, and also bagging a share of a $120,000 prize pot.

“YO! That’s me and all my new cake friends! Watch the Trailer on my website! Link in profile! I am so stoked y’all! This is a powerhouse cast for this show! It is going to be an epic season 2 of Is It Cake!!!! Can’t wait! June 30th all episodes drop on @netflix Save the date,” Pete promoted the show on his IG.

Spoilers Alert: Sadly, Pete couldn’t deceive the judges enough. Despite being a  two-time winner on Food Network’s Cake Wars and a finalist in Halloween Baking Championship, Pete was bested by his co-star Elizabeth Rowe, who won the show.

Other contestants joining Pete for the second season of Is It Cake Too? were Corterrius Allen, Danya Smith, Justin Salinas, Kayla Giddings, Liz Marek, Miko Kaw Hok Uy, Jarid Altmark, and Spirit Wallace.

Pete Tidwell Job

Pete Tidwell is a professional cake artist.

The talented baker first started baking at his brother’s deli GANDOLFO’S AF, which served chocolate mousse cake, and his passion grew from there. However, after working at the deli for over 13 years, Pete got his degree in Communications with Advertising Emphasis from Brigham Young University and started his advertising career in 2011 in a management development program at L’Oreal. Then, he became Digital Account Analyst at Microsoft the next year, a Corporate Communications Manager at doTERRA Essential Oils from Jan 2013 to July 2015, and Product Marketing Manager at doTERRA Essential Oils USA from September 2018 to Jan 2022.

Now, although he was more focused on his career in advertising, he never gave up on baking. He participated in Food Network’s Cake Wars in 2016 and thanks to his Halo-themed creation — a chocolate brownie pound cake with a vanilla Italian buttercream frosting — he sealed the win, earning $10,000 and a name in the baking world.

Also, the next year, he returned to the competition and won Cake Wars for the second time — this time beating out other past champions.

“My favorite thing ever is when I have a cake that’s all baked, filled, stacked, covered with fondant or buttercream, ready to be decorated,” said Pete. “Just like an artist, right? That’s my favorite point in the process of doing cakes — being able to have a blank canvas to work on and use my creativity.”

Besides baking, Pete also is a certified life and business coach who coached bakers on how to make more Dough in and out of the kitchen. “As a business coach, I am here to provide guidance and support, empowering you to achieve the success you truly deserve. Together, we can transform your dreams into tangible realities,” he said.

Furthermore, he revealed that he was committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with you, offering recipes, and decorating techniques, to keep his clients updated on the latest trends in the dynamic bakery industry.

Trivia: Pete hosted a podcast called “Make More Dough” on his official website.

Pete Tidwell Wife

Pete Tidwell was married to his wife Charlotte McKinlay Tidwell on May 31, 2006. The duo shares three kids and led a happy life in NYC the last we checked.

“I am so incredibly thankful for Charlotte! She is an amazing woman! We are going on 15 years married and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me! She has been my companion through many adventures,” Pete made an FB in 2020.

His wife, Charlotte @charlotte.m.tidwell (born: Nov 1982),  a blogger, was also the one who forced Pete to participate in Cake Wars. No wonder, Pete said, “My wife has been a true, amazing champion for me and a really good encouragement for me through this whole process.”

Pete Tidwell Age

Pete Tidwell was 40 years of age when he appeared on Is It Cake Too? in 2023.

He was one of the older contestants that season.

Pete Tidwell Family

Pete Tidwell has one supportive family. It was also thanks to them; especially his parents who offered him their home (equipped with a full kitchen) and went on to serve a full-time mission, that Pete has a successful career.

“My parents! They are incredible! They put up with me when I was a teenager and that in itself earns a very high reward! I love them so much! They have taught me the value of work and so much more and are such great examples of faith,” he dedicated an FB post to them.

As for his brother, Tad Tidwell is the owner of GANDOLFO’S PG.  “I am so thankful for him and the part he has played in my life. I worked for him at Gandolfos for 14 years and I am grateful I have him as a brother and friend,” Pete said.

In 2023, Tad lived in Pleasant Grove, Utah with his wife and two kids.

Other members of Pete’s family include — Emily Bybee (born: Mar 1972), and Cathy Fitzsimmons Tidwell

Fun Fact: As a child, Pete baked with his mother every to prepare gifts for his teachers at school.

Pete Tidwell Height

Pete Tidwell stands tall at a height of above 6 feet (183 cm).

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Pete Tidwell From?

Pete didn’t reveal his hometown. But he resided in Provo, Utah in 2023.

  • Is Pete Tidwell On Instagram?

Find Pete on Instagram @themightybaker.

Also, here’s his Facebook @petertidwell, Twitter @MightyBakerPete, TikTok @themightybaker, and Youtube @TheMightyBaker.

  • When Is Pete Tidwell Birthday?

Pete receives his birthday wishes in August.

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