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Liz Marek Bio, Married, Parents, Net Worth, Is It Cake, Too?

Liz Marek is the star of Netflix’s Is It Cake, Too? She is competing for a prize pool of $120K and has 9 other phenomenal chefs. Learn about her marriage, parents, net worth, and more via this article.

We cover it all here as this article proceeds.

Liz Marek On Netflix’s Is It Cake, Too?

Liz Marek is one of the competitors on Netflix’s Is It Cake, Too? The popular baking game show is returning on Netflix, and it has a rival from Portland! 10 top bakers fight against one another in season two of “Is It Cake?” to make hyper-realistic cakes that resemble everyday objects, with $120,000 on the line.

Liz spoke to KATU 2 an ABC affiliate after the show’s premiere. She shared that the show is “a dream come true” for her. Liz was a fan of “Is It Cake?” “Not only did I watch the first season of ‘Is It Cake?’ but I was just like a super fan,” she said. “If I loved sports, this must be what it’s like to like sports. I was so obsessed, I was reading bios of the people who competed.”

When she got word she was cast in Season 2, Liz said, “I don’t think I could have been more excited.”

Liz described the competition as not going against each other but together. She and her cast members shared all the emotions in the show so it became a bonding experience for them.

Liz attempted to dazzle the judges with her little yet realistic crab. She, too, became anxious due to the deadline for the delicate legs, claws, and lifelike shell. “In the moment, it was like this is the worst thing I’ve ever done,” Liz said. “I was literally sculpting right next to the real crab, putting all the little teeth on the claws, and the barnacles.”

The actual crab brought onto the program, however, was so fresh that it suddenly sprang to life on the stage, scaring Marek, and the cake appeared to be more realistic. The creation, a lemon cake with raspberry buttercream filling and a modeling chocolate shell that had been expertly decorated with edible food coloring was a success.

After the show, Liz was in Las Vegas working with Madam Tussauds where they are creating multiple objects but two of them are going to be life-size figures (sculptures) and the contestants have to make them look like wax sculptures.

“The thing that I loved about Season 1 is the thing I hope people get out of Season 2,” Liz told OregonLive. “It’s an opportunity to get together with friends, family, and kids. Kids love this show, and when you watch, you’re actively participating, you get to guess along with the judges.”

How Much Is Liz Marek Net Worth?

Liz Marek has a net worth above $1.5 million. According to The Sun, they made over $972,000 in sales after years spent building Sugar Geek Show. The U.S. Sun also reported that they make between “$330,000 to 350,000 annually” from Patreon memberships while working about four hours a day on their site, and they have five streams of income.

Liz is an American cake decorator and teacher known for her elaborate sculpted cakes.

Furthermore, Liz is the founder of Artisan Cake Company and the online school Sugar Creek Show. She began her profession in cake decorating in 2007 as a simple hobby to relieve the stress of her demanding graphic design job. She absolutely appreciated using her creativity to design unique cakes and seeing her friends and family smile as a result. Soon after, requests began to come in from strangers and friends of strangers.

Before she knew it, she had unintentionally launched a profession in baking cakes. Liz founded the Artisan Cake Company in Portland, Oregon, in 2009. She advertised herself as a cake artist because she had a strong foundation in art and a flair for drawing and sculpting. She quickly gained a following for her distinctive wedding cakes and imaginatively shaped desserts.

Liz studied graphic design because, as she says, “My dream was to move to Portland, and be a big-time graphic designer.” But she ultimately discovered that “baking and creating cakes was a passion.” So Marek quit her graphic design job, as she recalls, “and I haven’t looked back since.”

Baking cakes was “a way for me personally to express my creativity in a very unique way. I started making online tutorials, at the suggestion of my husband, back in 2010. I thought, ‘Whoever would watch videos online?’”

Liz became well-known on social media for her free tutorials and enjoys imparting knowledge. Her schedule began to include a lot of travel, making it tougher and harder for her to dedicate time to client orders. In 2014, Liz published and enjoyed great success with her first book on cake decorating, Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating.

She closed her open-air bakery at the same time she made the decision to devote herself totally to teaching.

Liz Marek Age

Liz Marke turned age 42 in October 2022. She was born in 1980.

Liz Marek Parents

Liz Marek has shared that her father is 76 years of age. In June 2020, she shared that her father has been cancer free for 5 years. The father and daughter talk about “how I think he will live to be 104 at least” and “sisters passing, what we could have done and should have done, and how it doesn’t matter now.”

Liz’s dad was “as white as can be” and he married her mom “Asian Pacific Islander.”

Liz’s mother passed away in 1999 when she was 19. She had been struggling with DRPLA for so long, “I have no memories of her being healthy.” Her oldest brother passed away thirteen years ago. He had DRPLA and severe epilepsy and was 11 years older than him.

In 2018, Liz lost her older sister after DRPLA began to take hold in her late 30s. Leaving behind her two sons and young daughter. She was 47.

She also has a younger sister who was diagnosed with DRPLA and is 39 years old in April 2023.

Is Liz Marek Married?

Yes, Liz Marek is married to her husband Dan Marek. The couple exchanged their wedding vows in October 2008. They met in graphic design school in 2007. Liz was first interested. On their first date, they went to see “Spider-Man at the theater after he insisted it wasn’t a date and I was like sure ok.”

The proposal happened four months after they started dating. Talking about their wedding proposal, Liz shared on her Facebook, “We were on our way to dinner and he was being super weird. I had a hunch something was up. Turns out he hid the ring in his wallet so the box wouldn’t be bulky and he was worried it would fall out. He also wrote me a lovely letter that he read during the proposal and his hands were shaking.”

On her husband’s birthday in May 2021, Liz wished him, “Happy birthday to Dan Marek! The bbq king, the master of technical know-how, the supporter of all my hair-brained ideas, the best daddy in the whole world, and the love of my life.”

The couple shares two children named Ezra and Avalon. Ezra their younger child turned 3 years old in September 2022. Avalon reached age 8 in August 2022.

Liz Marek Height

Liz Marke’s height is above 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Liz Marek From?

Liz Marek was born and raised in Oregon. She grew up in Lebanon.

  • When Is Liz Marek Birthday?

Liz Marek celebrates her birthday on 26 October.

  • Is Liz Marek On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, Liz Marke is on Instagram (@sugargeekshow) and Facebook (@olivia.dawn.391).

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