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Philemon Chambers Bio, Gay, Partner, Height, Family

Single All the Way is among the barrage of Christmas rom-com dropping this season on holidays. The 2 December 2021-release carried more weight also because it is the first gay holiday romantic comedy film given by Netflix. With that being said, let us introduce you to actor Philemon Chambers who stars as Nick in this film.

Keep reading this ‘Philemon Chambers Bio’ and find out if he is gay, if he has a partner, and more.

Philemon Chambers On Single All The Way

First, let us tell you, that his first name is pronounced “phil-LEE-mun”.

Now, the rest. Philemon had been struggling to make it as an actor since 13-year-old. So, he had only a few small roles on TV series like Criminal Minds and All Rise on his resume, when Single All the Way came around. It had been just two weeks after he got better from COVID when the audition came.

Two days after he sent in his audition tape, the casting director Jonathan Clay Harris had reached out to him.

Philemon plays Nick, best friend to Peter (actor Michael Urie), a children’s author and handyman who accompanies Peter from Los Angeles to his hometown, for the holidays. Nick is in love with Peter, but Peter is distracted by James (Luke Macfarlane). An obvious love triangle.

With this, Philemon is also making history as the first Black actor to star in an LGBTQ Christmas rom-com.

Is Philemon Chambers Gay IRL?

Yes. Philemon Chambers is openly gay and identifies as queer in real life as well.

Talking to The Holywood Reporter, he shared how Single All the Way gave him the confidence to fully come out. “Going through this role with Nick, I became accepting of myself even more”.

Before that, when he was new to the industry, he said, one could not say who you were open, without judgment.

Meanwhile, growing up, Philemon did not know that he was gay. “You kind of suppress it. And I did that for years. I tried to act very masculinely.” That continued even into adulthood and his professional life, likely until the Netflix show.

Philemon Chambers Partner

Philemon Chambers is seemingly someone who would not share much about his dating life even if he was in a relationship. For now, because a partner is noticeably absent from his social media grid, people had it believing that he is single.

In an above-mentioned interview, of November 2021, Philemon sure had a lot to say around the topics like the representation he needed to embrace his identity as a gay Black man. But, he appeared to have steered away from relationship questions there too.

You may give him a follow on his Instagram @philemonchambers, Twitter @TheRealPhilemon, and ‘Philemon Chambers’ in case he changes his ways.

Philemon Chambers Net Worth

Philemon Chambers had nearly $100K net worth by December 2021.

He was clear in his head that he wanted to become an actor ever since he watched The Lion King at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre as a 6-year-old.

Currently, he was being represented by ABA Talent Agency, MadCatch Entertainment, and Commercials Unlimited both in acting and modeling.

Meanwhile, as per LinkedIn, Philemon has had a decade of experience in the entertainment industry and is best known for his appearances in the AT&T Digital Home Commercial ‘Cabin’, DeVry University, and CarMax television commercials.

How Old Is Philemon Chambers?

Philemon turned 27 years old early in 2021.

Related FAQs

  • When Does Philemon Chambers Celebrate His Birthday?

The 9th of February marks Philemon’s birthday every year making him an Aquarius.

On 9 February 2021, he was not feeling like a “Birthday” especially with the pandemic going on. But his family made sure he and his uncle Reg have the best time. (These two have the same birthday.) At the time, Philemon said, this year has taught him to not sell himself short.

  • Where Is Philemon Chambers From?

Philemon was born and raised in Compton, California. And although Hollywood Reporter claimed that he still lived there as of today, his Facebook profile marked Los Angeles in California as his current city.

  • What Has Philemon Chambers Shared About His Family?

Philemon, in his words, is truly blessed to have the mom he does. Now and then, he would be found expressing something like “Not many words can I say to describe how I feel about my moms…a couple stuck out but THANKFUL is one that I keep saying. I’ve been truly blessed to have the mom I do! Accepting my faults and loving me for them. Whether your mom is here or if she’s now your angel…be thankful for the time you got ❤️” on his social media.

Philemon also mentioned a big brother who is in the army and another family member Timothy Chambers, West Compton.

  • How Tall Is Philemon Chambers?

Philemon Chambers stands about 6 feet tall.

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