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Walter Jordan Bio, Monique Coleman Husband, Age, Job

Do you remember Corbin Bleu (as Chad Danforth) and Monique Coleman (as Taylor McKessie) in the High School Musical movie franchise?

The three-part franchise dominated its era between 2006 and 2008 and Chad and Taylor’s chemistry was just as much loved as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens’s couple Troy and Gabriella.

Now, several years later, the co-actors Corbin and Monique reunited to star in a lifetime Christmas movie A Christmas Dance Reunion. In the movie.

Meanwhile, amid its premiere on 3 Dec. 2021, fans were wondering these two ever dated in the real life.

As it happens, actress Monique Coleman has been married to her husband Walter Jordan. Now, in the rest of the writing, you may discover who Walter Jordan is.

Meet Walter Jordan, Monique Coleman Husband

It was Valentine’s Day back in 2012 when Monique Coleman married Walter Jordan.

Nine years later, as the day marked their wedding anniversary, Monique took to her Instagram a series of their memories to write — “You (Walter) are everything I was afraid to want – and more than I believed I deserved. You anchor me so that I can soar. You evict my insecurities, challenge my disbelief, and are a constant adventure. Thank you for holding me down while always lifting me. You are my rock & my protector.” — and more.

Based on what she said, the couple has been more like best friends and had already been to 30 countries.

The pair dated for two years before getting married in a private ceremony in Koh Samui, an island off the coast of Thailand.

Monique, who lovingly calls her husband Wally, especially has had a lot to tell about their relationship, on Instagram.

Monique shared two years before she met Walter, at 29 years old, she was not sure if she would ever find true love. However, she surrendered, stopped trying, and rather focused on herself and her relationship with the “Creator of the universe.” She got super honest about her shortcomings, faced her fears, and rewrote her narrative. Two years later and she married Walter. “It’s been a wonderful, and difficult, and beautiful journey”, she wrote.

This way, Monique one day opened up about her miscarriage that happened on 7 August 2019. As a tribute to her unborn spirit baby, she had collaborated for a short video titled “‘UNBORN’ | Pregnancy And Infant Lost”.

This had happened before filming her upcoming Lifetime Christmas movie, A Christmas Dance Reunion. This was a very emotional time for her. However, everyone on the job made things easy for her. She said her costar Corbin Bleu and his wife Sasha Clements were incredibly supportive during filming.

Monique and her long-time co-star Corbin were many a time speculated to be dating. But, let us tell you, these two have never actually been anything more than very good friends in real life.

Walter Jordan Age

Walter Jordan reached the age of 39 on 6 November 2021. He says, he grew up fully embracing growing older and becoming more of himself.

Walter Jordan Job

According to what had been noted on Walter Jordan’s Facebook profile, he is a general manager at Evolve Music/Capitol Records and a former owner of Chaos Control/Lifestyle Music Group.

Further, it stated that he studied Major (UK) at Life University and went to Englewood High.

Several years ago, Walter had been raising money for his foundation, Gimme Mo that he claimed had been actively inspiring youth since 2010.

On Facebook, Walter also revealed that he toured the southeast region of the US and ventured abroad to 24 countries tackling numerous issues that relate to youth such as bullying, self-esteem, and safe sex. That, together, his foundation also produced several seasons of a talk show and partnered with other amazing organizations; who are working to make the world a safer, healthier, and more inspiring place for young people to thrive.

Is Walter Jordan On IG?

No, Walter Jordan is not on Instagram. But he certainly appeared on his wife Monique’s @_moniquecoleman from time to time.

Other than that he handled his own ‘Walter Jordan’ account on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Walter Jordan From?

Walter Jordan is from Jacksonville, Florida. Although recently (2021), he was based in Los Angeles, California.

  • What Has Walter Jordan Shared About His Family?

Walter Jordan seemingly has an abundance of gold old memories of growing up alongside a bunch of siblings.

He is the second last to be born to his parents. So, he has a younger sibling named Latoya Deelee Jordan and four older siblings. With no offense to any of his older siblings, he said Deelee, the youngest one in the family, is his “favorite person in the world.”

The other siblings that we know the name of are Meloney Chree Jordan and Chrystal Jordan-Rouse.

  • How Tall Is Walter Jordan?

Walter Jordan is above 5 feet 10′ inches tall and made the best-looking couple with his wife who is tall 5 feet 2.5 inches tall.

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