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Who Is Liana Levi? Her Age, Net Worth, Rob Kardashian

Liana Levi, the founder of Forma Pilates, was rumored dating Rob Kardashian. But was it just a rumor or was there some supportive evidence to the speculations of Liana and Rob’s engagement and upcoming marriage?

Liana Levi and Rob Kardashian sparked a dating rumor back in February 2022. After dropping a lawsuit against his ex Black Chyna, he was rumored dating Liana who is a family friend. The speculation of their secret romance surfaced after the two signed a letter to a friend as a pair.

The couple celebrated their fashion designer friend Nicolas Bijan for welcoming a daughter. They sent flowers and a note that read, “Roxy & Nicholas, Congratulations! So happy and excited for this next chapter in your lives. Can’t wait to meet your little princess. Love, Liana & Rob.”

Amanda Hirsch from Not Skinny But Not Fat spotted the tale-tell sign and wondered, “Wait, co-signing a card? Does Rob have a GF??” They took notice that Rob even re-shared Nicolas’ post of it, and said “we love you,” instead of just speaking for himself. Moreover, Liana reshared it and added: “The OG crew. Welcome to the world baby Bijou.”

As reported pointed out by NSBNT Instagram, Rob and Liana go back as early as 2012 on Liana’s page. Liana is also connected to Rob’s sister Kendell.

Below, you’ll learn everything about Liana from her age to net worth, career, and family.

Are Liana Levi And Rob Kardashian Engaged Or Married Already?

Recently in June 2022, the rumor of Rob’s engagement to Liana Levi surfaced on a subreddit dedicated to the Kardashians. Fans also speculated that the couple was planning a wedding. A Redditor claiming to be close to someone who works for the Kardashians alleged in a Reddit post that Rob Kardashian is getting married.

They wrote, “So I heard from an acquaintance whose sister is one of the Kardashians’ interns that Rob is getting married to a certain Instagram model”.

“Since he’s very private and well, not happy with his looks, it will be a small and private wedding but supposedly the sisters ARE coming. And also, she’s supposedly pregnant but that’s not 100%.”

“I think it’s a Chyna situation all over again,” wrote this Redditor. “Rob gets engaged to a family friend and gets her pregnant, and tells his family later on. He speed-runs this relationship and now there’s beef between the siblings.”

The Redditor also revealed that Rob was previously engaged to an unknown person which they called it off in December 2021.

“Rob was at Kourtney’s engagement (November, pre-Liana), but did not attend her wedding (May),” they continued, citing this as proof of the beef. “Rob and his sisters also did not attend the Blac Chyna trial on the same days.”

Neither Liana nor Rob have confirmed the rumor as of the time of this article.

Liana Levi Age

Being born in the year 1990, Liana Levi celebrated turning 32 years old in April 2022.

Liana Levi Net Worth

With A-list clientele such as Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, and Kendall Jenner in her class, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that Liana Levi has a net worth that exceeds $1 million.

Liana purchased a reformer machine from Merrithew’s V2 Max Plus, a $9,499 reformer at the beginning of the pandemic, and within months, her brand Forma Pilates became a go-to class for every major model and celebrity. She initiated her business with humble intentions to keep herself grounded. But, the same intentions helped transform her business and change the lives of people around her.

Liana started her in-studio workouts in the back of her LA home with limited space. But, her demand as an instructor increased dramatically hence she launched Forma Online earlier in 2021 so that they could make the workout possible at home.

According to Business Insider, her classes range from $100 to $500. For in-person workouts, she only accepts clients through referrals. In mid-2021, Liana shared with WSJ that she had 750 subscribers.

Based on her LinkedIn, Liana started her career as an assistant to NY-based stylist Cristina Ehrlich in 2011. She helped run her LA office prep and conducted fittings for LA clients. She also prepped all aspects of photo shoots, editorials, commercials, etc, and played a strong role in fashion publicity for a variety of clients.

From 2012 to 2015, Liana also worked as an intern/assistant to Friquette Thevent. In 2014 she joined as a freelance stylist and started working for Micaela Erlanger & Co.

Liana holds Bachelor’s Degree in Communication & Media Studies from The American University of Paris.

Is Liana Levi On Instagram?

Indeed, Liana Levi uses Instagram. Her IG handle is (@lianalevi) which flaunts 52.3k followers.

Liana Levi Height

When last measured, Liana Levi stood tall at 5 feet 8 inches.

Liana Levi Family

Liana Levi is the daughter of Dafna Levi, and her fans believe that she inherited her flawless body from her mother. Born in the late spring of 1958, her mother celebrated turning 64 years old in May 2022. On 25 May 2014, she wished her mother a birthday with an IG post. She wrote, “Happy birthday to my queen @dafnalevi no words to describe how blessed we are to have such an incredible woman as our mother”.

Sadly, Liana’s father passed away a while back. Her father was born on 26 February 1957 and died on 7 July 2014. Dedicating a post to her father, she wrote in July 2016, “2 years without you has felt like a lifetime, missing you every day has become routine… But your light and energy are always with us. I will never be able to put into words how much I love you 💘 I find solace knowing you are resting peacefully”.

She has a sister named Joelle Hancerlli Levi who is close to her and regularly featured on her IG.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Liana Levi  From?

Liana Levi is a native of Los Angeles, California.

  • When Is Liana Levi Birthday?

On 21 April, Liana Levi celebrates her birthday.

  • What Diet Does Liana Levi Advise Us To Follow?

Speaking with Camille Styles, Liana Levi shared her morning routine which implies the habit she pursues to keep herself fit. Though she keeps her diet plan a trade secret.

But, one can look at her morning routine which starts with chugging a bottle of water, Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C, and clean vitamin D. Liana doesn’t have her first meal until 1 PM after which she starts with small meals. Her ideal breakfasts comprise Nancy’s probiotic yogurt with organic berries, granola, and some honey on top.

Learn more about her routine and diet plan here.

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