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RHODubai Chanel Ayan Family: Father, Mother, Siblings

RHODubai Chanel Ayan is starring in the first season of the show international franchise of Real Housewives in Dubai. She is one of the six successful women appearing gracing the TV set in the Dubai franchise of the show. Chanel joins Nina Ali, Caroline Brooks, Dr. Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan, and Caroline Stanbury.

Below in this article, you’ll learn everything about her family. We attempt to cover details regarding her father, mother, and siblings.

Meet RHODubai Chanel Ayan Family

RHODubai’s Chanel Ayan was born Ayan Pillott in a family of seven which included her parents and her four siblings. She was born in Kenya, in a very small village called Malanba, on the border between Kenya and Uganda. She grew up going to school in Kenya and Uganda at the same time.

Chanel never intended to become a model but when her mixed-race cousin came to visit her in Kenya from Sweden, she inspired her to pursue modeling. The next time she came she brought magazines and Chanel Ayan realized that she could enjoy modeling as a passion and a way to make living.

Her journey which started at the age of 17 in Brazil, helped her meet her husband Chris and opportunities to work with big names in the world. From Brazil, she headed to New York and signed with Elite Model Agency. Later on, she arrived in Dubai face of brands such as Piaget, Hermes, Dior, Amato Couture, Tiffany, Cartier, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, and several other brands.

Chanel has been on the cover of Vogue multiple times. She became the first Black woman in the Middle East to achieve huge success in the modeling world and she is proud of her achievements.

Fun Fact — In 2014, Chanel announced that her nanny is like her family. Chanel shared that if was Buddhist she would believe that her nanny was part of her life since her previous birth. She wrote, “I love that woman to pieces. She is my first nanny ,,, friend ,,, family I have in Dubai and she has lived with me for almost 7 years and can’t wait when someday I move back to our homes in the USA and bring her over to live with me forever. Family isn’t just by blood it’s all about love”.

Who Is RHODubai Chanel Ayan Father?

RHODubai Chanel Ayan’s father was from Somalia. Her father hailed from a very big and affluent family that owned all the Gateway buses. So, he led a comfortable life of abundance. But, his drinking caused unrest in the family. Chanel spoke to Vanguard in an interview and shared that her father often forgot that he was a parent so all the rearing and taking care of the 5 children was done by her mother.

Because of the dynamics between her and her father, Ayan in fact adopted the name Chanel in the first place. She shared to the outlet, “My name is Ayan I changed it to Chanel for like the last 15 years. I picked Chanel because I watched the movie about the true story of Chanel and felt I connected with her in different aspects like how her father lived in the same town and she didn’t know he was there, she was raised in an orphanage and how her father moved on, married other people, raised other children and she completely forgot about them. Her story kind of resonated with me, that’s why I call myself Chanel”.

Who Is RHODubai Chanel Ayan Mother?

RHODubai’s Chanel Ayan’s mother hailed from Ethiopia. Not only her but all the family members are very attractive. And all the credit goes to their anonymous mother.

In December 2017, Ayan posted on her Instagram, “I surprised my brother with the private event with @gwenstefani I seriously miss him wish he lived here and not London. My family is so beautiful. We got it from our mama. Gwen Stefani is one hot chick with sass and I love her even more now.”

Does RHODubai Chanel Ayan Have Siblings?

As stated earlier, RHODubai’s Chanel Ayan is one of the five children born to her parents. She has featured a few of her siblings on her Instagram, including her brother Sadik who lives in London and is a lawyer by profession.

In January 2019 IG post, Ayan revealed that 90 percent of her family members are not on Instagram or Facebook and don’t care for it.

One of Chanel Ayan’s alleged sisters is Ifrah Fatma Noor. She is available on Facebook (@ifrah.noor) and Instagram for her tourism company (@ifrah_adventures). She had once told in an interview with Vanguard that one of her sisters was living in South Africa and was working for a Tourism company.

Related FAQs

  • What Is RHODubai Chanel Ayan Family Nationality?

RHODubai Chanel Ayan is Somalian by nationality. Her family must be the same.

  • Where Does RHODubai Chanel Ayan Family Live Today?

RHODubai Chanel Ayan’s family is spread across the globe. Her siblings are in Europe, North America, and Africa.

  • Is RHODubai Chanel Ayan Family On Instagram?

Only one sister of Chanel Ayan is on Instagram. Chanel expressed that sometimes she wishes that she was like her family members but she got sucked into the virtual world. One other brother is working in the US and works for Apple. And, one sister lives in Sweden and works as a nurse.

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