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Ray Speedy Walker Bio, Age, Family, Job, Queer Eye

Meet Ray Speedy Walker from Queer Eye’s season 7. The TikTok star has been chosen as his friends believe that he needed a new outlook in his life. Learn all that we know about him via this article below.

Age, family, and job — these are some of the topics that we cover here.

Ray Speedy Walker On Queer Eye

Ray “Speedy” Walker makes an appearance in Episode 3 of “Queer Eye” Season 7 to discuss his journey to accept the loss of his legs following a car accident in 2020 while en route to lay flowers at his grandmother’s grave. The Fab Five enlists the aid of a former hero in an effort to help Ray develop self-confidence before he becomes the TikTok superstar he wishes to be.

A culture expert named Karamo Brown discovered Ray on TikTok. He thought Ray’s story, style, and swag were amazing. He had to be introduced to the Fab Five by Karamo. Speedy wants to inspire others to realize their best potential by becoming a motivator. He hopes that by sharing his experience, he can motivate others.

Bobby Berk, an interior designer, learns from Ray that at the time, he was residing with his family. Three stoops were present in his first-floor apartment, which he called home. The doorways are narrow when he enters the house. He desired to leave and relocate to a more convenient, private space. The bed he could push up and down would be his top priority in his new apartment because in the bed he was used to, he had to actually hoist himself up to get into it.

In the past, Ray’s living circumstances were not ideal. Ray didn’t have to compromise for accessibility, thanks to Bobby’s example.

Ray’s family was waiting to surprise him at his new apartment, and the Fab Five went with him there. The following year’s rent was paid for by them. Bobby made some adjustments. He tilted the cabinet he had been using under the sink so Ray could utilize it more effectively. A lot of other things are also set up by them to just make life easy. Ray’s demand for comfort was aided by everything from the best rice cooker to front-loading washers and roll-in showers.

The food and wine expert was happy that Ray wanted to learn how to cook. He asked to be taught how to prepare steak and fried rice. Ray explains to Antoni that he must take care of himself, including cooking, because he is wheelchair-bound. He needs to put on muscle, which calls for a balanced diet as he is currently losing weight. Ray and Antoni enjoyed themselves in the kitchen as they made cuisine that Ray could truly prepare. Ray desired to gain the skills necessary to feed and care for himself. Antoni did that with steak and fried rice.

Jonathan Van Ness, a grooming expert, was overjoyed to learn that Ray had been desiring braids for a while. He also desired a change in color. With a new look, he hoped to surprise his TikTok followers. Ray’s relationship with his body is entirely new. As a result, Jonathan gave Ray the confidence to be himself. Ray’s first official visit to the salon following his accident was made by Jonathan. He has two years of growth to contend with.

They chose a stunning braiding pattern utilizing honey-colored extensions, which are both stylish and timeless while also being highly trendy. When Jonathan learned that he had HIV when he was in high school, he wanted to teach Speedy the value of therapy and how it had helped him.

Tan found that Speedy no longer favors shorts and has ceased wearing them since his injury. Tan assisted Ray in achieving the ideal level of attention-grabbing “drip” style.

What Happened To Ray Speedy Walker?

Ray Speedy Walker was with his mom and aunt when he had an accident. Nobody knows what caused the two vehicles, a GMC Sierra and his mother’s Honda Civic, to collide on Interstate 55 close to Tickfaw before they went off the road and into some woods. The only person in Ray’s car to survive was him.

Along with him, his aunt Shaique, and mother Eunique, 45, were taken to Hammond General Hospital, where they both passed away shortly after their arrival. Before enabling him to have surgery, the staff told him about his spinal injury as they carried him into the operating room and asked him to sign a form. Ray was brought in by hospital staff on a stretcher to the double funeral for his mother and aunt.

Ray claimed that before the incident, his desire was to become a professional basketball player and use the money to provide for his mother. However, he acknowledged at the outset of the episode that he no longer frequently played or watched video games. Even though the house he resided in had accessibility concerns, he claimed that he preferred to stay home rather than leave because he felt self-conscious about his wheelchair.

A GoFundMe page has been launched to keep moving forward. A goal of $100K has been set of which $8,245 has been collected.

Is Ray Speedy Walker Dating Anyone?

Currently, Ray Speedy Walker’s dating life is not available on his social media. He is either quiet about his love life or is currently single. But, because he is active on several social media so he will probably update when he is dating someone.

Ray Speedy Walker Age

In November 2022, Ray Speedy Walker announced on his TikTok that he turned 21 years old.

Ray Speedy Walker Family

Ray Speedy Walker is close to his mom who is named Eunique Ebbs. Eunique is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Sadly, Ray lost his mom in a vehicle accident in April 2020 at the hospital. She was 45 years old at the time. Eunique was with her sister Shanique G.M. Andrews.

Though we searched far and wide, Ray’s father’s info is not available.

Ray has a sister named Larinique Ebbs. In 2023, Larinique is 27 years old. Larinique previously worked as an Information Technology Specialist at US Navy till 2019.

Ray’s maternal grandmother was named Rachel “Red” Emelda Andrews. She passed away on 10 May 2009 at the age of 52. The other maternal aunts are Dominique Ebbs, Anginique, Monique, and Roynelle Andrews.

What Job Does Ray Speedy Walker Do For A Living?

Ray Speedy Walker is a TikTok star. He uses his channel to “push people to be their best.” Ray’s TikTok profile currently has more than 62,000 followers and 1.7 million likes, which made Karamo take notice of him.

Ray attended George Washington Carver High School. He worked hard to become the captain of the school’s varsity basketball team and led his team to the state semifinals in March 2019 finishing 26-9.

Ray is done with high school. Now, he is enrolled at Delgado Community College. Ray, a native of New Orleans, still resides in the apartment that the five specialists worked together to rent out for him for a whole year. They had really spent their own money without thinking twice since they were confident everything would work out, especially since the young person had shown his commitment by being honest with them right away.

Ray still experiences loss and has terrible days, so his life hasn’t exactly turned around in that time, but it does seem like he’s making an effort to make the positive moments stand out more. His increasing social media presence, which he apparently intends to use as a means of developing into a motivator as well as a disability champion one day, makes this very clear now.

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  • Where Is Ray Speedy Walker From?

Ray Speedy Walker is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • When Is Ray Speedy Walker Birthday?

Ray Speedy Walker’s birthday is on 15 November.

  • Is Ray Speedy Walker On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes, you can find Ray Speedy Walker on Instagram (@speedy4prezident) and TikTok (@speedy4prezident).

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