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Stephanie Williams Bio, Age, Job, Height, Rae McCain, Queer Eye

Stephanie Williams is one of the heroes of Queer Eye season 7. Her age, job, height, and family, we cover it all here.

So, tag along with this bio and learn about her.

Stephanie Williams On Queer Eye

Stephanie Williams was nominated to appear on Queer Eye, a popular show on Queer Eye. The show is back for season 7. It was immediately clear from the minute Stephanie initially appeared on our screens that being a lesbian in the South had taken a toll on her passionate, loving soul.

She had brilliant eyes but a guarded demeanor. Even Rachel “Rae” McCain, who has been her girlfriend for six years, acknowledged that she had become rather nervous over the years as a result of how people perceived her, leading her to start hiding behind her love of sports. It’s not that the former doesn’t truly support the New Orleans Saints or Pelicans; it’s just that, while being much more than this, she eventually adopted this “superfan” character as her personality.

Rae submitted the nomination since Steph had been unable to recognize her genuine value on her own and because they would soon be starting again in their first house together. That is when it was discovered that the latter had changed over the previous three years from a creature of proud confidence to a creature of quiet comfort due to a homophobic incident that occurred when she was only attempting to be kind.

Rae accumulated an inordinate amount of sports memorabilia and clothing, shied away from trying new things, and despite having lived with Rae at her father’s for four years, she had no photos of the two of them together.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that the Fab Five insisted Steph was sufficient just the way she was before assisting her in realizing this through modest alterations to her way of life. In reality, they achieved this by zhuzh-ing up her clothes while still retaining her sense of style, encouraging her to try new things, demonstrating to her that she had support from both her family and the community, and then pushing her a little farther with a new hairstyle.

This was made possible in large part by the fact that they handled the interior design of her new home, especially since it was a stylish way to demonstrate her dedication to Rae and athletics. “This has been the biggest blessing of my entire life,” Steph tearfully said during the ultimate reveal. “I knew this was going to be a really difficult, challenging process that I couldn’t have imagined, as hard as it was. You guys are just… you’re amazing. Thank you.”

She should feel proud too, though, because none of it would have been possible if she hadn’t been prepared to genuinely change for the sake of her relationship and herself. The bravery she developed to propose to Rae at their housewarming celebration in front of all of their loved ones, to which the latter undoubtedly replied yes, may have been the best part of her journey

It seems like a year has passed since the Fab Five stopped working with Steph as a client, but it seems like she has listened to all of their advice and is therefore continuing on the path of balance and happiness. Thankfully, she still has her Superfan/Momma Bird persona when it comes to sports, but she has come to terms with the fact that she is so much more than that as a woman, a daughter, a sister, a partner, and a professional worker.

We use the word “accepted” since it’s clear that nothing suddenly changed; instead, she simply has a better grasp of the areas she still needs to improve upon in order to be more content.

Is Stephanie Williams Still In A Relationship With Rae McCain?

When Stephanie Williams and Rae first started having a serious romantic relationship, it seemed to be about the middle of the decade. However, they quickly fell in love and realized they had finally met “the one.” “Whenever I first met [her], she always wore, like, cute outfits,” the latter heartily reminisced in their particular episode (#2) before adding, “She was super, super confident and happy all the time.”

The sad reality is that she later saw her girlfriend deteriorate into a nearly lifeless shell of the lively person she had previously been because of people’s conservative Southern values, which led to a few homophobic incidents.

Nevertheless, Steph’s temper finally snapped in 2019 when she was made to feel “other” after giving up her seat in a crowded area to a stranger out of kindness. “That moment lives with me every single day,” she candidly conceded in the production. “It’s hard to be different and not be able to control you’re different, and then people hate you for it without even getting to know you.” This thus led Rae to reveal, “[Steph is] always worried about what other people think and outward appearances. It’s kind of terrible to watch, but I can only assure her so much.”

After a while, Steph’s anxieties and doubts actually became so ingrained in her that she refused to even hold her partner’s hand in public or show any of their joint photos in her home. There was no sign of them because she didn’t want others to inquire about their nearly four years spent living together at her father’s house while saving for their own. She also started disguising herself behind her love of sports, thereby reducing herself to a simple “superfan” of New Orleans with all the merchandise and memorabilia despite being much more than that.

Rae decided to nominate her girl for Netflix’s “Queer Eye” after Steph and she closed on their ideal first house together in the hopes that this would start a brand-new, happy chapter for their relationship.

“I love [Steph], and I want us to be two old ladies, you know, growing old together,” Rae had said in the series, whereas her sweetheart of six years had admitted, “I get reminded every day that she’s waiting. She’s waiting on that ring. But I just never felt confident she would say yes.”

According to Rae’s Facebook, they have been married since 20 October 2016.

Rae is a registered nurse in Surgical Trauma ICU at University Medical Center New Orleans. She is also a registered nurse at Ochsner Medical Center. Rae attended Jewel M. Sumner High School and Delgado Community College and the Louisiana State University of Alexandria.

Stephanie Williams Age

1983 is the birth year of Stephanie Williams. At the time of this article in 2023, she is 39 years old.

Who Are Stephanie Williams Parents?

Stephanie Williams is the daughter of Lorri W Clark and her late dad Bobby.

In January 2022, on Bobby’s birthday, Lorri wished him via a post writing, “Happy Heavenly Birthday, Daddy. I think of you every day and miss you so much. I remember how loving and funny you were. And, how we both shared and loved our music! I think of you often when I’m listening to music. I know all of your favorite songs. And, I know we’ll be together again one day. Until then, I will keep my memories of you in my heart. I love you forever.”

Lorri works at NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC). She went to the Academy of the Holy Angels (Class of 1978). In May 2022, Lorri celebrated five years of her undergoing a successful double lung transplant.

Regarding her siblings, Stephanie has two. Her brother Alex Williams went to East Jefferson High School. He is married to Kathleen Orrego Williams since June 2015. Her other brother is named Mark Williams.

More about her family, Stephanie’s maternal grandmother is named Lydia Wolfe.

Stephanie Williams Job

Stephanie Williams has a LinkedIn which gives us a glimpse of her career. She was a former Lady Indians basketball player. After her basketball career, Stephanie worked as an assistant manager/bar manager at CODA Bar and Grill. She started in 2008 and worked till 2011.

In May 2011, Verizon Wireless hired Stephanie as a senior manager. She worked in that role for nearly two years.

After quitting her job at Verizon, she joined Cox Communications as a senior sales representative in October 2013. After two years, she became the store manager. Then she started serving the company in the role of sales trainer – field sales. From 2019 to 2022, she worked as a manager at Homelife Sales Strategy and Enablement.

Now in 2023, Stephanie is employed in the company as Residential Sales Strategy & Enablement Manager. She has also volunteered for Team Gleason Foundation and Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana. 

Stephanie attended

Is Stephanie Williams On Instagram?

Of course, she is. Stephanie Williams is on Instagram (@nolasteph504) and Facebook (@steph.williams.376).

Related FAQs

  • When Is Stephanie Williams Birthday?

Stephanie Williams, per her Facebook post, receives birthday wishes from family and friends on 30 July.

  • Where Is Stephanie Williams From?

Stephanie Williams is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. However, her residence is in Metairie, Louisiana.

  • What Is Stephanie Williams Height?

Stephanie William’s height measures above 5’9”.

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