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Redd Noldon Bio, Love After Lockup, Age, Job, Joynomi

Love After Lockup Season 8 premiered on 15 September 2023 and introduced to viewers seven couples, two new and five returning fan favorites from Love During Lockup. Redd Noldon, who we are going to talk about now, and Joynomi are one of the two new pairs this time on the season. Their story, as the makers teased in the trailer, is even more WILD than the others. Get to know about it and more in this writing called ‘Redd Noldon Bio’.

Redd Noldon On Love After Lockup

Redd Noldon, real name Graylen Noldon, and Joynomi Davis, by the time they were on the Love After Lockup show, had been together for seven years. Yet, until that point, they had never met in person.

As the plot advanced, it was made known that their relationship was marked by a series of trials and tribulations. The couple, it was said, took an especially devastating blow when Joynomi made the mistake of cheating on the former resulting in an unplanned pregnancy. “Will the two be able to rebuild their trust and commit their lives to one another?” viewers were asked to find out in the program. Lock Up watchers mostly enjoyed Redd’s mother not holding any ill will towards Joynomi and understanding that a woman has needs. Despite not meeting Joynomi, she said she would not hold back if she felt the two were not a match.

Anyway, from the said pregnancy, Joynomi had a son named Swaee, sometime on 7 February 2020.

Are Redd Noldon And Joynomi Davis Still Together?

So, now comes the question as to whether or not Redd and Joynomi are together by now.

These two still seem to be together and married. Just on 26 April 2023, the latter shared a solo picture of Redd on IG, and next to it gushed, “My sexy man 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍”. Before that in October 2022, she updated her status on FB as “Couldn’t have said it better, but we do the best we can 💕💕 It’s gonna be such a blessing to have Redd help when he gets home 😊😊.”

Even prior, on 13 July 2020, Joynomi had taken to her Facebook to write “4 years down and forever to go🤞🏽💍🔐🥰😘❣.”

By July 2023, the duo should have been together for over 7 years. In other words, they have been together since 2016. By June of the next year, Joynomi had started referring to Redd as her fiancé.

Redd Noldon Age

Redd Noldon was born in 1993. So, he reached the age of 30 in 2023.

Who Are Redd Noldon’s Parents?

Redd’s father Graylen Noldon Sr is no more. Redd had for the first time talked about it on social media back in July 2013 when he wrote next “Tha realest. My dad, rest in peace keep watching over me like you been doin. I can feel when u around. I love you” next to a picture of his dad.

Then there is Esther Noldon, Redd’s mother. Luckily, she is still around. She turned 58 years old in January 2023. Also, at this point, she had been living in Saint Charles, Missouri. On her Facebook, she mentioned being “Widowed”. Not to miss, her latest post here was the one where she can be seen praising Redd for his Love During Lockup appearance. Here, she also mentioned working at Ladies of Peace Unlimited since October 2015. On her LinkedIn, she is described as the CEO/President at Ladies of Peace Unlimited/Communicable Disease Control City of St Louis. The matriarch also further detailed that her company’s mission is to help the unemployed and underemployed gain successful access to the marketplace and to provide assistance to those with low-income families with utility payment assistance, transportation services, and food and clothing assistance.

In his family, Redd also has a sister named Destiny D Noldon. Saint Charles residing Destiny turned 31 years old in December 2022.

Redd Noldon Job

Redd Noldon goes around as a rapper. He even enjoyed a profile on Spotify with a few number of followers. One more thing understood is that Redd went to St. Charles West High School.

Redd Noldon Criminal History

Graylen Noldon was listed as being under the supervision of the Department of Corrections in Farmington Correctional Center, Missouri. He was listed in relation to the criminal offense, robbery first-degree, and theft credit card.

Back in December 2012, three men were arrested early morning about 30 minutes after they allegedly assaulted a man and stole a backpack, cell phones, and wallets from several people in the middle of Circle Drive in St. Charles. Redd, 19, at the time, was one of them.

For this, in July of next year, Redd and his pals were each charged with three counts of first-degree robbery. Another year, Redd was charged with robbery. Police later found it to be an arranged drug deal. According to St. Charles Police, Redd and another man had set up a drug transaction and robbed the supplier.

Back in December 2018, Joynomi updated her FB people that Redd at the time was still incarcerated at Farmington Correctional Center in Farmington, Missouri. Joynomi expressed frustration that the facility holding her fiancé was not protecting and serving her fiancé as it was supposed to. She talked about the Farmington Correctional Center being corrupt. She also cited an event when the CO that was reading Graylen the write-up “struck” his pen in Redd’s eye.

Redd Noldon Height

Redd Noldon stands above 5’11” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Redd Noldon’s Birthday?

Redd Noldon’s birthday is on June 27th, making him a Cancer.

  • Where Is Redd Noldon From?

Redd Noldon originally hails from Saint Charles, a city in St. Charles County, Missouri.

  • Is Redd Noldon On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Redd Noldon was on Instagram and Facebook as of September 2023. His IG @redd_greedygangg included 104 posts and 244 followers. Here, he can be seen going around as ‘Redd GreedyMob Noldon’.

Redd also has been showing now and then glimpses of his life on ‘Redd Noldon’ Facebook.

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