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Renata Ri Wiki, Height, Measurements, Boyfriend, Family

Russian TikToker Renata Ri has millions of fans online, and having fans means several dedicated followers watching her every move. Because of this reason, the TikTok celebrity has found herself in deep trouble was even labeled racist for her remarks in an interview.

So let’s go deep into the allegations and all the stories that are behind them. Scroll down this Renata Ri Wiki to learn more about her.

Is Renata Ri Racist?

The context is, Renata gave an almost hour-long interview in a YouTube channel named ПУШКА and during that interview, she “allegedly” said ‘ugly black men” which went viral on the internet. When she opened up about dating life, Renata said, “I traveled for a year. There were only ugly black men.”

Even though the interview was nearly seven months old, the clip got into the hands of the TikTok users and also on other social media accounts. After the clip’s wide reach, many of her fans took to Twitter to slam Renata for her alleged “racist” comments. She has also been called out previously for racist remarks however the hate against her is massive this time.

After she understood that the video picked up, Renata thought she should do IG Live to address the “misunderstanding.” She told that she would do IG Live to address this but her English wasn’t that great and since the topic was sensitive she wouldn’t want to say anything incorrectly.

As a clarification, Renata said, whoever did the translation of the video, did a very poor job. Because according to her what she explained in the interview as she was stranded in a foreign country surrounded by foreigners far from her home.

The TikTok star claimed nowhere did she say anyone was ugly or even targeted anyone from a specific race is ugly. Another TikTok user criticized Renata and claimed that she didn’t say “black people’ but used the ‘N-word’ in the Russian vernacular.

Renata Ri Height

Russian TikToker Renata stands tall to the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

Renata Ri Measurements

Talking about measurements, Renata Ri proudly flaunts her 34-24-34 inches body on her Instagram.

Does Renata Ri Have A Boyfriend?

One Facebook account with Renata Ri’s name cited blogger Danya Milokhin as her boyfriend. But, since the authenticity of the account was questionable, the posts it pushed also require further scrutiny. Hence, the relationship between the two couldn’t be confirmed.

Back in 2017, Renata had posted a pic of her boyfriend on her Instagram. However, there are only 258 posts, with the oldest post from February 2020. So, Renata must have deleted the posts. After that, she had appeared cozy with a few other men on her IG, but relationship status couldn’t be confirmed.

Hence, there is not much there that could be shared about Renata Ri. Her relationship status is extremely private and away from the public spotlight. So, we could safely conclude that Renata’s relationship status is obscure as of this writing.

Renata Ri Net Worth

Renata Ri’s income from TikTok contributes to her net worth of over 14 million rubles equivalent to $200 thousand. However, she also doesn’t have a huge portfolio online that could land her endorsement deals. But, several TikTokers cashes out with the help of TikTok and some of them are Dina Saeva, Danya Milokhin, Timur Sorokin, and a few others.

So, she also makes generates her income from brand promotion, advertising, donations, monetization, and live broadcasts.

After the constant backlashes, Renata took to her TikTok and posted an apology video. She prepared a script of her apology because she didn’t want to miss anything wrong or forget anything. Even in the video, Renata denied using the ‘N-word.’ She apologized for her insensitive sarcasm and misunderstanding behind it.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Renata Ri?

According to Famous Birthday, Renata Ri is 18-years-old as of Nov 2021. She was born on 11 February.

  • Renata Ri Nationality: Where Was She Born?

Renata Ri’s online profile shared that she was born in Moscow, Russia. Hence, she is a Russian by nationality. However, now she is living in the United States. She relocated to the states because people bullied her for her Tatar ethnicity in her home country.

  • Is Renata Ri On Facebook And Twitter?

There are several online profiles of Renata Ri on Facebook. Most of them seemed like they were fan accounts. She also doesn’t seem to have any accounts on Twitter.

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