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Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot Bio, Age, Job, TikTok, Wife

There are several ways TikTok users are going viral on the internet, but Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot might’ve figured out one of the worst ways possible. He has been claiming not to be ‘racist’ while saying out ‘n-word’ loud in his videos. However, his account has been deleted but some videos are still on the internet generating views.

So, who is Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot? Learn about him, his age, job, wife, and his family members with this article.

Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot TikTok Drama

Another TikTok user has gone viral and this time it is Zack Bonfilio, but only for bad reasons. He made a few racist remarks on his videos and even uttered out loud the N-word on his videos. But, the drama is, the N-word is just words for him and he believes saying it won’t make him racist and claimed out loud, he wasn’t racist.

Most of his TikTok videos were erased from the platform so, it was impossible to dig out other videos where he caused trouble. He also got on a fight with a user named Danesh (@thatdaneshguy) where he called him out India: dot no feather although Danesh claimed himself to be of Persian heritage. You can view the videos here.

After the video blew up, social users branded Zack “a racist.” In one of the videos he spoke, “you guys are stretching with the racism thing by the way.” Meanwhile, he repeatedly used the N-word while saying it. Then he spoke, “grew up with a bunch of black friends, I don’t care, I will type it all out.”

Zack went into an all-out war with several TikTok users like @auntkaren, LanceTsosie, @tizzyvent, and @GoodTrouble. He also posted several videos on his business page and claimed that he won’t be canceled or stopped and he won’t comply. According to HITC, Jack has created another Facebook page under the name Jack Fondilio and has been creating similar videos.

Moreover, Zack even typed out the N-word as his Facebook status.

How Old Is Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot?

As of November 2021, Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot was 36 years old.

Does Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot Have A Wife?

Since most of Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot’s social media accounts were deleted, it is hard to determine whether he was married or not. In his brother’s obituary, it stated that Sal had three nieces and a nephew (Evelyn, Logan, Samantha, and Nicole), (two daughters of Frankie and one daughter and a son of Nicholas), Zack doesn’t have any kids.

Hence, any possible relationships with Zack had been shrouded in mystery. His recent contents that went viral are his rants on TikTok and none of them addresses his relationship.

So, it is impossible to figure out if he has a wife or not, or if he is romantically connected with someone.

Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot Job

According to Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot’s deleted LinkedIn, he is the owner of American Tile & Remodeling, a San Antonio, Texas-based company. His company specializes in kitchen and bath design and remodeling. According to online sources with the profile of the company, he has over 15 years of experience in the field with professionalism, and customer service is his main priority.

The services of the business include a frame to finish carpentry, Tile & Marble, Hardwood flooring, Kitchen & Bath design & remodeling. Decks and porches, Interior and exterior painting, and other additional services. The business’s Facebook page also features a lot of his videos.

Zack got his start in the tile and remodeling business in his early 20s. He had a few interviews on a podcast but most of them have been taken down because of his racial remarks.

Back in 2019, Zack started a fundraiser for his father. The target was $7500 of which he was able to gather a donation of $2260.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot Born?

Zack Bonfilio was born to his mother Kathleen Kelley Bonfilio and Salvatore F. Bonfilio in Dedham, Massachusetts. He currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. His mother is a writer by profession.

According to her Linkedin, Kathleen attended St. Joseph’s School Roxbury. She completed her high school education at Boston High School in 1971. After that, she enrolled at Massachusetts Bay Community College from where she earned her associate’s degree in Business. 

Talking about her job, Kathleen is the owner of Kathy’s Sweet Tooth. She worked as an insurance broker for various companies for 20 years. Moreover, she has been a book writer since 1989.

Whereas, Zack’s father died on 13 July 2019.

Zack grew up with three brothers Nicholas Bonfilio, Frank Fox, and Salvatore Bonfilio. Nicholas was a former sergeant at Marines and now works as an owner at Veteran Tile & Remodeling. He is a father of at least two beautiful children; a son and a daughter. Frank has two daughters and is currently in a relationship. Salvatore worked as a former new/used car consultant at Boch Chevrolet. Sadly, Sal died on 18 September 2019 just three months after his father died.

  • Is Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot On Instagram?

Most of the social media accounts of Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot have been deleted. That includes his Instagram account. However, he does have a Facebook account (@zbonfilio).

  • How Tall Is Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot?

Zack Bonfilio AKA Misfit Patriot stands tall to the height of above 5 feet 8.5 inches.

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