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Rocksroy Bailey Bio, Wife, Height, Family, Survivor 42

Meet Rocksroy Bailey, the oldest member of the Ika tribe on Survivor 42.

A self-proclaimed thankful, calm (except when driving), and faithful, Rocksroy decided to go on this reality game show to play not just for the “Sole Survivor” title but also for his family and the money. He told CBS that the million-dollar prize if he took home, would be a life-changing amount for his family.

To know more tune into this ‘Rocksroy Bailey BIO’.

Rocksroy Bailey On Survivor 42

Rocksroy Bailey was introduced on Survivor 42 as a stay-at-home dad who hopes to contribute by winning challenges and providing comfort to his tribe. Then, Rocksroy himself admitted that his game-play style is going to be the most similar to former Survivor contestant John Cochran. Like him, he said he would learn from his mistakes and tweak his approach over time to compete at a higher level and win.

The 9 March 2022-premiere episode saw Rocksroy’s co-competitor Zach Wurtenberger voted out first. So, Zach in his exit interviews spoke out about the tribe dynamics on Ika and what he said about Rocksroy was not exactly flattering.

When disclosing what his fellow tribemates thought of each other, he said there were tensions between Rocksroy and the entire tribe (with exception of the younger three).

According to Zach, in the very first 30 minutes that Rocksroy was not working on the shelter, he was “absolutely lovely”, he was a fun guy, and great to talk to. “However”, as the days progressed, relationships between Rocksroy and the rest of the tribe began to sour.

Zach also spoke about an instance during the first three days when Rocksroy was away from the rest of the tribe, and so everyone else was “simply let loose and had lots of fun” without him around.

Despite Zach saying all that, Rocksroy however still seemed to have strong bonds among his co-stars. He held more influence over the tribe than Zach did.

Rocksroy Bailey Wife

Rocksroy Bailey’s wife is Gita Bailey. Born in February 1985, she turned 36 in 2021.

The couple shares three kids. Rocksroy Bailey III, one of them, was baptized sometime in 2016. On this occasion, other than his parents his godparents Serphaine Stimpson and Nikosi Walters were also mentioned in what seemed like a local ministry website.

Rocksroy, the dad, is very vocal about his love and dedication to his wife and the kids. The stay-at-home dad spends as much time as possible playing with his kids. He is incredibly proud of Gita and their kids.

While on national television, Rocksroy also promised that he has and will always be faithful to his family and friends. (Of course) he also quipped that after winning that check, he will promptly go and walk over and give it to his wife.

How Old Is Rocksroy Bailey?

Rocksroy Bailey was born in the year 1978. So, he turned 44 in early 2022.

Rocksroy Bailey Height

Tall, tanned, and athletic-built Rocksroy Bailey stands below 5’11” tall.

Rocksroy Bailey Job

Something the Survivor fans and his fellow players might not know about Rocksroy is the fact that he is an environmental scientist. But because he also called him a stay-at-home person he might already have retired from the job or maybe he did freelancing.

Rocksroy also disclosed that his job, in the past, has taken him to over 20 countries. He also boasted that his former profession and travel experience could be helpful skill sets amongst his Survivor 42 contemporaries.

Rocksroy also loved watching golf. However, he did not seem to do it as a career. Instead, we can tell you that he is proud of being the first in his immigrant family to graduate from a four-year college.

Speaking of his salary, has it analyzed, that the average salary for someone working as an environmental scientist is $53,269 per year.

Has Rocksroy Bailey Revealed His Family?

Rocksroy is a Jamaican American. Talking about this and being on Survivor 42, he said as a Black Jamaican American, no one has given him odds for such a life-changing event in his lifetime.

Like Maryanne Oketch and Hai Giang, Rocksroy also proudly accepted that it’s his mom that he considers his hero. After this, he recalled how she raised him in the heart of Brooklyn during a time of crack cocaine, murder, and poverty. Rocksroy believes it’s with her love and help, that he is the man he is today.

Related FAQs

  • Is Rocksroy Bailey On Instagram?

Rocksroy Bailey did not seem to be on Instagram or any other platforms as of the time of this writing. Or may he did have social media presence that is more low-key and away from the public eye.

  • When Is Rocksroy Bailey’s Birthday?

Rocksroy Bailey celebrates her birthday sometime in January.

  • Where Is Rocksroy Bailey From?

Rocksroy Bailey hails from his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. Although currently (March 2022) one could find him based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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