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Sam Sutton Bio, Age, Job, I Bought A Dump… Now What?

A new series called I Bought A Dump… Now What? dropped on HGTV on 30 April 2022. It introduces three families as they embark on these unvarnished journeys of families tackling their own home renovations. These three families of Richmond are Sean Kilgore and Sam Sutton, the Detroit father-daughter pair Pancho and Kristyn Patterson, and the Birmingham couple, Brandon and Lesleigh Vann Waugh.

The rest of the writing meanwhile is a tell-all about Sam Sutton who bought a train wreck of a house which he took to renovate with her partner Sean in the HGTV show.

Sam Sutton On HGTV’s I Bought A Dump… Now What?

Sam Sutton stars on the show with Sean. Before coming to HGTV, they bought a 50-year-old farmhouse in rural Michigan which they took to the show and left with a renovated home as their new home. They are said to have spent their life savings to buy this abandoned 1860s farmhouse in Richmond.

Sam revealed her and Sean’s involvement with I Bought A Dump… Now What? in an Instagram post in November 2021. She opened up about secretly filming the new show of their house remodel for HGTV in 2019. “Whirlwind” is what she called this whole journey.

This is how it was supposed to be. During the series, cameras track the progress of each renovation revealing at last whether the owners can complete the work or are left out in the cold. And not making this only business, it also along the way delves into the stresses, as well as the rewards, impacting the lives of the real people involved in such an ambitious undertaking.

Anyway, the four-part docuseries already seemed to have made a special appeal to fans of HGTV series like Good Bones and Windy City Rehab.

Sean Kilgore And Sam Sutton’s Relationship

Like other “brave but naive” couples on the show Sam Sutton and Sean Kilgore other than being all business also put their relationship to the test. They let their love and respect only grow as they invest everything to renovate. In fact, they even got engaged in the process. The couple revealed getting engaged on their ‘After Hours Farm’ Instagram @afterhoursfarm (18.4K followers as of 10 May 2022). It was clearly Sam making this announcement from their joint account as it read “Life just keeps getting sweeter with this guy, we’re so happy!”. Then, she joked that they were waiting for Instagram to crash following this breaking news because before this everyone had been assuming that they had married already.

Two years before that, in June 2019, they had started living together. Sam was the one who moved in with Sean. Speaking of when it started, it was the 12th of January in 2014 when they officially commenced going as a couple. And last year as they marked their seven years together they said it felt like five minutes and 100 years at the same time.

Another year later and following their project on I Bought a Dump…Now What?, they started living in their newly renovated 150-year-old farmhouse in rural Michigan.

Is Sam Sutton On Instagram?

Sam Sutton could be found on Instagram as Detroit Wedding Photographer @samanthaleighstudios, where she had 1,211 posts (mostly of her clients) and 5,839 followers as of 10 May 2022. Also, she seemed to have deleted her other account @sammiesutt.

As for the glimpses from her own life, you could see them on her ‘Sammie Sutton’ Facebook.

Sam Sutton Age

Because Sam Sutton was born in 1991, she reached the age of 30 in 2021.

Sam Sutton Job

Sam is a Detroit-based wedding photographer, who first started shooting weddings over her summer breaks combining fine art photography with digital and film. So, it took a while to believe she could become a full-time photographer. It was easier once she realized the importance of vibing with her subjects

She has been the owner/photographer at Armada, Michigan-based Samantha Leigh Studios since 2013.

What Do We Know About Sam Sutton Family?

Sam’s family named her Samantha Sutton when she was born. Still, she mostly goes around by her other name, i.e., Samantha Leigh.

Her mother Jodie Anne Sutton and is on Instagram @suttonjr06. She turned 53 years old in August 2021. And then there is Rick Wesley Sutton, Sam’s father who reached the age of 56 in February 2022. Rick was also on Instagram @rick.sutton.

Moreover, Sam has a bunch of siblings. They are her brothers Corey Sutton who went to Armada Area Schools, Chad Sutton who is in a relationship with Faith Barzyk, and David Sutton, who turned 32 in May 2021, and a sister Rachel Sutton, who is a “blessed” wife and a mum. Rachel was born in the same year as Sam but in January.

Sam Sutton Height

Beautiful and naturally blonde Sam Sutton stands below 5’6” tall in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Sam Sutton’s Birthday?

Sam Sutton’s birthday is on the 27th of September. As she celebrated this day in 2022, she recalled the past 10 years of her life during which she bought a home; got a degree; played college ball; explored Iceland, Italy, Curacao, Dominican, and more; studied in a different country; worked tons of places; saw New York City during Christmas; filmed with a major TV network; got the sweetest cat Atlas; paid off her student loans; started a business and turned it into a career; got in some trouble and learned a lot; photographed weddings in different countries; spent lots of days with the ones I love; got four of the best nieces and nephews; made a Canadian best friend; and got engaged to the best guy.

  • Where Is Sam Sutton From?

Sam Sutton was born and bred in Armada, Michigan and as of 2022, she was based in her newly renovated home in Richmond in Michigan.

  • How Much Is Sam Sutton’s Net Worth?

Sam Sutton reportedly had less than $400K as her net worth as of 2022.

She likely made more or less than $90,120 a year, which as per ZipRecruiter is the average annual pay for a wedding photographer in Michigan. But then, because she is counted among Detriot’s Top 10 photographers, it is only fair that she makes more than this many dollars.

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