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Sandra Willett Husbands: Clifford, Dennis, Franklin, Carson

In her life leading up to Netlfix’s show Girl In The Picture, Sandra Willett has been reportedly married four times. Her husbands are Clifford Sevakis, Dennis Brandenburg, Franklin Floyd, and Carson Willett. Learn more about each one of them below in this article.

We cover everything here from their family, age, job, and their current whereabouts.

Meet Sandra Willett Husbands

Sandra Willett, the mother of Suzanne Marie Sevakis, was married four times. She reportedly had seven children from her four marriages. She was a single mother at times raising four children, and other reports suggest that she might’ve even worked as a prostitute to support her kids.

Who Is Sandra Willett First Husband, Clifford Sevakis?

Clifford Sevakis, the first husband of Sandra Willett. They were high school sweethearts who married briefly. Clifford, son of Ray Welch Sevakis and Lillian Sevakis, was born in Detroit, Michigan. Clifford and Sandra gave birth to their only daughter Suzanne Sevakis on 9 September 1969.

Clifford was in the military when they had a daughter and was able to see Suzanne occasionally when she was small, but Sandra and Clifford couldn’t save their marriages. Questions have been raised time and again that why Clifford didn’t do anything from his side to find his daughter.

But, his family members have defended him saying that Clifford wasn’t aware he had a daughter at the time. In an online forum, one of his family members claimed that Clifford only learned about his daughter in around 2010. And that he was heartbroken after learning everything that happened to her.

Besides appearing on the recent show and talking about his late daughter, Clifford is happily married now and working as a copywriter. His new wife is Janette Sevakis who is an experienced office/HR administrator.

Janette accumulated more than 20 years of experience in the said field (administration, shipping, & travel). She worked for FICOSA North America Corp from 2003 to 2014. Also, she held various positions such as Assistant to Executive Vice President and Human Resouce Administrator/General Office Management. In 2022, Janette is currently working at John L Scott.

They share two moderately famous children; Robin Sevakis (@robin.sevakis) and Justin Sevakis who are the creators of Anime News Nina.

Robin is working as a freelance illustrator at JadedSketch Illustration. Formerly she worked at

He is also the editor at Anime News Network since 2007. He attended the School of Visual Arts and earned a BFA degree in Film Directing in 2003. Learn more about him here.

Who Is Sandra Willett Second Husband, Dennis Brandenburg?

Sandra Willett married her second husband Dennis Brandenburg sometime in the early 1970s. They reportedly shared four children; Allison Brandenburg was born in 1971, Amy Brandenburg in 1972, Phillip Brandenburg in 1974, and also Jonathan Brandenburg. At the time when she met Brandon Cleo Williams (real name Franklin Delano Floyd), she was a single mother of three.

There isn’t much detail about Sandra and Dennis’s marriage.

Talking about her husband, Dennis was born on 29 October 1946 to Donald Brandenburg and Elaine Brandenburg. He was one of the six children born to his parents. His siblings were Mike Brandenburg (Zelma), Linda Collins (Roger), David Brandenburg (Marilyn), Sandra Billings (Houston), and Randy Brandenburg (Linda).

He died on 24 April 2019 at the age of 72 in Livonia, Michigan. His obituary mentioned another daughter Michelle Brandenburg, but not his two sons.

While many believed that Franklin had killed his son Phillip, a man came forward in 2019. He was reportedly given up for adoption to a family in North Carolina and is now thriving as an adult. His identity was confirmed via a DNA test in 2020 as Phillip, Dennis, and Sandra’s son.

As of 2022, Jonathan Brandenburg. Jonathan’s wife is Jennifer. They shared two children. Amiyah and Mika.

Who Is Sandra Willett Third Husband, Franklin Floyd?

Franklin Delano Floyd, a fugitive, went by the name Brandon Cleo Williams when he met Sandra in 1974. They reportedly met at a North Carolina truck stop.

In the Netflix show, Sandra revealed that she was struggling with PTSD after a tornado had hit the trailer where she lived with her children when she met Floyd. He had promised to “take care of [her] and [her] children”, but had started to do “scary things”, such as carrying a knife with him at all times and telling Willett: “You think you’re gonna leave me? That’s not happening”.

Other sources claimed that Sandra told Brandon AKA Franklin, that state got hold of her three children and he offered to marry to her so that she could get her children back. Sandra was looking for a fresh start and they married and moved to Texas.

They were struggling financially and Sandra wrote a bad check while buying diapers. This put her behind bars for 30 days. She felt comfortable leaving her children with her husband, but when she came out, the children vanished.

She also opened up about her arrest and going to the police. The officers asked if she was legally married to Floyd, and when she answered affirmatively, she was told she would have to handle the situation herself.

Sandra found Amy and Allison at a Catholic children’s home, but Suzanne and Phillip were missing.

Franklin had an elaborate criminal history that involved several abductions, molestation, robbery, and assault charges on his name. In 1962, he was convicted on charges of kidnapping a 4-year-old girl and child molestation and was sentenced to serve 10 to 20 years in prison.

However, he escaped less than one year later and carried out a robbery at a branch of the Citizens & Southern National Bank in Macon, Georgia. In January 1973, he attempted to grope a woman and sexually assault her. He was arrested but made bail and went on the run, failing to show up to court on June 11, 1973.

In addition to that, Franklin was also accused of murdering Suzanne’s son Michael Hughes and Cheryl Ann Commesso, a former co-worker of Suzanne. Photographic evidence left by Floyd in a stolen car showed evidence of Cheryl, 18, badly beaten and bound.

He was arrested for the 1989 murder of Commesso. In 2002, he was found guilty and was sentenced to death.

Now, Franklin is currently on death row at the Union Correctional Institution in Florida. He is 79 years old. As for Suzanne’s son Michael, investigative journalist Matt Birkbeck shared, “Floyd felt the pressure and he just ran out of patience. He turned and looked at me and said, ‘I shot him twice in the back of the head to make it real quick.'”

In 2014, he admitted to the FBI he had shot Michael dead on the day he kidnapped him.

Who Is Sandra Willett Fourth Husband, Carson Willett?

Carson Willett is the last of Sandra Willett’s known husbands. They were reportedly married for 30 years. Carson AKA Sonny unexpectedly died on 12 August 2010 while on vacation in Michigan.

According to his obituary, his children were; Allison Beahr, husband, Jim, and her children, Gregory, Celeste and Matthew; sons, Richard and James Nichols; a daughter, Amy Winkles, husband, Mike, and children, Jamie, Austin, Courtney; a son, Jonathan Brandenburg, wife, Jennifer, and children, Amiyah and Mika; son, Jeffery Dinnell, wife, Harmony, and children, Kelly, Jacob, Arianna, Dylana and Casey; a daughter, Dorothy Morgan, husband, John, and children, Mariah, Autumn, Summer.

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  • Which One Of The Sandra Willett Husbands Appears On Netflix’s Girl In The Picture?

The first husband Cliff Sevakis, father of Suzanne Sevakis appeared on Netflix’s Girl In The Picture.

  • Are Sandra Willett Husbands Still Alive?

Except for Cliff and Fraklin, the remaining two husbands Dennis Brandenburg and Carson Willett are dead.

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