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Shad Thyrion Parents: Tara Pakanich And Michael Thyrion

Shad Thrion the victim of the Green Bay, Wisconsin drug-fueled murder is the son of Tara Pakanich and Michael Thyrion. Who are his folks? What have they said about Shad and his death?

Read all that we know about them in this article here.

Who Are Shad Thyrion Parents?

Shad Thyrion the boyfriend and victim of Taylor Schabusiness was born to Tara Pakanich and Michael Thyrion on September 7th, 1997 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He died on 23 February 2022.

According to a criminal complaint that local news outlet WBAY was able to obtain, a resident of the residence called the police on February 23 after discovering a decapitated head in a bucket.

When police arrived at the site, they descended the basement steps where they discovered the head still covered by a towel and resting in a black bucket on the floor. They also noticed “what appeared to be dried blood on a nearby mattress.” A storage bag that had been used to store the torso’s top was discovered after a more thorough examination of the home.

At a nearby house, Taylor, who is thought to be the last person to have seen the 25-year-old victim alive, was discovered. According to the complaint, her clothes were covered in dried blood, and when authorities searched her truck, they discovered a crock pot box containing other human body parts, “including legs.”

Taylor remarked, “That is a good question,” in response to the police’s inquiry about what had occurred. She was then accused of third-degree sexual assault, first-degree mutilating a corpse, and first-degree deliberate killing.

The complaint claims that Taylor initially used methamphetamine with her victim before killing and dismembering him. They started a sexual interaction, which developed into the usage of chains—which the Green Bay woman described as a dog’s choke collar—and eventually led to violence. She claimed that there were two—one for her and one for him. Taylor claims that she eventually started strangling him with her bare hands. She informed the authorities that she could feel his heart beating even as she strangled him, “so she kept pulling and choking him harder.”

According to the complaint, the woman continued while the man’s face went purple and blood began to spout from his mouth.

After his death, Taylor allegedly played with the corpse for “two to three hours” while using many knives to dismember it, according to the complaint from the prosecution. She claimed in a police interview that a bread knife’s serrated blade “worked the best.” According to the complaint, Taylor informed the police that they would “have fun trying to find all of the organs.”

Her plan had been to bring all of the body parts with her, but, being “paranoid and lazy” as she put it, she left the head behind. “I can’t believe I left the head, though,” she said. Taylor told investigators that she had just gone “crazy,” and blacked out during at least part of the encounter. She asked them “if they knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it,” according to the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

According to his obituary, Shad attended Howard/Suamico schools as a youngster and then worked at the family enterprises run by his father and grandfather. He loved to go camping, play games, and be with his family.

Shad was a very nice and caring man who frequently put the needs of others ahead of his own. He was a gifted artist and liked to carve wood.

Meet Tara Pakanich, Shad Thyrion Mother

Shad Thyrion’s mother is named Tara Pakanich. Tara is born to David J. Pakanich, and Elaine Williquette.

Shad’s mother told police that she last saw her son alive when Taylor picked him up hours before. After arriving at her house, she was reportedly found with dried blood on her clothing and hands.

During Taylor’s trial, Tara spoke in front of the jury and described the horrifying moment she discovered her son’s severed skull in a pail. She explained on the witness stand that she had gone to her home’s basement to switch out a light that had been left on when she made the horrifying find.

“I figured (Shad) was sleeping,” she told jurors, via the Green Bay Press Gazette. “I wanted to go back to sleep, I went to go back upstairs, there was a bucket there. That’s where I found Shad.”

Tara raced upstairs to wake her lover Steve Hendricks after seeing Thyrion’s head, and he then called the police.

  • Tara Pakanich Age

Born in May 1974, Tara Pakanich is 49 years of age.

  • Tara Pakanich Job

Tara Pakanich’s job is not available at this moment.

  • Is Tara Pakanich On Facebook?

No, Tara Pakanich is not on Facebook.

Meet Michael Thyrion, Shad Thyrion Father


Michael Thryion is the father of Shad Thyrion.

  • Michael Thryion Age

Born in 1963, Michael Thyrion is 60 years old.

  • Michael Thyrion Job

There isn’t much about Michael Thyrion’s job. In 2015, Green Bay Gazette reported that a cab driver called 911 and followed Michael after seeing him speeding and nearly driving off the road, a criminal complaint says. Police arrived to find Thyrion outside his car, staggering across a parking lot to get into a west-side tavern.

Michael was charged with his fifth offense of operating while intoxicated. He faced six years in prison. He also was charged with obstructing an officer and with his fourth offense of operating while revoked, which meant another 21 months of imprisonment.

  • Is Michael Thyrion On Facebook?

No. Michael Thyrion is not on Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • Are Shad Thyrion Parents Still Married?

No, Shad Thyrion’s parents are no longer married. When Shad died, his mom Tara was with her boyfriend Steve Hendricks.

  • Where Do Shad Thyrion Parents Reside?

Both parents of Shad Thyrion lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

  • How Many Kids Do Shad Thyrion Parents Have?

Besides Shad, Michael and Tara Pakanich were parents to the other three children. They are named Ava Wheelock, Cilivea Sunray Thyrion, and Beau Smith.

Sadly, after Shad’s death, her sister Cilivea died on 16 December 2022 at the age of 20. Cilivea was born to Michael Thyrion and Kerrie (Wallenfang) Hirte. She grew up in Green Bay and graduated from Green Bay West High School in 2020.

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