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Taylor Schabusiness Mother: Who Was Marla Coronado?

Meet Marla Coronado, the mother of Taylor Schabusiness. After Taylor’s trial began for the gruesome murder of her boyfriend Shad Thyrion, people were drawn to learn about her background and her upbringing. This particular article is about her mother Marla.

Who is she? Is she alive? How old is she? Where is she from?

Find out all of that and more as you scroll down this article.

Meet Marla Coronado, Taylor Schabusiness Mother

Taylor Schabusiness’s trial has begun in 2023 with the first testimony in Brown County courthouse. The Green Bay, Wisconsin woman was born to her mother Marla Coronado. It appears for the most part, Taylor lived with her paternal grandparents in Cotulla, Texas after being reared by her parents until she was 11 years old.

The motion stated that she dealt with mental problems and got mental health treatment in seventh grade.

According to Taylor’s ex-husband Warren, her mental health problems, addiction, and postpartum depression, all had a significant influence on her state of mind at the time of the 2022 murder.

Taylor has been accused of the murder of a man whose body parts were discovered scattered around a Green Bay residence and vehicle. According to a criminal complaint that local news outlet WBAY was able to obtain, a resident of the residence called the police on February 23, 2022, after discovering a decapitated head in a bucket.

When police arrived at the site, they descended the basement steps where they discovered the head still covered by a towel and resting in a black bucket on the floor. They also noticed “what appeared to be dried blood on a nearby mattress.” A storage bag that had been used to store the torso’s top was discovered after a more thorough examination of the home.

At a nearby house, Taylor, who is thought to be the last person to have seen the 25-year-old victim alive, was discovered. According to the complaint, her clothes were covered in dried blood, and when authorities searched her truck, they discovered a crock pot box containing other human body parts, “including legs.”

Taylor remarked, “That is a good question,” in response to the police’s inquiry about what had occurred. She was then accused of third-degree sexual assault, first-degree mutilating a corpse, and first-degree deliberate killing.

After his death, Taylor allegedly played with the corpse for “two to three hours” while using many knives to dismember it, according to the complaint from the prosecution. She claimed in a police interview that a bread knife’s serrated blade “worked the best.” According to the complaint, Taylor informed the police that they would “have fun trying to find all of the organs.

When the victim’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend called 911 to report finding Shad Thyrion’s severed head in a 5-gallon bucket in the basement, Taylor remained emotionless. When the dispatcher informed the mother that police were en route, she was asked if it might be a fake head. When he asked if she saw any blood in the basement, she replied that she hadn’t.

The initial responding officer said that he discovered a human head, confirmed it with a second officer, and requested the arrival of additional cops. According to the officer in the bodycam video played in court, there was “quite a bit of blood.” Taylor appeared to be watching the bodycam footage of the cop intently.

Taylor’s defense team failed to persuade the judge that she is not fit to stand trial on a number of occasions, including on Friday just before jury selection. The trial of Schabusiness is being heard by a jury of 12 people, including 4 alternates, including 9 women and 7 males. The trial could consist of two phases.

The first trial will determine her guilt or innocence on three felony charges related to Thyrion’s murder in February 2022. The second stage will examine whether she was accountable for the offense or had a mental illness or defect if the jury finds her guilty of any of the accusations.

Marla Coronado Cause Of Death

According to Taylor’s lawyer’s motion for bail, cirrhosis and drinking were the causes of Marla Coronado’s death.

Marla Coronado Age At The Time Of Her Death

At the time of her death, Marla Coronado was only 41 years old.

Did Marla Coronado Leave Behind A Husband?

Yes, Marla Coronado leaves behind her husband Arturo Coronado. Arturo is the son of Esther Coronado and Juan Coronado of Cotulla. Her husband has three siblings namely Juan Antonio Coronado, Ricardo Coronado, and Carlos Coronado of Illinois.

Arturo later wed Michelle Halloran however he is no longer married in 2023. During his testimony in 2023, Arturo shared that he and Marla knew each other for over 15 years and they were married for 10.

Along with Taylor, Marla, and Arturo Coronado had another child called Arturo “AJ” Coronado. He was born in Lake Forest, Illinois, on January 31, 2000. After relocating to Green Bay, AJ attended Bayport High School, where he participated in football, basketball, and lacrosse. After graduating in 2018, AJ worked in quality control at Alpha Automotive.

AJ died on 1 July 2022 in a motorcycle accident.

What Was Marla Coronado Maiden Name?

Marla Coronado’s maiden name is Marla Flugge. She was born to Randall Flugge and Patti (Don) Love Williams on 30 April 1968.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Marla Coronado From?

Marla Coronado hailed from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

  • When Was Marla Coronado Born?

Marla Coronado was born in 1968.

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