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Shaina Hurley Bio, Height, Family, Job, Age, Love Is Blind

Love Is Blind 2 premiered on 11 February 2022, just in time for the show’s second anniversary and the valentine’s season.

This season the Netflix show follows a cast of singles based in Chicago as they blind date in pods and get engaged without ever laying eyes on one another. And Shaina Hurley, whom we are going to discuss here, is among them.

So, before/after you see Shaizna’s journey of finding love blindly, here is your perfect read as ‘Shaina Hurley Bio’.

Love Is Blind 2: Are Shaina Hurley And Kyle Abrams Still Together?

While in pods, Shaina Hurley found a strong connection with both Shayne Jansen and Kyle Abrams.

But while she mostly remained playful with Shayne, Shaina opened up more about who she is with construction worker Kyle, age 28.

With Kyle, Shaina especially bonded over being old souls with their mothers as their biggest influences. And Shaina also knew his profession (of construction worker) well as that’s the field Shaina’s family also operates in.

Shaina also told Kyle that she had been engaged once before with a “very controlling” human. Kyle, instead of being put off by it, took the news very kindly. So, they continued to explore their connection. But of course, Shaina also did the same with Shayne he broke her heart by picking Natalie Lee over her).

From there, viewers saw Shaina focus only on Kyle. So, despite the disparities that she’s a devout Christian and he’s an atheist, Kyle asked Shaina to marry him with his mother’s engagement ring. Shaina accepted the proposal, be it after admitting to being scared.

So now the question is, are they still together? Did they manage to not call off their engagement even outside the Love Is Blind scene?

Judging from the disparities that we talked about earlier, Shaina’s feelings for Shayne, and the fact that she requested Kyle they sleep in separate rooms, among other few signs, Shaina likely went back home alone with Kyle no longer her partner.

Hopefully, they still seem to be in touch on social media platforms. But then, Shaina also seemed to interact with Shayne on Instagram.

Shaina Hurley Age

When the world knew of Shaina Hurley as one of the contestants on Love Is Blind in 2022, she was 32 years old.

Shaina Hurley Job

Sarah Hurley calls terms herself a freelance hairstylist. Meanwhile, her LinkedIn, says she has been practicing the profession at Salon Duo for a while now. You could see her work on her business account on Instagram @shaina.alane.artistry.

By the look of it, Shaina is quite successful in her career as she has had the honor of working with even Zooey Claire Deschanel. Yes. Back in May 2019, when the New Girl star attended the James Beard Awards it was Shaina who did her hair. And from the way Zooey addressed Shaina and fellow makeup artist’s work later that night on her Twitter (“I always love seeing these Chicago glam gals”), this was not the first time Shaina had done her hair.

Further, we also learned that Shaina formerly worked at Trevor James Salon.

How Tall Is Shaina Hurley?

Beautiful Shaina Hurley stands above 5’5” tall.

Shaina Hurley Family

Shaina Hurley’s parents have been married for more than 40 years now.

Her father is Dave Hurley and her mother is Sharon Hurley. Both these folks could be found on their respective Facebook handles.

Seemingly based in Ingleside, Illinois, Shaina’s mom has an identical twin sister whom she adores. Her name is Cheryl Ann. This aunt of Shaina refuses to go on Facebook as she is very private. “She’ll kill me for doing this😘”, Shaina’s mom captioned her Facebook post as she showed off her beloved twin to her people on social media.

(Of course) Shaina has a sister too. It’s Sharah Queckboerner (Hurley) who you could find on Instagram @sharahchristine. Sharah, as per her Facebook BIO, is a Jesus follower, fairy seeker, and love addict. The 36-year-old seemed happily married to her husband Chad Queckboerner (38-year-old) of originally Milledgeville, Illinois. The couple has two adorable kids.

Is Shaina Hurley On Instagram?

Yes. Shaina Hurley could be found on Instagram. And as of 13 February 2022, the account @shaina.hurley included 35 posts and 6,229 followers. As of this time, she seemed to have no social media activity over other similar platforms.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shaina Hurley Birthday?

Every year the 12th of September marks Shaina Hurley’s birthday making her a Virgo.

  • Where Is Shaina Hurley From?

Shaina Hurley is a Chicago, Illinois native and she seemed to have lived all (if not most) of her life, so far, here.

  • How Much Is Shaina Hurley Net Worth?

Shaina Hurley reportedly hoarded less than $200 thousand net worth as of February 2022.

As per‘s estimation, someone like Shaina, working as a hairstylist in the Chicago, Illinois area, earned on average $29,529 per year salary.

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