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Shayne Jansen Bio, Height, Parents, Age, Job, Love Is Blind

Someone who is always late is a big turn-off for Shayne Jansen who stands out as one of the contestants on Love Is Blind Season 2.

Now, before or after you see Shayne explore his romance in the drama-filled/cringe and at the same time impossible to look away program on Netflix, here’s a tell-all about Shayne Jansen’s height, parents, age, job, and related stories.

Love Is Blind: Are Shayne Jansen And Natalie Lee Still Together?

Despite Shayne Jansen was initially a hit in the pods. Everyone seemed to notice his charm and his unique voice. But, only Natalie Lee and Shaina Hurley caught his attention.

These two women were different in their approach towards Shayne. But he liked them both, almost equally and from the get-go. So, it was expected when it kind of led to quite a bit of back and forth. While Shayne got the perfect blend of serious and sassy with Natalie, his connection with Shaina mainly became outright flirting. Also, it was with Natalie that Shayne discussed his family, profession, and future expectations, starting from ‘day 2’ itself.

As the reel went by, Natalie also expressed similar sentiments and declared that he was her first choice. And once Shayne was sure that his feelings were real, he got ready to get down on one knee and pop the question. But, before he could do that, Shaina (later engaged to Kyle) came back into the picture to admit that she too felt deeply for Shayne.

However, Shane shut her down because he had already made up his mind.

This way, Shayne and Natalie got engaged. But, are they still a couple, outside of the Love Is Blind world?

To most of us watching the show, Shayne and Natalie was one of the strongest couples of the entire season. Yes, they did have their problems but they also did care enough to work things out. That way, even their personalities seemed complementary.

But because these two were not in touch through social media platforms, they likely did not end up together. Shayne instead follows Shaina on Instagram (as of the time of this writing) and she did the same.

Some people watching Shayne and Natalie on-screen also were disheartened when they saw a complete lack of PDA between them and foretold that they were not going to end up together.

Shayne Jansen Age

When super excited Shayne Jansen went on Love Is Blind looking to find his better half in 2021, he was a 32-year-old.

Shayne Jansen Job

As per LinkedIn, Shayne is a real estate broker associate at RNP Group Real Estate. He has been working in a Chicago-based company since 28 November 2018.

All along, Shayne also continued to be @properties’ broker associate. She started to work here in October 2017.

Briefly, in 2017, he was Sonitrol Great Lakes‘ account executive. The next year, for one year and a few months, he went to Smith & Nephew to work as a sales intern before she got promoted to associate sales representative.

Formerly, among many other jobs, Shayne also paid his bills as he also enjoyed his passion for working as a fitness consultant/personal trainer at FitPro West.

As for his education, he got his bachelor’s degree in business Administration and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens (2007 – 2012).

From 2012 – to 2013, Shayne went to the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well. Only then did he become a certified personal trainer.

If you also should know, he went to West Depere School District for his schooling.

How Tall Is Shayne Jansen?

Shayne Jansen stands 6’2” tall.

Who Are Shayne Jansen Parents?

Because Shayne Jansen is a “mama’s boy” let us tell you that he is very fond of his mother and she kept showing up on his social media, now and then. “What a beautiful mother I have”, Shayne would gush whenever he felt like showing her up to the world. Back in 2014, he even gave his mother a bouquet of beautiful red roses for Valentine’s Day.

So the luckiest matriarch’s name is Karen Jansen and she turned 61 in 2021.

Then, there is Shayne’s father Karen Jansen, 69-year-old as of today.

Yes. his parents seemed together even today.

As for siblings, Shayne only has a brother named Brent Jansen and on Instagram @bjansen21.

Is Shayne Jansen On Instagram?

Yes. Shayne could be found on Instagram @shaynejansen. The account included 32 posts and 3,898 followers as of 12 February 2022.

Other than that, Shayne seemed active also on his ‘Shayne Jansen’ Facebook.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Shayne Jansen Birthday?

Every year 10th of May, or a day before marked Shayne Jansen making Taurus his zodiac sign.

  • Where Is Shayne Jansen From?

Shayne hails from his hometown of De Pere, Wisconsin. Although currently (2022) she was based in Chicago, Illinois.

  • How Much Is Shayne Jansen Net Worth?

Shayne Jansen reportedly had less than $500 thousand net worth as of February 2022.

As per, someone like Shaney with the profession of real estate associate and working in Chicago, Illinois, earned $58,116 a year.

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