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Sophia Bob Nielsen Parents: Annette Donvito And Gary Nielsen

Annette Donvito and Gary Nielsen are the parents of Sophia Bob Nielsen who is the new star of the new season of Deadliest Catch. On her bio for the show, Sophia shared about her late parents. So, her fans of Sophia were eager to learn more about her beloved folks.

So, tag along and read all about them in this bio where we discuss their age, job, and more.

Deadliest Catch: Who Are Sophia Bob Nielsen Parents?

Deadliest Catch is back for a brand new season with new faces. One such cast member is Sophia Bob Nielsen the daughter of Annette Donvito and Gary Nielsen. Sophia “Bob” Nielsen, a fresh captain in training, is 23 years old and is traveling with Captain Jake Anderson on the F/V Saga.

In order to carry on the Nielsen name and take over as skipper of her family’s 74-foot wooden hull vessel, the F/V Victory, the third-generation fisher has her sights set on obtaining as much experience as she can after losing both of her parents in quick succession.

Prior to the premiere of the show, Sophia spoke to Fox News about her career where she mentioned her family.

“My father was a fisherman — that’s all I could remember,” Sophia told Fox News. “And from a very early age, I knew that I was going to be inheriting this business and this boat. When I was a kid, I didn’t realize how hard my family worked to keep the boats going… But shortly after I became 18 and the businesses were mine, I started working really hard and putting my sweat and tears into the business.”

She then added, “My pride for the boats naturally grew and between my community and my family, I just take a lot of pride in working on [my] boat. And a lot of people are really happy to see me keep the boats alive… I want to stick with it.”

Despite the fact that the fishing industry is male-dominated but, she is willing to prove her worth while on board.

“I was really fortunate to be working under people who wanted to see me succeed. I experienced that working with Jake. He wanted to beat the odds. Honestly, the only mistreatment that I received is that most of the time, people just think you can’t do it,” she then added,
“And more often than not, they’re surprised that you can. People [do a] double take when they see me in the wheelhouse when they see me running my own boat when I’m the one answering the phone calls regarding the business – people are just shocked. I think as the industry goes on, and it’s ever-advancing, you’re going to see a lot more faces like mine… It’s just inevitable. The industry is always going to be changing.”

Meet Annette Donvito, Sophia Bob Nielsen Mother

Annette Donvito, the mother of Sophia Bob Nielsen, is no more. She passed away a few years after her husband.

Annette completed high school at Abington Heights High School in 1976. She worked as a Wait staff at Henry’s Restaurant in Kodiak, Alaska. According to Alaska Bids, Annette likely founded Fishing Vessel Alitak, a company in Kodiak, Alaska.

Annette was the daughter of Regina Palutis, Newton Twp., and the late Arthur Donvito. She had a sister named Regina Gerrity who died in 2008 at the age of 51. Jeannie was educated at Abington Heights High School and graduated in 1977. She was a member of Our Lady of the Snows Church, Clarks Summit.

Regina was a talented artist and photographer, and she enjoyed cooking, as she was a former chef. She also enjoyed her many trips to Alaska, fishing, and camping. Jeannie loved to read Stephen King, and she was a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.

Furthermore, Regina had two sons Edward Gerrity and wife, Sarah, Taylor; and James Gerrity, Ogden, Utah.

Meet Gary Nielsen, Sophia Bob Nielsen Father

Gary Nielsen is the father of Sophia Bob Nielsen. On Father’s Day 2013, Sophia posted on her IG, “R.I.P. Gary Lee Nielsen we will always miss you… love you.” So, it is understandable that Gary died in 2013.

Per his obituary, Gary was 54 years old at the time of his passing. He was the oldest of five children born in San Fernando California to Patricia Serwold and Joseph Leroy Nielsen. He moved to Kodiak with his family when he was only 10 years old and completed high school in 1977.

Gary’s fishing career began on F/V Royal Baron which carried on the legacy of four generations of family fishing. Later on, he purchased and restored F/V Alitak and F/V Victory.

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Sophia Bob Nielsen Parents Married?

Sophia Bob Nielsen’s parents were likely married for more than 15 years.

  • Where Were Sophia Bob Nielsen Parents From?

Sophia Bob Nielsen’s parents hailed from Kodiak, Alaska.

  • How Many Kids Did Sophia Bob Nielsen Parents Have?

Gary Nielsen and Anette Donvito shared a few children from their marriage. Besides Sophia, Gary and/or Anette had other two daughters Meara Lucas Arndt and Mary Jane Kutyna.

The late couple also had four sons named Brett, Brian, Bradley, and Brandon Kutyna.

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