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April Julian Bio, Age, Husband, Ethnicity, Netflix Is It Cake?

Dreams do come true. Or it has at least for cake artist April Julian who got to take part in the first-ever Is It Cake? challenge on Netflix.

Here, in this ‘April Julian Bio’ is everything you need to know about her.

April Julian On Netflix’s Is It Cake?

April Julian was still pinching herself over being cast to be part of the new show until February 2022. She said she has been perplexed about landing this opportunity. It came in the form of an Instagram DM and at first, she thought it to be a phishing scam.

April, who specializes in whimsical and mind-bending cake art, made it to the finale though she did not take home the first prize. After a fierce battle in the finale titled “Winner Fakes All” Andrew Fuller was declared the first-ever winner of Is It Cake?.

Andrew beat out fellow finalists April and Hemu Basu.

To succeed, each finalist had to fool the celebrity guests. Like Andrew, April also passed the test after creating a sewing machine complete with moving parts, created of a s’mores-inspired cake with graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. But Andrew still was the winner and he walked off with £80,000 in total.

Of course, April also did not go home empty-handed. She won $15,000.

April Julian Career

April Julian has been dreaming up unconventional cake/dessert art since 2007. She has won many awards and been featured in international publications for her exceptional craft.

If you ask about her artistic background outside of cakes, she took art classes in high school and that was it. She shared it’s mostly with experimenting, playing with different materials, figuring out what medium works best for what application that she mastered her cake skills. It’s trial and error she said.

April also is said to have graduated from the University of Toronto. Although she was yet to reveal what was it that she majored in.

Also, let us tell you that when April is not making cakes she is likely at her day job as the director of education at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association and Education Trust. She joined the team there in 2009. As part of the job of an Ontario certified teacher, she has been responsible for coordinating and delivering CCLET’s various educations in Ontario and beyond.

What Is April Julian’s Ethnicity?

In the prior-discussed interview amid the premiere of her show on Netflix, April revealed she is a Filipino-Canadian.

April Julian Age

April Julian was born before 1987. So, she should have at list turned 34 in 2021.

April Julian Husband

April Julian says of all the hyperrealistic cakes she has made, the most she enjoys are the running shoe ones. Especially because her husband is a big “sneakerhead”. So, yes. This itself is adequate for us to know that April is married and has a husband; so, ‘who is he?’ you must be wondering.

Unfortunately, at this point, April had not given away the details about her husband. All we have seen is him featuring on April’s social media more than once.

Anyway, the couple shares a daughter named Ava. On 13 January 2022, as she turned 3, April took to her Instagram a series of memories of her from old times and shared how the three years were like for her as a mother and Ava as a young one growing up.

April recalled how she was generally fumbling through first-time parenthood with sleep deprivation and feeding issues. She had wondered how she would survive the first 3 months. “Suddenly she’s 3 years old, she’s feeding and dressing, cracking jokes and letting us sleep in on the weekends! 👼🏽 Where has the time gone?!?!”.

Now, as much as April misses snuggling her “wee chubby baby” in her arms, she loves watching Ava forge her little path towards the person she is meant to be.

Is April Julian On Instagram?

Yes. April Julian could be found on Instagram @apriljuliancakes where she entertained 1,280 followers as of 19 March 2022.

One could follow April for cake deceptions and tutorials also on Twitter @akemiah19, TikTok @apriljuliancakes, and Facebook @AprilJulianCakes.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is April Julian From?

April Julian is a native of Toronto, Canada. She loves Canada for its diversity. “So thankful to live in such a beautiful and diverse country! Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canucks!!!!”, she had said on Facebook in July once.

  • How Tall Is April Julian?

April Julian stands below 5’6” tall.

  • How Much Is April Julian’s Net Worth?

April Julian reportedly held above $600K as net worth as of March 2022.

April got asked one day to make running shoes and she just loved it since, the whole process of mimicking the actual object that goes in the making. Those shoe cakes turned out great and she has been hooked ever since. “Maybe my brain is just hard-wired to fool people with cake”, April answered laughing when the host of METRO MORNING of CBSLISTEN asked her to tell how she started how and since when she started to fool people with her amazing cake skills. “I am bad at lying in real life and good at it through cake”, April chimed again when Ismaila Alfa called her a “cake liar”.

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