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Suzanne Zeta Bio, Age, Husband, Instagram, Naked & Afraid

Naked & Afraid: Solo, the spin-off series of Naked & Afraid, sees eight of the franchise’s most battle-tested survivalists attempt to survive 21 days completely solo in some of the most grueling places on earth. Suzanne Zeta, who proved her strength and endurance skills on Naked & Afraid: Season 9 and the all-stars version of the show, is ready once again to put her survival skills to the test. This is her bio and you will find every detail about her life below.

Suzanne Zeta On Discovery’s Naked & Afraid: Solo

Per the official synopsis of the show, Naked & Afraid: Solo features interwoven stories taking place in locations spread out over three continents–South American jungle, African shrubland, and a Mexican desert. Each episode will see multiple survivalists test their survival skills and ingenuity–and some of them will be of course brought down to their knees.

Suzanne previously appeared on the Season 9 of Naked and Afraid, a show that pits two strangers, usually a male and a female, against wild nature. She was selected for the show after going through serious medical and psychiatric testing.

Suzanne and her partner were dropped off in the Brazilian wilderness. The only other humans there were a camera person, a sound person, a field producer, and local medical personnel, all of whom left during the night.

In an Interview answering the question of why she chose to take part in Naked & Afraid, Suzanne revealed her boys (kids) wanted her to take on the challenge. Suzanne said, “They kept saying, ‘Mom, you’d do way better than she did’ and ‘You would be awesome. You should be on [the show].’ They kept saying it, and after a few weeks, I said, ‘Fine. I’ll apply.'”

For Suzanne, the biggest challenge of the venture had to do with location, and lack of water or food rather than being naked. “The most difficult part for me was worrying about potential ‘haters’ judging me on my decisions and actions,” Suzanne said. “My biggest fear was letting my boys down by not being as strong as they think I am.”

Suzanne prepared for the reality show, mostly by building muscle in case she or her partner could not find food. However, surviving on her own was something she learned as a child. “My childhood prepared me for this episode. My mother had a strong imprint on my life but in a very negative fashion,” said Suzanne.

Suzanne Zeta Job

Talking about Suzanne’s education, she dropped out of Missouri High School at the age of 16. Then, she got herself a GED. From 1992 to 1996, Suzanne studied Occupational Therapy at Saint Louis University before getting an MBA specializing in health care management from the University of Phoenix. Lastly, Suzanne completed her doctorate in health-related sciences from Virginia Commonwealth University.

At the present, Suzanne Zeta works two jobs. First, she is Vice President of Operations at VBHRC Virginia Catalyst and second, she is a senior clinical research coordinator at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine. Her primary area of research includes mitigating cognitive impairment for individuals with metastatic brain tumor(s), undergoing radiation therapy.

Previously, Suzanne worked as an occupational therapist at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, where her main job was to provide occupational therapy evaluations and interventions in the following service areas: surgical oncology, hematology-oncology, gynecologic oncology, otolaryngology, bone marrow transplant unit, and palliative care unit.

In September 2020, Suzanne published the chapter called “Home Health and the Community” in the book titled “Cancer and Occupational Therapy.”

Is Suzanne Zeta On Instagram?

Yes, Suzanne Zeta is on Instagram @suzanne_outdoors, where she has a little over 6 thousand followers. You can also find her on Facebook.

Suzanne Zeta Age

Born in 1972, Suzanne’s age was 50 at the time of this writing.

Who Are Suzanne Zeta Parents?

Born in rural Missouri to her parents, Wallace and Ingeborg Burton, Suzanne Zeta had troubles in the family since the beginning. From a very young age, she had to fend for herself because of her alcoholic parents.

Suzanne’s father, Wallace, died, aged 83, on January 25, 2023, at Mercy Hospital Jefferson in Crystal City. He was a US Navy veteran and a member of the National Rifle Association and the American Numismatic Association. His wife, Ingeborg, died even earlier than him.

Talking about siblings, Suzanne has a brother named Wallace Burton Jr.

Suzanne Zeta Husband

Suzanne Zeta recently uploaded a picture on Instagram featuring her current love (Robert Wills) and her son, Justin Benkovszky, and his girl Meshva Patel.

Suzanne is a mother to 4 boys, Justin, Camden, Griffin, and Bronson. “Being a mother absolutely helped me on my journey to who I am today. It is who I am today, and I need to keep myself strong and help my children understand how to be strong and how to take care of themselves,” Suzanne said once in an interview.

Two of Suzanne’s sons, Justin and Griffin, play football. Griffin is a freshman at St. Bonaventure University and is a four-year varsity member. Reportedly, he helped Patrick Henry to a 2022 state semifinal appearance. Griffin celebrates his birthday on the 24th of November every year.

Another son of Suzanne, most probably, Bronson is into volleyball.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Suzanne Zeta From?

Suzanne Zeta hails from Ashland, Virginia.

  • When Is Suzanne Zeta Birthday?

Suzanne celebrates her birthday in the month of April every year, most probably on the 26th.

  • How Tall Is Suzanne Zeta?

Naked & Afraid star Suzanne Zeta stands tall at the height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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