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Tamara Lowe Bio, Age, Job, Height, The Love Experiment

MTV’s The Love Experiment explores three BFFs as they browse profiles of eligible bachelors in The Hall, an IRL dating app. Eventually, viewers also see the chemistry and compatibility tested in a string of dates, challenges, and eliminations. The three women in this show are IRL besties Marz, Paige, and Tamara. In this writing now we are going to tell you all that is worth knowing about one of them, i.e., Tamara Lowe.

Tamara Lowe On MTV’s The Love Experiment

Tamara Lowe has been really excited a The Love Experimentbout. She has been keenly talking about it on social media as well as in her interviews. For, instance, she talked to PopCulture that someone had reached out to her and told her the concept of the show and that she was “immediately” excited and figured that “all of us are single, why not?” So, she also got respective ‘yeses’ from Marz and Paige too.

Tamara’s bio on The Love Experiment page tells us that she is hoping to find a true partner. She said on the show that she is ready to meet the love of her life. Yet, she also gave us a picture of her past saying her past relationships have broken her ability to trust. She said she has had an uphill battle letting down her walls when it comes to dating. So, this time, she implied that she is looking for a man who is as serious as she is about finding lasting love.

Tamara’s other friends found the selection of men to be too overwhelming at times, but Tamara told New York Post she appreciated the variety. “We owe it to ourselves to date around, because we don’t have to settle. That’s the biggest takeaway from the show — date them all!” she gushed.

So, is this Love Experiment any different than the likes of Love is Blind or Love Island? As per Tamara, she and the friends because they came in with a strong bond and friendship, they did not have any concerns about being interested in the same man. About this, Marcia, aka “Mars” also added, “We have such different interests in guys, our tastes aren’t the same.” In her words, it was never going to be like “We both want him” and more like “Girl, go get your man!.”

So, all three of them implied it was never a competition and all love and guidance among them.

The Love Experiment started with its three leading ladies entering a hall where 24 single men stood in separate alcoves, surrounded by photos and objects that signified their interests. Each one of them wore headphones, so the ladies could gossip about them to his face as they essentially “window-shopped” for dates. All of them really enjoyed being able to discuss the men without them able to hear them talking. According to Mars, this was kind of like an “icebreaker” among them. She said they were able to have that little bit of secrecy, their little nicknames and joke, and things that just stayed between them.

Tamara Lowe Boyfriend

Tamara Lowe herself admitted on The Love Experiment that she is single just like her other two friends. However, at this point, she had not revealed if or not she really found herself the one she was looking for on this “crazy ride”.

All we know is, she was hoping to find a Mr. Right, who she said needs to have as much going on as she does.

Tamara Lowe Age

Tamara N Lowe was born in 1990. So, she reached the age of 32 in 2022.

Tamara Lowe Family

Tamara’s dad is Rodney Lowe and he reached the age of 57 in 2023. He and Sonya Teressa Lowe, Tamara’s mom, are seemingly still together.

Then, there is Alonzo B Lowe of Union City, Georgia and that is most likely Tamara’s sibling. Also, this person turned 36 years old in 2023.

One more family member known is Stacey Lowe. She can be found on IG @curvy12 and also runs a channel on YouTube called ‘Stacey Cooking Channel’.

Tamara Lowe Job

Tamara Lowe is the owner of her own clothing line Nicole Collection LLC. The boutique, on its online store, had a “5th Element Jumpsuit” selling at $57.99, an “Ariel Dress” at $53.99, and a “Don’t Cross Me” Top at $30, for instance.

Apart from that, Tamara also is a flight attendant and an author of the E-Book “Money Making Niche” which is on sale at $15. Promoting this book on social media in June 2023, Tamara stated this book is super cheap with real information to help them grow their following, have an engaging profile, collab with brands, and build community on social media.

Lastly, on her IG, Tamara also mentions being an “HBCU Alumna.”

Tamara Lowe Height

As pretty as in the picture-looking Tamara Lowe stands around 5’7” in height.

Related FAQs

  • When Is Tamara Lowe’s Birthday?

Tamara Lowe’s birthday is on September 8th and that makes her Virgo.

  • Where Is Tamara Lowe From?

Tamara Lowe originally hails from Forest Park, a city in Clayton County, Georgia.

  • Is Tamara Lowe On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Tamara Lowe can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 17 August 2023, her IG @tamaranikkz_ included 177 posts and 278K followers. While on ‘Tamara Nikkz’ Facebook, she seemed less active.

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