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Tyray Mollett Bio, Job, Height, Net Worth, 90 Day Fiance

Meet Tyray Mollett from TLC’s hit show 90 Day Fiance. The new season of Before The 90 Days, unveiled a new line-up of hopeful romantics who are eager to showcase their love story and the drama that comes with it on national TV. But before you go in, here are a few things you should know about him.

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Tyray Mollett On 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days season 6 premiered in June 2023. The season introduced its viewers to two returning cast members (Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda) and other new faces. For fans of reality television who enjoy seeing tales where couples meet in person for the first time after meeting online, there will be a lot of drama in store. Gino and Jasmine got engaged in the previous season, but given how complicated their relationships are already, the same outcome could not be in store for all couples.

Tyray Mollett is the new cast member for Before The 90 Days, is a native of Modesto, California. He has never been in love before.

Tyray is endearing and a bit silly, as viewers have already noted. In a city park, Tyray was improvising lyrics while playing the ukulele, as the teaser shows. He did this in a respectable manner, keeping his distance. He acknowledged that sometimes he felt alone. He also stated how feeling self-conscious as a virgin made him feel.

The life-size teddy bear has a large heart as well. Tyray, however, suffers from weight-related concerns, and his girth has prevented him from having a lasting relationship. In addition, his mother had a stroke, forcing him to leave his job in order to care for her full-time at home.

Carmella, Tyray’s girlfriend, stood by him when he needed it. He intends to fly to Barbados to make a marriage proposal.

One viewer recently commented on his TikTok, “He acting shocked like he didn’t meet her on that page lmao.” He replied with a TikTok saying: “Never judge a book by its cover.”

Are Tyray Mollett And Carmella Still Together?

Tyrary Mollett and Carmella got in touch with each other online and have described her as a total knockout. Carmella is a 27-year-old from Barbados. Because Carmella is a thick, gorgeous woman, Tyray compares her to a hybrid between Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. He chatted with Carmella on Snapchat for almost four years after they first connected on a dating website.

Tyray was open about the fact that some of their chats had a strong sexual overtone. In addition to gushing over each other in chat, he really enjoyed her pics. Naturally, it was all he was hearing. However, the producer of 90 Day Fiance made it clear that Carmella isn’t video chatting him because of shyness. In fact, the image of Carmella that he believes is completely different from what the reality is.

Carmella is unemployed but does hair on the side, and they have never video-called to talk. He once proposed to video call but Carmella thought it was not a good idea. Tyray wishes nothing more than meet her, one day.

However, there was a twist, as shown by the production. Tyray was informed by the producers that they had contacted Carmella. They admitted that they eventually got a response from her. And Carmella does not exist in the way that he knows her. Someone else, posing as this imaginary woman, has been sending him pictures of this very same woman. There is still more.

He isn’t being catfished by a woman trying to improve her appearance so she can flirt online. The catfisher is actually a dude. Whatever his intentions may have been, Tyray is understandably devastated by the news. Production may have been aware of this earlier than they have publicly acknowledged. However, Tyray’s heart could never have broken at a “good time”.

The relationship started with lies, this in a way confirms that Tyray and Carmella are no longer together. Additionally, there is no Carmella to keep pursuing the relationship to see where it leads.

You should know that Tyray has been to Barbados back in 2021. His IG stories show that he was having a great time at the beach but the timeline suggests that he knew Carmella at the time. So, was he there to visit Carmella? Hope we get that update on the show.

Tyray Mollett Age

Tyray Mollett is age 33, at the time of this article in 2023. His birth year is 1989.

Who Are Tyray Mollett Parents?

Tyray Mollett is the son of Whitney Mollett (mother). Whitney is 57 years old. Whitney had a brain tumor. Surgeons were able to remove it, but she then suffered a stroke. Whitney became disabled, needing to rebuild her strength and motor skills. So, he lives with her supporting her.

According to Whitney’s Facebook, she worked as Former Customer Service Supervisor at Burlington and Hoya Vision Care.

Tyray’s father is likely named Tyrone Mollett Sr. Tyrone is 58 years old.

Then, Tyray has a brother named Tyrone Mollett. Tyray attended McClymonds High School and Chabot College. He was an artist at Livewire Records. His other brother is named Raekwon Mollett.

Tyray also has a sister named Prieghia and Shanti Mollett.

Tyray Mollett Job

Tyray Mollett has deleted his LinkedIn, making it difficult to trace his career path. But, we know that he was once employed at Levi’s Stadium. He announced his employment in August 2014.

Although it is unclear if he is still working there, Tyray worked in the stadium for more than two years.

How Much Is Tyray Mollett Net Worth?

Tyray Mollett’s reported net worth is above $250 thousand.

Tyray Mollett Height

Tyray Mollett’s height measures under 5 feet 11 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Is Tyray Mollett On Instagram?

Tyray Mollett is on Instagram (@ttyrayy) and TikTok (@ttyrayy).

  • When Is Tyray Mollett Birthday?

According to online reports, Tyray Mollett celebrates his birthday in October.

  • Where Is Tyray Mollett From?

Originally from Oakland, California, Tyray Mollett is residing in Modesto, California.

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