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Wendy Rieger Bio, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Married

So, it’s the end of the Wendy Rieger era. Longtime anchor and reporter for NBC 4 Washington, has passed away after a battle with brain cancer.

Now, amid the condolences pouring in, let us tell you about the life she lived with her family, the net worth she had accumulated, and such, in this ‘Wendy Rieger Bio’.

Wendy Rieger Cause Of Death

In July 2021, Wendy Rieger announced that she underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor and that she was undergoing treatment after being diagnosed with Glioblastoma. Several months later, she had open-heart surgery to fix two heart conditions. Then, in December, she announced her retirement with an intent to live the rest of her life and start a new chapter. (Following news of her retirement, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser even declared 17 December 2021 as “Wendy Rieger Day” in the district.) Her cancer, however, returned aggressively several weeks ago from the time of this writing.

Was Wendy Rieger Married At The Time Of Her Death?

Indeed. Wendy was married to her husband, Dan Buckley, and the morning she breathed her last, she was holding his hand.

Just on the 1st of January in 2022, Wendy had wanted to live 33 more years with him. This was apparently her new years’ resolution. Wendy and her husband were also newly married at the time having tied the knot earlier in November 2021.

Following her death, retired WRC news photographer Dan had taken to his Instagram to quote Rabindranath Tagore’s “Death is not extinguishing the light; it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”

As the other said, Wendy loved life as much as it loved her. She had many passions and lived life sharing them with everyone she could.

Wendy Rieger’s Net Worth

Wendy Rieger reportedly had more than $800K as her net worth as of the time of her passing.

Before joining NBC4 Washington in 1988 as a reporter, Wendy worked at CNN’s Washington bureau, and at WAMU, American University Radio, as a writer and host. She also worked as an anchor at WTOP.

In 1996, Wendy began anchoring weekend evening newscasts at NBC4 and went on to anchor the afternoon news beginning in 2001.

In the last 30 years, NBC4 Washington viewers loved her unique style that blended humor, intelligence, and compassion and felt better for knowing her. And over the course, they also got to see her win local Emmy Awards, including one for a report on Vietnam 20 years after the war.

Wendy Rieger’s Age At The Time Of Her Death

Wendy was 65 years old at the time of her death. She died on the 16th of April 2022 of brain cancer at a hospice facility in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Who Were Wendy Rieger’s Parents?

Wendy’s mother Maxine was an English teacher and a reading specialist and her father, captain Donald Rieger, was an airline pilot who served in the second world war. Growing up, Wendy always thought it was cool having a dad who lived in the clouds.

Then, when Wendy was eight, her parents separated and divorced. Things were rough at times, and reading, therefore, was a great escape for her. A fifth-grader, she would go to the library and get five books and could not wait to get home from school and read.

Wendy Rieger Young

Young Wendy Rieger grew up in Norfolk, Virginia. She once said that by the time she was 6 she was already covering news.

Young Wendy Rieger (PIC: Instagram)

Wendy was an actress in her hometown when she took on a job as a newsreader in the late 1970s for a local radio station. This she did to earn extra money. She reportedly was advised by a station colleague to sound “serious” as a news person.

Nonetheless, Wendy got her bachelor’s degree in journalism from American University in 1980.

Wendy Rieger Height

Wendy Rieger, in her words, was 5 foot 10 and all legs, back in1970. She was 14 years old at the time.

Related FAQs

  • Where Was Wendy Rieger Born?

Wendy Rieger was born on 18 April 1956 in the United States.

  • Was Wendy Rieger On Instagram And Facebook?

Wendy could be found on Instagram @nbcwendy where she had 754 posts and 6,927 followers.

On Facebook, Wendy entertained around 23K followers and 13K followers on her Twitter @nbcwendy.

  • Did Wendy Rieger Leave Behind Siblings?

Wendy Rieger leaves behind three brothers and many memories she lived with them.

She was not just close with her siblings but also with their kids, especially her niece, Shelby Rieger. Wendy often showed the young one to her people on the internet. Wendy used to say that she saw her young mum in her niece. And all her life, Wendy was inspired by her smart, funny, and independent mum.

Then one time, Wendy also mentioned a brother when from Manhattans at sunset they were listening to blues.

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