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Who Is Alexis Haines Boyfriend After Divorcing Evan Haines?

Alexis Haines made the headline recently after filing for divorce from her husband Evan Haines. They were married for ten years. She recently posted a picture of herself with a guy which raised eyes about the relationship details. So, who is Alexis Haines dating after Evan Haines?

Let’s get to know her more!

Who Is Alexis Haines Boyfriend After Divorcing Evan Haines?

Alexis Haines recently took to her Instagram to share that she might’ve found love again. While geo-tagging, Malibu, California, Alexis shared a picture of a man (who could be her boyfriend) hiding his identity. She captioned the post, “so lucky to have found a heart like yours.” Currently, the new man in her life, nothing is known about him.

Soon after Alexis posted, her fans and friends started commenting on the comment section. She wrote, “so so happy for you.” Another added, “So much tenderness in these images Alexis. Beautiful to see.”

Alexis Haines was previously married to her Canadian businessman Evan Haines. They exchanged wedding vows in April 2012 in Mexico. Their marriage came to a dreadful end after 10 years after Alexis filed for divorce on 9 August 2022.”

They announced the divorce with a public statement obtained by US Weekly that read: “Ten years of marriage and 11 years together was [a] great success and we are co-parenting really well. I don’t think either of us wanted to get divorced or to separate, but it’s just the way that things ended up transpiring. Again, I love Evan very much and we are just maybe better co-parents than partners.”

In 2021, PEOPLE reported that Evan and Alexis had an open marriage. According to the outlet, Alexis was dating RHOC star Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s ex-girlfriend Kris. She announced the news on her IG story and said then that she was happily married to her ex-husband, Evan.

Her IG story read, “Married to Evan. Staying married to Evan. … Happily married to Evan. Have — well, we don’t like labels. Have a girl that I’m seeing who is also open. It works like that. I like her a lot. We’ve been having fun. We’ve been talking since May, but it didn’t work out in May. Didn’t work out in June. Didn’t work out in July. Started working out in September. But yeah, I like her a lot. She’s awesome. Obviously, I’m quite infatuated with her right now.”

“Evan and my marriage is secure. We’re so happy together and I am grateful to have a partner who loves me unconditionally and is OK with me owning my sexuality as a queer woman,” Alexis told OK! Magazine. “The kids are happy and have always known that I identify as bisexual.”

She added, “As far as Kris goes, we started speaking in May and it wasn’t a good fit at the time. We continued speaking over the next several months as friends and then she asked me to dinner to explore this relationship further. I agreed and we had a good connection. We’re also in an open relationship although I’m not dating anyone outside of her at the moment because I want to explore where this might lead.”

Alexis added, “Her name is Kris, and it’s very new,” she wrote on her IG story. “So far so good though, as she is wanting to stay open (meaning seeing other people).”

“We have an emotional connection that is strong,” she added. “I’m not worried about her other relationships.”

Alexis Haines And Her Husband, Evan Haines Daughters

Alexis Haines and her ex-husband Evan Haines shared two kids from their marriage. In September 2019, she posted a picture of her daughters and captioned it, “lights of my life 🤍.” She along with her two daughters welcomed a puppy named Ranger into the family. She wrote, “While no dog could ever replace Sailor, my girls were definitely needing some joy in their lives. He made the perfect addition.”

Alexis also posted about being a mother on her IG in May 2022. She wrote, “Grateful that they made me a mama 🤍 Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas, but especially mine @andreaarlington and @allthetimemom! And of course my baby sis @gabriellehames_.”

  • How Old Is Alexis Haines Daughter Dakota?

Born in 2016, Dakota Haines is currently 6 years old. Dakota celebrated her birthday on 23 June 2022.

  • How Old Is Alexis Haines Daughter Harper?

Harper Haines was born in 2013 which makes her 9 years old in 2022. Harper celebrated her 9th birthday on 23 April.

Alexis Haines Mom

Alexis Haines was born to her mom, Dr. Andrea Arlington. She is a Certified Professional ICF Life Coach specializing in healing toxic beliefs about one’s self, family systems, relationships, and all things related to substance use disorder and addiction.

When her 3rd marriage failed, she took a hard look at her life, and came to understand she would never find inner peace and happiness unless she took a deep dive into her own recovery. She became educated, mentored, and coached by the best of the best in the mental health, relationship, recovery, and treatment world.

Alexis learned proven tools and strategies, and acquired numerous certifications, in communication, complementary masculine/feminine relationship strategies, in the recovery and treatment field, and as a licensed minister. Now Andrea uses her training and experiences with it all, to create a very fulfilling career as a family recovery and relationship coach for parents, couples, and families.

Before that, Alexis was a playboy Playmate and lingerie model.

Alexis Haines Sister

Alexis Haines has one sister named Gabby Neiers, and one foster sister Tess Taylor. Both Taylor and Neiers were aspiring Playboy Playmates. They’d grown up as part of the celebrity-adjacent Los Angeles culture that also reared Kim Kardashian. Taylor and Neiers weren’t rich or famous, but they were attractive, so club promoters would bring them to celebrities’ tables to be arm candy for the night.

There, the girls would get a glimpse of how the other half lived and they yearned for it to become their standard of living, as well. For Neiers and Taylor, their foray into acquiring a lifestyle of the rich and famous would involve becoming lingerie models, which they presumed would put them on the road to Playboy.

As reported by Pretty Wild, Andrea also took nude pictures of Alexis and her sister and Tess and viewed it viewed as making connections in the industry. She homeschooled her daughters so that they could focus on their “careers.” It also freed up their time to go out at night and party.

During The Bling Ring robberies, both Neiers sisters and Taylor were arrested.

Related FAQs

  • How Old Is Alexis Haines?

Born on 20 June 1991, Alexis Haines is 31 years old.

  • How Tall Is Alexis Haines?

Alexis Haines stands tall at 1.68 meters (5′ 6.5”).

  • How Much Is Alexis Haines Net Worth?

According to Heavy, Alexis Haines’s net worth is around $200 thousand.

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