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Who Is sMothered Cathy Ellison? Her Age, Job, Instagram

Since it premiered in 2019, the TLC reality series, sMothered, has followed the stories of mother-daughter pairs who are unusually close. So, when its fourth season, debuted in August of 2022 continuing to highlight duo, Angelica Michaux and Sunhe Dapron, it also introduced to viewers new addition Cathy Ellison and Ashley Hefner.

Having said that, here is a tell-all about who sMothered‘s Cathy Ellison is, her age, job, Instagram, and more.

Cathy Ellison On TLC’s sMothered

Cathy Ellison is appearing on the show alongside her 36-year-old daughter Ashley Hefner.

This pair keeping the norm alive on sMothered are unusually close. To the extent that they were shocked a few years ago when they learned they had been on a first date with the same man. Or, in Ashley’s words, every guy she has dated or brought home, either feared her mother or has fallen in love with her. So, that is how their relationship has been an issue Ashley talked to Insider.

And Cathy when addressing their bonding says she has been super close to her daughter since she graduated from college.

Cathy apparently has gone far as allowing her daughter to create an online dating profile for her.

These mother-daughter pairs also have had matching nipple piercings and have gotten tattoos together.

It was Cathy’s idea of getting matching floral tattoos, but it was hers only that ended up looking like a vagina.

While in Tampa Florida, this duo unknowingly met a producer whose friend was a producer for sMothered. One thing led to another, they wanted them to send their bios and finally, they were filming. But the pair did not start the process until they were in Jonesborough. The shooting began in the fall of 2021.

There are six more mom and daughter pairs joining Cathy and her daughter in this season of sMothered, including other two new pairs, and the show’s first-ever duo featuring a transgender woman.

How Many Kids Does Cathy Ellison Have?

Cathy Ellison has one more daughter. She is Samantha, aka Samantha Fonseca Samantha Chavez who turned 35 in June 2022.

‘Samantha Jo’ on Facebook, she wrote on social media that she is from Lima, Ohio, and by 2022 based in Johnson City, Tennessee.

So you know, Samantha is not exactly pleased about her mother and sister’s extreme bonding. She did not like it when her sister moved in next door.

Apparently, Cathy and Ashley moved to Jones- borough one year ago. Used to traveling as packs, they bought homes right next to each other in a subdivision in Jonesborough and fenced their yards in together so it is one big yard.

But again, it is not like Cathy is not fond of her other daughter. She also adores the other and tells that she can not imagine not living right by her children or does not understand some people who have children that live all the way across the United States and they only see them twice a year.

Cathy Ellison Relationship Status

Cathy Ellison’s relationship status was unknown as of 2022.

Yet, everyone on sMothered knows that she decided to get on dating sites a few years ago. There she even met some guys but when later she and Ashley learned that they actually courted the same guys, Cathy said, they have since been looking over who the other is talking to online.

Cathy Ellison Age

Cathy Ellison was born in 1965. So, she turned 56 in 2021 and there is a 20-year of age difference between her and her favorite Ashley (full name Elizabeth Ashley Hefner).

Is Cathy Ellison On Instagram?

Cathy Ellison was on Instagram (@ellison1965). But with 1,007 posts and 393 followers, it was kept private as of 27 September 2022.

Cathy also showed glimpses of her life via Facebook.

Cathy Ellison Job

Cathy seemed likely retired. So, it was understandable that her job info/career details were not that easily available on the internet.

As for her beloved Ashley, she is a nurse practitioner with over 10 years of experience in the field of medicine. She graduated from medical school in 2012 and soon after she was licensed for practice by the state board in Florida. On Instagram @ash.hefner, here she made people believe that she is living her best life in eastern Tennessee.

Cathy Ellison Family

Speaking of Cathy Ellison’s family other than her daughters, there is her mother Judy Ann Ellison, and brother Scott Ellison.

Judy turned 82 in August 2022 and at that point, she was based around Rocky Mount, North Carolina. As for Scott, he turned 62-year-old in February 2022 and was inhabiting Riverview, Florida.

Plus, Cathy has a nephew named Cameron Ellison. On IG @cam101298, he is Scott’s son and a Tampa, Florida dweller.

Cathy also had a very loving maternal grandmother with Ruth Hardin. The elderly was no more as of 2022.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Cathy Ellison From?

Cathy Ellison hails from Lima, a city in and the county seat of Allen County, Ohio.

Then, together with her family, including her mum, she moved from Ohio to North Carolina to Florida back to North Carolina back to Florida before landing in Jones- borough.

  • When Is Cathy Ellison’s Birthday?

Cathy Ellison’s birthday is in November.

  • How Tall Is Cathy Ellison?

A look-alike of her daughter, Cathy Ellison stands above 5’5” in height.

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