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Tolú Ekundare Bio, Age, Job, Boyfriend, Family, The Trust

Tolú Ekundare is one of the cast members of Netflix’s The Trust: A Game of Greed that you can stream on Netflix. Similar to The Traitors, the contestants consist of 11 strangers who are handed $250K to divide equally among themselves. However, some of them will steal more than their fair share, while others will donate more than they should. The catch is that they are presented with the cash prize right away.

In Netflix’s The Trust, competitors have the option to secretly vote one another out, which increases their individual reward pot shares but may also foster more mistrust inside the group. Everyone gets to keep living in a lavish villa in the event of a tie vote or no votes at all.

Find out more about Tolú as you scroll down this bio below.

Tolú Ekundare On Netflix’s The Trust

Upon Tolú Ekundare’s arrival on stage, she exuded confidence in her identity as a first-generation Nigerian immigrant. She expressed her passion for the culture that shaped her during the show, frequently expressing this by dressing in classic designs but with a contemporary twist.

Tolú quickly grew close to Winnie Ilesso during her tenure on the show, as the two bonded over their love of Nigerian culture. Julie Theis became a close friend as well.

The first major disruption at Tolú’s house occurred when Simone Stewart and Juelz Morgan emerged from the vault to declare that they had chosen to take the option that would have allowed them to increase the trust by $5,000 but required them to prevent two individuals from voting in the initial trust ceremony. Tolú was dismayed to hear from Juelz that she was one of the two who was unable to vote. She discussed this with her companions, who cast the vote to remove Juelz on her behalf.

Tolú was content with the relationships she had made in the house, although she did grow resentful of Jacob “Jake” Chocholous when he chose to send Bryce Lee to the vault but not her, despite his claim that his ability to vote had been restricted. She expressed her displeasure that Jake frequently dubbed her “African,” claiming that she prefers to be recognized for her Nigerian heritage and has never identified as such.

Tolú spoke with Jake when Julie insisted, and he was able to resolve the matter. She was, however, also cautious of Julie’s devotion to him because of the way the latter had voted Simone out in order to keep Jake alive.

Tolú spoke with Jake when Julie insisted, and he was able to resolve the matter. She was, however, also cautious of Julie’s devotion to him because of the way the latter had voted Simone out in order to keep Jake alive. Tolú and Winnie talked about the possibility that Julie would get lost and harm their own chances.

Furthermore, Tolú expressed discomfiture with the disclosure that Bryce was a multimillionaire, asserting that she was unable to comprehend why he was still competing at that stage.

Tolú Ekundare Age

In December 2023, Tolú Ekundare turned 27 years old. She was born in 1996.

Tolú Ekundare Family

Tolú Ekundare is the daughter of Grace Ekundare and Gbenga Ekundare. Grace turned 56 years old in 2023. Gbenga reached age 57 in November 2023. They are both residing in Katy, Texas.

Grace is available on Instagram and Facebook.

Tolú Ekundare Job

Tolú Ekundare is working as a marketing manager & trainer at Trinity Property Consultants. She worked as a retail marketing specialist. Before her current job, Tolu was working as a project coordinator and then as a project events & events manager.

Furthermore, Tolú was an executive store intern at Target from May 2016 to August 2017. She also volunteered as a tutor/mentor at Schekinah Mentors International and Fundraising Manager at Aga Khan Foundation USA.

Tolú graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio. She secured his BBA degree in 2018. She finished her high school at Morton Ranch High School.

Tolú Ekundare Boyfriend

Tolú Ekundare doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend. She hasn’t posted anything about her dating life so it appears she is single.

Tolú Ekundare Height

Tolú Ekundare’s height measures above 5 feet 6 inches.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Tolú Ekundare From?

Tolú Ekundare hailed from Katy, Texas. He is now residing in Brooklyn, New York.

  • When Is Tolú Ekundare Birthday?

Tolú celebrates her birthday on 29 December.

  • Is Tolú Ekundare On Instagram?

Indeed, Tolú is available on Instagram (@toluekundare) and Facebook (@evelyn.ekundare).

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