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Zay Wilson Bio, Parents, Height, Job, Age, The Ultimatum

Meet Zay Wilson, one of the stars of The Ultimatum, a new Netflix reality show. He appeared alongside his partner Rae Williams. Colby & Madlyn, Shanique & Randall, April & Jake, Nate & Lauren, and Alexis & Hunter are the other couples who will be joining them. At the time of filming, the majority of the couples had been dating for less than three years but are ready to take the next step. Their respective spouses, on the other hand, aren’t ready to commit for a variety of reasons. As a result, each of the show’s cast members issues The Ultimatum to their respective partners: marry or leave.

On 3 March 2022, Zay announced, “Can we just have a good time? Are you ready for this wild ride? See you guys on April 6 on Netflix!💍 @ultimatumnetflix @netflix @strongblacklead”.

Learn more about her career, height, parents, and journey in the program by reading this article.

The Ultimatum: Are Rae Williams And Zay Wilson Still Together?

Zay Wilson and Rae Williams dated each other for two and a half years. However, Zay received an ultimatum from his girlfriend stating that she wanted to start a life she’d always dreamt of with him. But, Zay doesn’t seem quite ready for that yet.

Zay believed neither of them was ready. He made it clear that not only that they were not financially stable, but he also shared that Rae had problems showing her feelings in support of his position. Later, Zay did admit that he saw a future with the woman he’d been with throughout college, implying that it was only the chronology and the problems they’d encountered that had kept him from doing so, hence, they signed up for the show.

After splitting, Zay and Rae appeared to enter the controlled dating scene. While Zay found a spark with Shanique Imari, Rae connected with Jake Cunningham. They felt jealous, guilty, and even sad at times because of the (good) way things were going with these new connections.

Rae and Jake, on the other hand, were definitely bonding on a deeper level. This young pair accomplished everything, from sharing a lot of interests to exposing their deepest desires, and from having an emotional bond to sharing more than a few kisses.

As a result, when Rae and Zay rejoined, it was unpleasant for both of them, especially since he’d built a different kind of relationship with Shanique. They did cuddle on the first night with no problems, but as time passed, the fissures in their relationship widened, and neither of them held back from chasing their happiness.

Zay had finally admitted out loud that he was ready to commit to his partner for real, but Rae was no longer on board — she booted him out, and he walked away, never to be seen again that night. He had every right to be angry, but at 2 a.m., all Rae wanted was for him to pick up her phone calls, react to her texts, or switch on his GPS to let her know where he was and if he was okay. However, he did not, and when he returned at 8 a.m.

“I was so pissed when he came home [that] I literally punched him,” Rae said in a confessional. “I don’t want to do this I just want to be done,” Rae said during their break-up. She added, “I just want to go home.”

Zay met up with his experimental partner, Shanique, shortly after the split to discuss their relationship, while Rae saw Jake. Rae was eager to rekindle his friendship with Jake, but he was also ready to take his relationship with April seriously. During their meet-up, Zay and Shanique, on the other hand, got into a fight.

He effectively tried to force her to stay by latching on during her attempts to flee the flat, which evolved into a fight. Rae hit him after begging him to let go a few times, and things calmed down, only for her to call it quits because she understood this wasn’t them.

Zay’s following attempts to persuade his then-girlfriend to open up or even look at him failed, and when she made it clear that there was no turning back, he said his final “I love you” before leaving.

So are they together after the show?

The Texas natives have never reconciled, meaning that they are no longer together, according to their online presence. Regardless, the HBCU graduate and the model/social media celebrity look to be happy for the time being, which is all that matters.

Zay Wilson Parents

Zay Wilson hasn’t shared much about his parents. However, his sister’s IG post helped shed some light on her on his folks. Per the posts from May 2018 when his sister graduated college, his parents are separated. Both of their parents attended the graduation but with their respective partners.

However, Zay’s parents don’t seem to have hard feelings toward each other. Just seeing them there to support their daughter/step-daughter was a beautiful thing to see.

Coming to Zay’s sister, her name is Shawnae Johnson. You can connect with her on Facebook (@shawnae.johnson619) or Instagram (@justshawnae). Currently age 29 (born 26 November 1992), she completed high school at Sidney Lanier High School, Austin, TX, and graduated college from CHCP – Northwest San Antonio Campus.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Shawnae is currently living in Fort Riley, Kansas. She is married and tied the knots in June 2020.

It appears that Shawnae couldn’t be more proud of Zay for doing the Netflix show. She has been posting about the show a few times on her IG and telling followers to watch the show.

Besides Shanae, Zay also has a younger brother who is 28 years old as of 2022.

Zay Wilson Height

According to the athlete profile of Zay Wilson, he stands tall at a towering height of 6 feet 7 inches. He weighed 205lbs at the time.

Is Zay Wilson On Instagram?

Yes, Zay Wilson is on Instagram. You can follow him at (@theofficialzaywilson). Also, follow him on Twitter (@the_zaywilson).

Zay Wilson Job

Talking about his job, Zay Wilson revealed on his LinkedIn that he briefly worked as a sales consultant at Angi from April 2021 to August 2021 while based in Katy, Texas. According to, a sales consultant in Texas makes nearly $73,557 a year. But, it looks like after August 2021, he signed up for the show.

Talking about education, Zay attended Weatherford College, Tabor College, and Houston-Tillotson University. He was a college athlete, playing basketball for the colleges in a forwarding position. 

Zay Wilson Age

As of 2022, Zay Wilson is 26 years old.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Zay Wilson From?

His real name is Isaiah Wilson, Zay hailed from his hometown of Austin Texas.

  • When Is Zay Wilson Birthday?

Zay Wilson celebrates his birthday on 13 September.

  • How Much Is Zay Wilson Net Worth?

As of April 2022, Zay Wilson amassed a net worth of under $150 thousand.

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