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Alisa Gore Bio, Now, Age, Job, Betty Gore Older Daughter

9-May-2022 premiered-Hulu’s Candy is a crime drama miniseries that explores a real-life Candy Montgomery, a suburban housewife, who was accused of murdering her friend Betty Gore. Jessica Biel plays Candy Montgomery, Melanie Lynskey plays Betty Gore, Pablo Schreiber plays Betty’s husband, and there are many others as side characters in this story. That includes Alisa Gore, Betty’s older daughter. And we shall discuss her more in the rest of this ‘Alisa Gore Bio’.

Meet Alisa Gore, Betty Gore Older Daughter

Alisa Gore is the older daughter of Betty Pomeroy Gore, who died on 13 June 1980, and Allan Gore. Alisa was in Candy’s house the day her mother died. She and Candy’s daughter Jenny (in the show Becky) were best friends who planned a sleepover for the second day in a row.

The Montgomery family had invited Alisa over to watch a new Star Wars movie in the theatre. On the day her mother died, she had a swimming lesson she had to attend. So, Candy assured Alisa that she would go get her bathing suits from her home. And that’s when the murder of Betty Gore happened which, now we know as Hulu’s Candy, recent true-crime series from the network.

Allan, a senior at Southwestern and a teaching assistant taught her Math and soon they fell in love. They got married on 25 January 1970 and later their first child Alisa was born. Allan worked for Rockwell International at the time.

Then, eventually, Candy came into their lives.

Alisa’s mum met Candy because of the church service that they performed together. They became friends and in the process, sexually-frustrated Candy got attracted to Allan who also at the time was worried that his s*x life with Betty was dwindling to nothing.

Yes. Allan cheated on his wife with Candy and later after the affair had ended after seven months Candy was killed by Candy’s 41 ax chops.

Following Betty’s death, Allan quickly remarried (not to Candy) and moved away. The marriage with his new wife ended and he let Betty’s parents raise Alsa and another daughter left by Betty.

Now, as of 2022, Alisa’s dad is retired and living in Florida. And in his Facebook, he mentioned being in a “domestic partnership”.

Where Is Alisa Gore Now?

Years later since living the nightmare Alisa Gore seemed to have made peace with the memories from the past. She appears to lead a quiet normal life with her family, work, and a farm full of very healthy-looking pigs. And she goes around less as Alisa and more as Lisa Gore Harder.

Alisa Gore Age

Alisa Gore was born in July 1974. She was six when her mum passed away and she reached the age of 47 in July of 2021.

Alisa Gore Job

Alisa went to Norwich High School and completed studying there in 1992. The same year she started studying B.S. in Accounting at Kansas State University and graduated in 1996. It is unclear what she did before joining Koch Chemical as their senior accountant in 2001. She worked there until January of 2014 and was likely promoted to work instead as Koch Industries’ accounting manager. Alisa handled accounting entries for another 7 years before landing full-time at Koch Engineered Solutions in February 2021. As per LinkedIn, she continues being employed there.

Does Alisa Gore Have A Husband?

Indeed! Alisa Gore has been married for a while and she is still together with her husband.

It was the 17th of August in 1996 when Alisa married Jonn Harder. And John, according to his Facebook, worked at Jonn Harder Building & Remodeling, studied Animal Science at the same university as Alisa, and went to Newton Senior High.

As for kids, they are proud parents of a son who was likely in his late teen years as of the time of this writing.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Alisa Gore Live Today?

As of 2022, Alisa Gore was based in Newton city in the county seat of Harvey County in Kansas.

  • Is Alisa Gore On Instagram?

Alisa Gore did not seem to be on Instagram as of May 2022. But, she did glimpses of her life (mostly her selfies) on her ‘Lisa Gore Harder’ Facebook.

  • Which Actor Plays Alisa Gore On Hulu’s Candy?

So far, it was not revealed who plays young Alisa Gore on Hulu’s Candy. But we can assure you that six-year-old Alisa certainly appears in this series.

A couple of years before the fateful 13th June 1980, Candy had had an affair with fellow church member Allan Gore (played in “Candy” by Pablo Schreiber), a lengthy involvement Gore ended partly over his guilt about neglecting his wife Betty (played by Melanie Lynskey). Because she also is a part of this story that happened many many years ago. On the day of real Alisa’s mum’s killing the young one was having a sleepover at the Montgomery’s that night. Betty had told her husband, who was away on a business, that she would be picking up Alisa’s bathing suit because she needed it at her sleepover.

When Allan called home and could not reach his wife was concerned about who could have been home with baby Bethany, Alisa’s younger sister. That night when the neighbors finally got into the Gore house they had discovered the baby sister crying in her crib. The dead mum was found covered in blood with a 3-foot ax nearby.

That night, before Betty breathed her last year, she had warned her husband’s ex-lover to not see him again because she was going to have another baby.

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