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Betty Gore Parents: Bob (Dad) And Bertha Pomeroy (Mom)

Meet Betty Gore Parents: Bob And Bertha Pomeroy.

Betty Gore was three when she became the Most Popular Baby. Plus, the combined young manhood of Kingman and Harper counties also made similar claims years later. She had a childlike innocence about her at the time, as well as a wide Hollywood smile that made her lips the most sought female lips in the junior class for a time.

Betty’s attractiveness was not traditional. Her face had a dark hue to it; her large eyes were almost black, her brows were thin and straight, and she wore harlequin glasses for most of her childhood, which remained fashionable in rural Kansas after the rest of the country had moved on to designer frames.

Betty’s popularity came second to none although there were girls who were flashier, more talented, and girls from powerful Kansas families. She played clarinet in the band and guard on the girl’s basketball team and was competent, if undistinguished, at both. (She quit both, too, after deciding that the Y-Teens and Methodist Youth Fellowship were where her true talents lay.)

Who Are Betty Gore Parents?

Betty Gore was born to her parents Charles Robert “Bob” Pomeroy and Bertha Larean Hancock Pomeroy. Her parents met in 1948 on one of her father’s rare vacations. He was visiting the famous mineral baths in Claremore, Oklahoma, where he hoped to relieve his congenital arthritis.

Her parents proudly shared that Betty was pretty but it wasn’t only her parents who claimed it. A verdict rendered in 1953 by popular ballot at the general store of Norwich, Kansas also said the same.

Meet Betty Gore Dad, Bob Pomeroy

Betty Gore’s father, Bob Pomeroy, was a true Kansan, a massive, bearish farmer whose 260 pounds were so evenly distributed across his six-foot-three-inch body that he appeared less overweight than plain massive. He spoke few words and had few allegiances beyond his family and closest friends.

But he had that instinctual Kansas sense of community that made him one of the first to arrive at the scene of a burning barn or at the hearthside of a weeping widow. Bob felt ambivalent about organized religion.

He was raised as a Baptist who later converted to Methodism since his children preferred it. He financially supported the church but left the actual worship to the rest of the family. But he was also the type of person who never questioned the Almighty’s existence.

Bob’s granitic perseverance, even in the years when the wind and the freezing rain dashed the crops into fodder, was an assurance that some things never changed, not only because of the Pomeroy name (tied to the Kansas land for four generations) but also because of the Pomeroy name (tied to the Kansas land for four generations).

Small children would look up from their games as Bob walked down Norwich’s main street, his full head of black and silver hair combed back over his large oval face, his shoulders broad as a double-span harness, greeting him with a quiet, tentative “Hello, Mr. Pomeroy,” a greeting that would grow in intensity and volume as a smile creased Bob’s face.

When Betty brought Allan to meet her parents, Bob thought, for a boy raised in Larned, he doesn’t look like a farm boy. Because Allan was shy around his in-laws, they thought of him as snobbish.

When Betty died in June 1980, Bob heard from Allan that their daughter died after getting shot. As Bob hung up the phone, a thought flashed quickly through his mind: “No, he didn’t. I expected him to, but he really didn’t. Allan didn’t sound shocked at all”.

  • Bob Pomeroy Cause Of Death

Since nothing specific was mentioned about Bob Pomeroy, he likely died of a natural cause and aging complications.

  • Bob Pomeroy Age At The Time Of His Death

Bob Pomeroy was 75 years old at the time of his death. He died on 13 June 2003.

  • Who Were Bob Pomeroy Parents?

Bon Pomeroy was born to his parents Charles Austin Pomeroy (1901-1998) and Myrtle L. Ozbun Pomeroy (1905-1984). He had a sister named Helen Marie Pomeroy Kandt who died in 2019.

Meet Betty Gore Mom, Bertha Pomeroy

Bertha Pomeroy was a 16-year-old daughter belonging to a farming family. She was small, modest, and had dark hair and delicate facial features, though much more talkative.

Poor Bertha almost got hysterical when she heard that her daughter had died. However, her husband Bob calmed her down and came on the line himself. Bertha took it so hard that she had to be given tranquilizers.

Bertha stayed motionless, alone with her thoughts, peering along the roadside at the white line or the furrows of mature wheat. It was harvest season, and she should have been cooking for the guys, but she couldn’t concentrate on the task at hand. Because she was the talkative one in the family, her quietness was the most distressing aspect of the lengthy drive to Texas; the silence was apparent and terrible to everyone else in the van. Bertha recalled her time in Oklahoma.

She remembered growing up in Claremore, among wheat fields that didn’t look much different from these. She thought of the year before she met Bob Pomeroy, the year she was thirteen and went to the palm reader with her friends. “You’re going to marry a farmer,” the old woman had said. “He’s going to be from out of state. You’ll have three children, and one of them will die.” The memory gave Bertha a jolt; she withdrew even further into herself.

  • Bertha Pomeroy Cause Of Death

On 4 January 2010, Bertha Pomery likely died of a natural cause.

  • Bertha Pomeroy Age At The Time Of Her Death

At the time of her death, Bertha Pomeroy was 77 years old. She died on 4 January 2010.

  • Who Were Bertha Pomeroy Parents?

Bertha Pomeroy was born to her parents; Toy Hancock (1906-1989) and Mary Louise Hancock (1905-1947).

Related FAQs

  • How Long Were Betty Gore Parents Married?

Betty Gore’s parents were married for 55 years.

  • Where Were Betty Gore Parents From?

Betty Gore’s father was from Argonia, Sumner County, Kansas. Her mother hailed from Caney, Montgomery County, Kansas.

  • How Many Kids Did Betty Gore Parents Have?

Betty was the first child and the only girl born to her parents. She has a brother four younger than her named Ronnie. Also, she had a baby named Richard who was 8 years her junior. After Allan had called with the news, Bob had immediately started bringing the Pomeroys together.

He called his youngest son Richard; then he called his brother Jack, who drove over to Stoney Creek to retrieve the older son, Ronnie, from the country music festival. Then he got in the car and drove a mile east to his elderly parents’ farmhouse to break the news to them. Within an hour all the Pomeroys had gathered together in the tiny living room, with Bob trying to soften the impact with suppositions.

  • Which Actors Play Betty Gore Parents On Hulu’s Candy?

In Hulu’s Candy, actor Rick Espaillat is playing Bob Pomeroy. Whereas, actor Annie Cook is playing Bertha Pomeroy.

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