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Andrés Alfaro Bio, Cody Rigsby Partner, Age, Job

The news of the recent days is that Cody Rigsby is no longer single and dating a guy called Andrés Alfaro. It is the news of the recent days because the 30 seasons of Dancing with the Stars premiered on 20 September 2021. And Cody Rigsby will be appearing as a celebrity dancer in the new season of the show.

In this article, we tell you how is Cody Rigsby’s partner Andrés Alfaro. If you are interested, read along and find out every juicy detail about Andres’s life and his relationship with Cody.

Andrés Alfaro And Cody Rigsby’s Relationship

After the announcement that Cody was going to be a part of Dancing with the Stars, Cody also revealed that he was in a relationship with a fellow fitness instructor Andrés Alfaro. Cody and Andres dated for over two years before they went public with their relationship.

During a 2020 interview with Vogue, Andres revealed that he had been a “little guarded” about the relationship. But he had “opened up because so much of what we do [at Peloton] is storytelling and being vulnerable.”

Cody and Andres started dating in 2018 and it was not until 2020 that they revealed their relationship to the public.

Some interesting wikis about Andres and Cody’s relationship: they prefer to call themselves “opinionated homosexuals”. Both Cody and Andres use male pronouns he/she. Although, Andres’s Instagram also mentions the pronoun she.

If you do not know who Cody is or what Pelton is, Cody is a very famous fitness instructor who rose to fame working as Pelton’s cycling instructor. He is popular among celebrities and has a huge social media following. He has a blue tick Instagram profile with 915k followers.

It seems Andres was dating a woman before he started dating Cody. There is an Instagram profile called Andres + Ashley (@andreslovesashley) that has a lot of pictures of Andres with a woman (possibly called Ashley). The last post on that Instagram was in November 2016. Ashley might be Andres’s ex-girlfriend from the days when he was still in the closet. Or probably, Andres is bisexual.

Andrés Alfaro Family, Hometown

According to recent reports regarding Andrés Alfaro and Cody’s relationship, Andres’s hometown was San Francisco. However, he was currently living in New York.

Not much is known about Andres’ family. And there was not much on his Instagram except for one picture with his mother with the captions “#mom”. There was no name. We do not know about Andres’ father or possible siblings.

Andrés Alfaro Job

Just like Cody, Andrés Alfaro is also a fitness instructor. According to his Linkedin profile, Andres was working for Barry’s Bootcamp for over six years. Although, he has been a fitness instructor there for only 2 years and 4 months. Before that, Andres had worked a lot of jobs of Barry’s, as Director of Operations for New York and Boston, General Manager, Senior Manager, and Studio Manager.

On Barry’s profile, Andres uses three words to describe his teaching style: fierce results, driven, and challenging. He further adds that his classes are “dynamic, and rewarding so you can expect to push past their limits and leave feeling rewarded and inspired by the results.” And sources tell us that an average fitness instructor in New York earns around $41 every hour.

Before joining Barry’s in New York, Andres had worked as a security Compliance Analyst at Equifax Costa Rica.

For his college education, first, he went to Dutchess Community College and later transferred to Hunter College. He graduated from Hunter College in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Community Health and a minor in sociology.

As of September 2021, Andres had earned a net worth of over $800 thousand.

Andrés Alfaro FAQs

  • How Old Is Andrés Alfaro?

According to Instagram, both his and Cody Rigby’s, Andrés Alfaro celebrates his birthday on the 18th of November every year. That means, his zodiac sign was Scorpio. And although we are not sure which year he was born in, it must have been before 1990. Thus, as of 2021, Andres will be in his mid-thirties, probably older.

  • How Tall Is Andrés Alfaro?

Andrés Alfaro is not a very tall guy and had a height of only 5 ft. 8 inches. In comparison, his partner Cody is over 6 ft tall. Also, Andres has handsome facial features, blue eyes, nice teeth beautiful smile, and short hair that changed its color a lot. We think the hair is naturally black but sometimes, Andres also changed it to silver blonde.

Also, Andres has a rose tattoo on his arms.

  • Is Andrés Alfaro On Instagram, Facebook

You can find Andrés Alfaro on Instagram at his handle @_andresalfaro_. Over there, he had 39.8k followers and 760 posts. And so far, Instagram is the only place where you can connect with Andres. We could not find him on other social media platforms.

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