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Ashley Stayner Bio, Age, Today, Husband, Steven Stayner

Hulu’s 21 April 2022-release Captive Audience is a true-crime docuseries about the once very popular Stayner case.

Steven Stayner captivated the whole country with his story when in December 1972 he was kidnapped at the age of seven and when 7 years later when he came back to his family as he also heroically rescued another 5-year-old boy, Timmy White, who had been kidnapped. The three-part documentary also covers the story of Steven’s older brother Cary, who is now in prison after having been convicted of killing four women in the first half of 1999.

Decades after these tragedies, the media can not get enough of the Stayner family’s story, especially now with Captive Audience‘s release.

So now, here, we shall tell you about Steven’s daughter, Ashley Stayner, one of the two kids that he has left behind.

Meet Ashley Stayner, Steven Stayner’s Daughter

Steven Stayner got married to Jody Edmondson in 1985. Things were tough for him adjusting to post-abduction life. He was not doing well at school and was also causing trouble with the law. But things started to change when he met Jody. They fell in love, dated for a year, and got married in June 1985. Some four years later and Ashley Stayner was born.

Where Is Ashley Stayner Today?

Ashley Stayner was a preschooler when she lost her father in a road accident. So, all she had of her father were faint memories and the stories told by the media as her family, they were always reluctant to talk about it.

Fast forward to today, Ashley is a self-confessed true crime fan who believes shows like this show a different side of what people can be. But for the most part, she is busy becoming as much of a good mother as she can be to her only daughter.

Ashley Stayner Age

The 23rd of December 1985 was the day Ashley Stayner came into this world. So, she turned 36 years old in 2021.

Ashley Stayner Job

Ashley is a former Senior Airman in U.S. Air Force who served for four years from October 2007 through October 2011. Senior airman, abbreviated as SrA, is the fourth enlisted rank in the United States Air Force, just above airman first class and below staff sergeant.

Later, from January 2015 until sometime in 2017, she attended American Military University Online. Before that, she had only done schooling at Buhach Colony High School.

Does Ashley Stayner Have A Husband?

Ashley did not seem to have a husband as of the time of this writing. But she did have a partner but unfortunately, she lost him sometime in September 2014. His name was Matthew Galvan and he died after being shot at a house party following an argument with some members.

Now deceased Matthew, as per his Facebook, worked at Merced shipping and docking, studied at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and went to Merced High School. A Merced, California native, he was also the father of Brianna, Ashley’s daughter.

One month since Matthew’s passing Ashley missed him and said she is in a nightmare and is waiting to be woken up (PIC: Facebook)

Several years since the tragedy and Ashley kept writing about him on social media. It does not hurt any less with each passing year, she would say.

Ashley Stayner’s Mother And Brother

Sometime after Ashley was born, her brother Steven Jr. joined her. Both of them had joined their parents within their four years together. And it is said having children only made their relationship worse.

The couple was said to have eventually separated despite actively trying to fix things. And not long after, Steven unexpectedly and untimely died in a motorcycle crash in 1989 when he was only 24.

Fast forward to today, Ashley’s mom is now married to Craig Gumm of originally Lima, Ohio, and now a Salem, Oregon resident. In between, Ashley’s mom went to Valsetz High School and worked at the Oregon State Dept. of Revenue.

As for Ashley’s brother, Steven Gregory Stayner, he now seemed happily married leading a life in Merced, California. Like Ashley, he also appears to have previously served in the U.S. Army.

The other people that Ashley mentioned as her family over Facebook would be sister Jelina Delgado; grandmother Louise Luond Wisdom; sister-in-law Janie Campos Cervantes.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Ashley Stayner Live?

Ashley Stayner was likely based in Atwater, California, as of the time of this writing.

  • Is Ashley Stayner On Facebook?

Indeed! Ashley Stayner could be found on ‘Ashley Stayner’ Facebook where she most recently requested people to see the real version of her father’s story on Hulu.

  • Did Ashley Stayner Appear On Hulu’s Captive Audience?

Ashley Stayner, not just appears on Hulu’s Captive Audience but she actually plays a significant role in its creation. Apparently, she herself when urging people to watch it on Hulu, “hope you will watch and enjoy the masterpiece we have created” is what she said.

Then, in a recent interview, Ashley spoke that when she was approached regarding participating in the documentary, she felt it would be an excellent opportunity to do something new. She also talked about having the support of her grandmother.

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