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Dena White Bio, Age, Today, Timothy White Wife

Meet Dena White, wife of Timothy White, who was kidnapped in 1980 by Kenneth Parnell. However, he was saved by Parnell’s previous victim who was living a captive life with Parnell named Steven.

Steven Stayner, a 7-year-old victim of Kenneth Parnell, suffered abuse for seven years till 1980. He was brainwashed by his abductor that he didn’t even care about what happened to him after a few years. However, when Kenneth planned and kidnapped a 5-year-old boy Timothy White, everything changed.

Timmy was kidnapped on 14 February 1980 in Ukiah, California. He cried for his family and was subjected to the same abuse Steven had suffered for many years. But, two weeks after Timothy’s kidnap, on 1 March 1980, Steven escaped taking Timmy with him.

He carried Timothy on his back, they hitchhiked to Ukiah and made contact with the police. He told the police that he didn’t remember his full name but “I know my first name is Steven”. When asked why he had escaped and brought the boy with him, Steven told police that he did not want him to have to endure the things he had gone through for so many years.

After returning Timmy to his family, Steven received $15,000 as a reward.

The family of Timothy White maintained contact with Steven’s family. But, before reaching his 20s, Steven’s life turned for the worse. He got in trouble with the law, and although some commended his work and labeled Steven a hero, others made rude comments about him which were unacceptable for a young Steven.

Years later, they started their own life and got married. Sadly, Steven passed away in a motorcycle accident and left behind his wife Jody Edmondson, and two children Ashley Stayner and Steven Stayner Jr.

Meanwhile, Timothy was married to his wife Dena White. Learn more about Dena below.

Meet Timothy White Wife, Dena White

Timothy White married his wife Dena White. However, there isn’t much information related to their marriage. Their marriage had blessed them with two children, Hannah and Lukas. As of 2022, Hannah should be 23 years old and Lukas should be 21. They don’t seem to be active on any social media platforms and don’t seem to hold any public records.

Timothy became a  Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Deputy in 2005. Timothy later testified against Parnell in 2004 for human trafficking and an attempt to kidnap a child.

But, Timmy died on 1 April 2010 because of pulmonary embolism. The news of his death was confirmed by his step-father Roger Gitlin. He was buried Thursday in the town of Newhall, where he had worked as a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy. He was 35 years old at the time of his death.

Where Is Dena White Today? Is Dena White Alive?

Information in the public domain suggests that Dena White might be living in Castle Rock, Colorado. Since she goes by the last name Massey or full name Dena Katherine Massey, it informed us that she might’ve remarried. One public record shares that she owns a property in Castle Rock with Jeffrey A Massey, who could be her current husband.

However, Dena remains entirely anonymous as of April 2022. But, she appears to be alive as of the time of this article.

Dena White Age

Born in April 1976, Dena White reached 46 years of age in 2022.

Dena White Job

Currently, there is no information regarding Dena White’s job.

Is Dena White On Instagram?

No, Dena White doesn’t seem to be on Instagram. The only person related to her who has social media account that we discovered is Jeanne Wilson Massey (@jeanne.massey.35) also a resident of Castle Rock, Colorado.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Dena White Reside?

As of 2022, Dena White appears to be living in Castle Rock, Colorado. She seems to be living at 4028 Spanish Oaks Way in Castle Rock. She has also lived in Crescent City, CA, Saugus, CA, Santa Clarita, CA, Valencia, CA, and Newhall, CA among other places.

  • Did Dena White Appear On Hulu’s Captive Audience?

No, there is no information on Dena White’s appearance on Hulu’s Captive Audience. But, her husband was one of the subjects of the show.

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