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Steven Stayner Jr Bio, Age, Today, Wife, Steven Stayner Son

Hulu’s latest true-crime series Captive Audience allows viewers to tales of two Stayner brothers: Steven, who was kidnapped by a pedophile as a child, and Cary, who later became a serial killer.

Steven grew up in Merced, California, near Yosemite National Park and Kenneth worked at a nearby lodge.

According to ABC News, Kenneth convinced coworker Ervin Murphy to join him in Merced on Dec. 4, 1972. They pretended to be clergymen and convinced Stayner, who was seven years old at the time, to get inside the van by telling him, “Your parents no longer want you.”

The new docuseries begins with Steven’s kidnapping in 1972 and follows him as he is abused by Yosemite Lodge employee Kenneth Parnell. Stayner would not be seen again until 1980 when he fled Parnell to save Timothy White, another kidnapped boy. Stayner, at 14 years old, had had enough of seeing White mourn for his family for two weeks. “I was not going to let that child go through what I had already gone through,” he said emphatically. Stayner’s high school sweetheart, Lori Duke, told ABC News, “And if I didn’t take care of it now, it would just get worse.”

Stayner’s reappearance catapulted him into the spotlight, and he later starred in the 1989 television film I Know My First Name Is Steven.

From here on you’ll learn about Steven’s son and other family members. So, keep reading.

Meet Steven Stayner Jr, Steven Stayner Son

Steven Stayner Jr. is the son of Steven Stayner. His father is the subject of Hulu’s new show Captive Audience. Steven Jr. was born to Steven and his mother Jody Edmondson. His life post abduction had changed after meeting Jody as he was raising hell at school and causing trouble with the law.

His parents tied the knots in 1985 after dating for a year. In their four years of marriage, they had a daughter named Ashley followed by Steven Jr. Both, Steven Jr., and Ashley are featured on the new show. They eventually became estranged—albeit, they were actively trying to fix things.

But the time ran out for them and Jody lost her husband on September 17th, 1989 after having an accident on his Kawasaki motorcycle collided with a stalled vehicle driven by an illegal person from Mexico, 28-YO migrant worker Antonio Loera.

He was 24 years old.

Where Is Steven Stayner Jr Today?

At the time of their father’s death, Steven Jr. was only 2 years old while his sister was 3.

Almost a decade later, four women were found brutally murdered near Yosemite. Ashley followed the story without knowing that her uncle Cary was the culprit of the crime. Cary was arrested on July 24th, 1999 at the Laguna Del Sol Nudist Camp for the July 21st, 1999 murder of 26-YO German-born, “Yosemite Institute” naturalist Joie Ruth Armstrong who lived with two roommates on Foresta Road in Yosemite National Park.

Steven Jr. thought his father was a hero since he rescued the life of another child. Steven Jr presently resides in the city of Merced in the state of California. He is married with children, and both Steven Jr. and his wife have served in the US Army, according to our information. He now spends much of his time with his loved ones and is passionate about motorcycles. Jody was last seen in Montana, according to a 2007 report.

He currently lives in Merced, Cali.

Steven Stayner Jr Age

Born in May 1987, as of 2022, Steven Stayner Jr is 34 years old.

Steven Stayner Jr Job

According to Facebook, Steven Stayner Jr. worked in Merced, California. Per his Facebook posts, he served in the military. He has posted a few pictures from his time in the military on his Facebook in 2012 and 2016.

Does Steven Stayner Jr Have A Wife?

Steven Stayner Jr. is a married man. He has shared a picture of his wife on Facebook in August 2016. Meanwhile, they also have a son together who they likely welcomed in December 2019.

Steven Stayner Jr Mother And Sister

Steven Stayner Jr.’s mother is now known as Jody Campos. She is now married to Craig Gumm (@craig.gumm.3) and currently lives in Sheridan, Oregon. Jody attended Valsetz High School and worked at the Oregon State Dept. of Revenue before she retired.

After her husband’s death, Jody hired famed San Francisco lawyer of ZODIAC Killer fame, Mr. Melvin Belli “The King of Torts”, to sue Merced County for $5 million for the poor road conditions.

In addition, speaking about her current husband, Craig attended Lima Senior High School. He graduated from the University of Oregon. Moreover, he worked at Roseburg Forest Products and was the former owner/president at CAGE Inc.

Moving on, Steven’s sister Ashley Stayner (@ashleylstayner) completed high school at Buhach Colony High School and also studied at American Military University Online. She is currently living in Atwater, California.

Sadly, Ashley’s partner Matthew passed away in early September 2014. She posted on her FB, “Matthew, I love you more than life itself. I don’t know why this happened. You are my best friend and I’m going to miss you so much no words can describe how much. I love you Babycakes.”

Moreover, in October 2014, she wrote, “Today has been one month since Matthew has been gone. It still seems like I’m in a nightmare waiting to be woken up. We all miss you, Matthew. I wish you could come back to me.”

“I think real crime reveals the different aspects of what humans can be,” she says, admitting to being a true crime lover. Ashley, like her brother Steven Jr., was a member of the military, serving in the United States Air Force for four years between 2007 and 2011. Aside from that, she appears to have attended a military college. Ashley apparently coped with another loss a few years ago when she lost her partner. Ashley now lives with her daughter and is devoted to her upbringing.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Steven Stayner Jr  Live?

Steven Stayner Jr. is currently living in his hometown of Merced, California.

  • Is Steven Stayner Jr On Facebook?

The only social media platform Steven Stayner Jr. is on is Facebook. Find him at (@steven.g.stayner).

  • Does Steven Stayner Jr Appear On Hulu’s Captive Audience?

Yes, Steven Stayner Jr. appears on Hulu’s show Captive Audience with his sister.

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