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Jody Edmondson Bio, Today, Age, Steven Stayner Wife

Hulu’s Captive Audience revolves around the household name Steven Stayner who returned home to his family after 7 years of being abducted. And though the three-part documentary features Steven’s family, it doesn’t shed much light on his wife Jody Edmondson.

So, for those of you interested, here we are with “Jody Edmondson Bio” easing queries about Steven’s wife. 

Meet Jody Edmondson, Steven Stayner Wife

Post-abduction, Steven Stayner wanted to continue a normal life. But instead, he was raising hell at school and causing trouble with the law. Then one day, he stumbled upon Jody Edmondson at school and everything changed.

So, dating for a year, the two then went on to get married on June 13, 1985, at Atwater, California. For the wedding, Jody was dressed in a white gown as Steven owned that suit and a bowtie.

Sadly, their marriage only last for four years as Steven unexpectedly died in a motorcycle crash in 1989 when he was 24 years old. But then again, the couple was already on a verge of breaking up before Steven died.

As for their kids, Jody and Steven share a son named Steven Jr. and a daughter named Ashle.

Their daughter, Ashle is a Buhach Colony High School and American Military University graduate who went on to work as a SrA at Air Force until Oct 2011. As of 2022, she resided in Atwater, California with her beautiful daughter. Sadly, the love of her life Matthew passed away in Oct 2014.

Also, their son, Steven Jr., full name: Steven Gregory Stayner, and his wife served in the US Army. Before 2022, he resided in Merced, California with his wife and their son.

Did you know: Jody’s brother-in-law, Cary Stayner confessed to the four brutal murders in nearby Yosemite.

Where Is Jody Edmondson Today?

Jody Edmondson is an old woman today. She’s retired from her job and happily lived with her second husband.

Also, Jody was often spotted spending time with her grandchildren.

Jody Edmondson Age

Jody Edmondson was born in October 1958. That made her 63 years of age when Captive Audience premiered in 2022.

She is 7 years younger than her late husband Steven Stayner.

Jody Edmondson Job

As mentioned before, Jody Edmondson has retired from her job now. Previously, she used to work as a Compliance Specialist 1 for the Oregon State Dept. of Revenue.

Reportedly, she was paid around $54 thousand per annum salary then.

Jody is a 1976 Valsetz High School graduate.

Did Jody Edmondson Remarry?

Yes, Jody Edmondson went on to marry Craig Gumm on August 16, 2008.

Her second husband, Craig is a retired CAGE bookkeeping and taxes professional, from Lima, Ohio. He used to work at Roseburg Forest Products, and also own CAGE Inc.

As for his education, Craig went to Lima Senior High School and later graduated from the University of Oregon.

Like Jody, Craig was also previously married and has two sons and a daughter from it. Also, Craig’s previous wife passed away in 2020.

In 2022, Jody’s step-son Michael Gumm was happily married with 2 kids. Another step-son, Kyle Gumm lived in Salem, Oregon. While her step-daughter, Kaylia Gumm worked at DR Johnson Lumber and resided in Riddle, Oregon with her three kids.

Craig Gumm turned 57 in May 2021. That makes him 5 years younger than Jody.

Jody Edmondson Family

Jody Edmondson has a long list of family. Excluding the one from her previous and current marriage, here are a few names you might want to know.

Siblings — Joeycourtney Campos (a Valsetz High School graduate who resided in  Springfield, Oregon), Tony Campos (a Chemeketa graduate who worked at  Safeway and lived in Roseburg, Oregon), and Jon Campos.

Aunts — Tammy Baskin Campos (CNA at Chowchilla Memorial Healthcare District, married to  Dan Campos, and resided in Merced, California), and Shirley Campos Silva (a retired Merced County Adult Protective Services professional, who resided in Merced, California).

Nieces — Brian Tisha Schroeder, Kelsie Campos (restaurant Server at 1882 Grille who shares a kid with  Jeremy Burge), RickandKim Soltes (a Glendale CC graduate from Sheridan, Oregon).

Nephews — Chandler Campos (a Go Ducks graduate who went on to work at Deschutes Brewery), Jace Campos (a Hoover Treated Wood Products employee, married to Marisa Campos), and Jason Campos.

Cousins — Benjiman Campos (a Lane Community College graduate from Klamath Falls, Oregon), Andrea Wright (CCMA at North Bend Medical Center, married to  Mike Wright), Bev Campos (a chef who worked at SAGE Dining Services), Sonya Moyle (AR Supervisor/Credit Discipline Lead at BayWa r.e. Solar Distribution, married to Dan Moyle), Rachel Heater, and April Silva.

Related FAQs

  • Where Does Jody Edmondson Reside Today?

Today, Jody lived in Sheridan, Oregon with her husband Craig.

  • Is Jody Edmondson On Instagram?

No, we couldn’t find her on Instagram.

However, here’s her Facebook @jody.campos.7.

  • Does Jody Edmondson Appear On Hulu’s Captive Audience?

No, Jody doesn’t appear on Hulu’s Captive Audience.

However, her son and daughter did share their presence in the documentary.

According to Steven Jr., he did believe that his father was a hero for he saved another child’s life.

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