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Who Is Nik Pelligrino New Girlfriend, Maddie King?

Barstool Sports famed Brianna Chickenfry just confirmed that she is seeing country singer Zach Bryan after his breakup with girlfriend Deb Peifer and after hers from her boyfriend Nik Pelligrino. The “PlanBri Uncut” podcast host in the episode “The Cat’s Out of the Bag” told listeners she wanted to address the news herself after seeing speculation online.

On the internet, it is also understood that Brianna’s ex-beau Nik has been seeing a new girlfriend called Maddie King. So, in this writing, we thought we would tell you who Maddie is.

Meet Maddie King, Nik Pelligrino New Girlfriend After Brianna Chickenfry

Nik Pelligrino and Brianna Chickenfry made their relationship Facebook official on 9 April 2019. And they were believed to be doing just fine until Brianna in a recent episode of her podcast titled “Working on Myself,”  detailed about their breakup. “Me and Nik have decided that our relationship simply isn’t working right now,” she had said.

She explained that “despite being very much in love” they decided to part ways not wanting it to hurt them even more. Also, she shared they thought it would ruin anything that they could possibly have in the future.

Sometime after this confession, Brianna also confirmed that she is seeing Zach Bryan after his breakup with girlfriend Deb Peifer in May 2023.

Elsewhere, by this time, everyone was also already aware that Nik had started dating Maddie King. On both their social media, Nik and Maddie have been posting about their growing romance, and even pointing at a happily ever after.

Are Maddie King And Nik Pelligrino Still Dating?

It seems so. Maddie King and Nik Pelligrino started dating in May 2022. And this, both have continued to mark their Facebook relationship status.

On 23 May 2023, the two celebrated their one-year anniversary. That day, Maddie had taken online to gush “One year with this queen! Can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I love you🖤🖤.” A day before she also created her caption as “wishing I was with my favorite guy today, one year with my best friend 🤍 I can’t imagine my life without you! I love you forever.” Earlier that month (on May 6th) on Nik’s birthday, Maddie wished him saying “happy birthday to my favorite person!! 25 looks good on you, I love you🤍”.

Maddie King Age

Maddie King turned 24 years old in 2023.

Who Are Maddie King’s Parents?

Maddie’s mother is Crystal Williams King. She was born on 7 December 1966 in Medina, Ohio. Up until now, she has not really left this place.

Maddie does not reveal much about her parents or family in general on social media. However, sometimes, she does mention them. One time, for instance, she took to her IG to gush “So happy my mom could come to Pi Phi’s Moms Weekend brunch and also happy we could surprise my sister in Kent 💛 Miss you both!”

Maddie’s dad Peter King has also always lived in Medina, Ohio. Likewise, he and Maddie’s mom have also continued to be married as of 2023.

Born on March 7th in the same year as his wife, he later in life graduated from Miami University in 1988 and then founded his own company called King Drilling Company. He always worked in the position of executive vice president there.

Maddie King Siblings

Maddie King has a sister and a brother and together all three of them share a really beautiful bond.

Maddie and her sister Katherine King are seemingly twins. In addition, both also share the same profession of nursing. Katherine on Facebook mentions being a nurse at Cleveland Clinic since August 2019. She studied at Kent State University. And like everyone in the family, she continued to live in Medina, Ohio.

The next one we have is Bradley Chavez King. He is Maddie’s brother who now dwells in Provo, Utah. He studied Experience Design and Management at BYU from June 2014 until 2018. On his IG @b.rad.king, Bradley mentions being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Moreover, he has been married to Darcy Jane King. And with his wife who has had a career in social media marketing, Bradley shares a beautiful daughter called Clementine. Like Bradley, his wife also went to BYU. So, maybe they crossed paths there for the first time.

Bradley, so you know, was born on 15 November 1995. So, he is older than both his siblings,

Maddie King Job

Maddie King graduated from Ohio University in May 2022. And then, a year later on January 17th, she started working as a registered nurse.

Maddie dreamt of being a nurse ever since she was a little girl. Achieving that goal, she has said, has been hard. She once gushed on a social media post that it would not have been possible without her friends and family.

Related FAQs

  • Where Is Maddie King From?

Maddie King originally hails from Medina, Ohio. As of 2023 though, she had been residing in Denver, Colorado.

  • When Is Maddie King’s Birthday?

Maddie King’s birthday is on February 27th and that makes her a Pisces.

  • Is Maddie King On Instagram And Facebook?

Yes. Maddie King can be found on Instagram and Facebook. As of 30 July 2023, her IG @maddieking25 included 230 posts and 3,482 followers and she also regularly showed glimpses of her life on ‘Maddie King’ Facebook.

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